7:30 LRN Newscast September 29

Governor Edwards is expressing optimism that FEMA will soon begin the effort of hauling in travel trailers for Hurricane Ida displaced homeowners to temporarily live in while they repair their property…
Cut 1 (33) ā€œā€¦Iā€™m Dave Brannen.ā€

And Governor Edwards has extended the state’s indoor mask mandate until October 27th. He says every community in Louisiana continues to have a high rate of COVID.

Despite LSU requiring its students to be vaccinated, overall enrollment for the state’s flagship university is at an all-time high, just below 36-thousand. Vice President of Enrollment Jose Aviles…
cut 15 (11) “…at LSU”
The school is also reporting a record freshman enrollment and the diversity of the class is at an all-time high, nearly 19-percent of the class is made up of Black students.

The state health department says amid the fourth COVID surge, there have been six maternal deaths and 10 fetal deaths and the cases involved mothers who were unvaccinated. State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter says pregnant individuals and their children are vulnerable to this highly contagious illness…
cut 8 (11) “….unborn babies”
Kanter says expecting mothers should get the COVID vaccine.