10:30 LRN Newscast Nov 30

Brian Kelly has been named LSU’s new head football coach and Governor Edwards tweeted a warm welcome to the former Norte Dame coach. In his tweet, he told Kelly that residents are passionate about LSU football here and he’s excited to introduce him to all the state offers and suggested he start with gumbo. Kelly will be formally introduced tomorrow.

A new Louisiana State Police training academy class begins this weekend. Kevin Gallagher has more.

Cut 3 (32) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.” 

Senator Bill Cassidy is expressing concern that federal health officials are not looking into how long one can expect to remain naturally immune to COVID-19. Cassidy says the CDC should try to determine how much one is protected from the virus by natural immunity.

Cut 9 (13)  “…in that direction.”

Today is Giving Tuesday a tradition that began in 2012 and like last year the need is great in Louisiana with two devastating hurricane seasons. Interim Red Cross Communications Director for Louisiana, Caroline Fountain says your monetary donation goes a long way…

Cut 15 (09)  “…a difference.”


Giving Tuesday is a day to volunteer or donate to your favorite charity.