LRN Newscast 15:30 05-04-15

Former LSU offensive lineman La’el Collins and his attorney met with police detectives as part of an investigation into the shooting death of a pregnant woman, with whom Collins reportedly had a previous relationship. According to BRPD, the meeting took place around 10:30 and he cooperated fully, and police say he is still NOT considered a suspect in the death of Brittany Mills and ultimately her baby…
CUT 7 (09) “lady’s murder”
That’s Collins attorney Jim Boren.

An accidental shooting in a Shreveport hotel has claimed the life of a four-year old boy. Shreveport Police Cpl. Marcus Hines Hines says it appears Cameron Morris was shot accidentally by another very young juvenile in the hotel room. .
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The official endorsement came today, as State Treasurer John Kennedy announces he’s endorsing US Senator David Vitter for Governor. Kennedy says it was an easy call for him….
CUT 14 (09) Q: ‘crisis to crisis’
Kennedy has previously announced he’ll be seeking re-election in the fall.

A mother of 3 is under arrest for child desertion after allegedly leaving her three children inside a vehicle with the windows rolled up for up to 45 minutes in Baker. Baker Police Chief Mike Knaps says 32 year-old Tesha Thomas went inside a store to get what she described as a quick stop to get a couple of things. Witnesses saw the 3 kids -aged 7 years; 20 months and four months- inside the car, and called police…
CUT 10 (05) Q: “child desertion”