3:30 LRN Newscast Oct 29

With the November 13th election right around the corner, Early Voting starts Saturday in Louisiana. More from Dave Brannen…:

CUT 02  (30)        “…Brannen.”

The Shreveport City Council is seemingly waging war on small businesses who use those towable, lighted marquee signs out front. Many small businesses cannot afford larger, more impressive signage … yet the council has temporarily banned them and may do so permanently. Some small business owners feel the city doesn’t want them there, but are more than willing to take the sales taxes they generate.


Sports betting will be available at more casinos in Louisiana as early as this weekend. Until recently, only Paragon Casino in Marksville was allowed to have legalized sports book. State Gaming Commissioner Ronnie Johns says four new licenses were issued Friday…:

CUT 15(11)      “…in Bossier City.”

He says they can open as early as Sunday. L’Auberge in Baton Rouge has a big opening planned for Monday. Johns says nine more sports book license are expected to be issued soon.

Halloween is this weekend. Are you one of those who likes to dress up your pet? LSU Vet school spokesperson Ginger Guttner says that’s completely OK, but be sure the animal can see clearly and breathe normally…:

CUT 14  (09)        “…make them.”

She also says keep your vets number handy and be aware of an after-hours vet clinic nearby.