12:30 LRN Newscast Sept 29

There’s good news and bad news in Louisiana about the current Covid-19 surge.  It comes from State Health officer Dr. Joe Kanter.

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But Kanter says the bad news about this fourth surge of Covid in the state is that it is still very much around and people still need to take mitigation steps like vaccinating, masking up and social distancing to address the virus’ spread.

The Delta variant during the fourth COVID surge is also responsible for devastating outcomes for 14 expectant mothers in Louisiana. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The autopsy results of 20-month-old Burreaux the Baton Rouge Zoo giraffe named after LSU Heisman winter Joe Borrow indicated the young calf died from anaphylactic shock.  Zoo veterinarian Michael Warsaw says the shock was a result of an external source.

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Burreaux died on September 8th a day after he had a severe cough and showed signs of agitation.


State lawmakers heard from Louisiana school superintendents about their continued challenges in recovering from Hurricane Ida AND from Laura last year. St. Charles Parish Superintendent Kern Oertling (ORT-ling) says 19 schools will reopen next week, but the parish’s two high schools will have to temporarily merge…:

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Oertling addressed the Senate Education Committee Tuesday.