09:30 Newscast May 4, 2015

Planned Parenthood supporters from across the state will gather at the Capitol today to support reproductive heath care access in Louisiana. Here’s Michelle Southern…

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Baker Police arrested a 32-year-old mother of three for allegedly leaving her three children inside a vehicle for up to 45 minutes. A witness informed authorities that Tesha Cobb left the children, ages 7-years, 20-months, and 7-months, in the vehicle while she went in a store. The witness says when she returned to her vehicle, 30 to 45 minutes later, she noticed the children still inside their mother’s car. Cobb is booked on three counts of child desertion.

Many say lawmakers are still not close to finding a solution to the state’s $1.6 billion dollar budget shortfall as we enter week four of the legislative session. Jeremy Alford of Lapolitics-dot-com says legislators could go with an inventory tax repeal which business is in favor of and local governments are opposed to or make certain tax credits non-refundable which the Jindal administration is pushing but business is against…

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He says there is just as much uncertainty today as there was in January.

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne will commemorate National Tourism Week by touring the state to celebrate the tourism industry. Dardenne says New Orleans remains the state’s biggest tourism draw, particularly for international visitors. But he says the other parts of the state are seeing big increases tourism, particularly in north Louisiana…

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The tour runs through Saturday.