9:30 LRN Newscast Sept 29

It’s been a month since Ida stormed ashore leaving thousands homeless at its landfall.  There’s still no clear indication when contractors will begin hauling trailers in, given that requests for proposals are just going out. Governor Edwards seems cautiously optimistic that Ida victims may see some of the trailers being brought into places like Terrebonne Parish over the next week.

Cut 5 (12) “…relates to trailers.”

LDH says the fourth COVID surge has severely impacted 14 pregnant women. Of the 14 cases, six mothers and 10 unborn children have died. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says it’s a tragic reminder of the vulnerability of unvaccinated pregnant mothers to COVID.

Cut 7 (10) “…heartbreaking cases.”

State lawmakers heard from Louisiana school superintendents about their continued challenges in recovering from Hurricane Ida AND from Laura last year. St. Charles Parish Superintendent Kern Oertling says 19 schools will reopen next week, but the parish’s two high schools Destrehan and Hahnville will have to merge temporarily.

Cut 10 (08)  “…on these campuses.” 

Calcasieu Parish School Superintendent Karl Bruchhaus says students have been back for quite some time, but the long-term damage is evident. He says he’s glad the system bought all the 55-gallon waste cans available at Sam’s.

Cut 12 (07) “…every time it rains.”

Bruchhaus says he’s had to postpone 50 recovery projects because the school system is still awaiting federal recovery money