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Unless drivers make some changes when they’re behind the wheel this holiday season, more carnage can be expected on the state’s highway as seen over this year’s four-day Thanksgiving weekend.  More from Dave Brannen.

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LSU has announced Brian Kelly as its new head football coach. Jeff Palermo one of the winningest coaches in college football will try to bring another national title to Tiger Town…

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It was a deadly four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend across Louisiana. Trooper Michael Reichardt tells us 16 people died in ten fatal crashes investigated by state police across the state. He says there’s been an upward trend this year in this kind of carnage on the highways.

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Last year, Reichardt says the death toll was significantly lower with eight people dying in seven crashes investigated by state police.

Trooper Reichardt, there are two sure-fire ways to decrease the chance of being involved in crashes, be they fatal or not.

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Trooper Reichardt says the doubling of the death toll on the state’s highways during the Thanksgiving weekend was no doubt due in part to more people traveling this year than last because of COVID keeping people at home.

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With the holiday season upon us, Reichardt says you can expect to see the highways more crowded from now until the end of the year, with his biggest piece of advice to buckle up while traveling.


LSU has hired one of the winningest coaches in college football to lead the Tigers. Brian Kelly leaves South Bend, Indiana, for Baton Rouge after a 113-40 record at Notre Dame. Tiger Rag Editor Ron Higgins says Kelly should succeed at LSU after guiding the Fighting Irish to the College Football Playoffs in two of the last three years…

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LSU athletics director Scott Woodward has built a reputation as someone who can hire a successful coach away from another school. Higgins says he did it again with the all-time winningest coach at Notre Dame…

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Kelly has agreed to a 10-year, 95-million dollar contract plus incentives. Higgins says that’s the kind of money it took to get Kelly…

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LSU will formally introduce Kelly tomorrow at noon.


The deadline for Medicare Annual Enrollment or to make changes is a week away. Ann Booth of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana says anyone who has Medicare Parts A and B, on disability, or 65 and older will need to either enroll or make changes to their existing plan by next Tuesday.

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Booth says choosing a plan can be difficult and overwhelming at times, but they are offering a free service to help guide you in making an educated decision about which Medicare plan is best for you.

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The number to call is 1-800-568-1417 or visit

Booth says agents look at the three P’s in advising the ideal Medicare plan for an individual, they consider provider, pharmacy benefit, and the plan value.

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The 2021 hurricane season is going out like a lamb with the tropics quiet but proved to be a lion for a good part of the official six-month storm period.  Colorado State University’s predictions were pretty much on the mark. CSU research scientist, Phil Klotzbach.

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Seven of the named storms and two hurricanes made landfall in the continental U.S., including Cat 4 Ida that slammed the central Louisiana coast in late August causing billions of dollars in damage.

Klotzbach says the CSU researchers found the final months of hurricane season surprisingly less active than expected.

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Klotzbach says with climate change will come the potential for not necessarily fewer storms, but stronger ones.

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Klotzbach says that when it comes to climate change, sea-level rise is something scientists are more concerned about rather than its impact on tropical weather.