LRN AM Newscall Sept 29


Governor John Bel Edwards is expressing optimism that FEMA will soon begin the effort of hauling in travel trailers for Hurricane Ida displaced homeowners to temporarily live in while they repair their property.  More from Dave Brannen.

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The Delta variant during the fourth COVID surge is also responsible for devastating outcomes for 14 expectant mothers in Louisiana. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Lawmakers heard Tuesday from school systems still struggling with recovery from Hurricane Ida last month and Laura last year. Kevin Gallagher has more.

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Those impacted by Ida and left homeless by the damage will be waiting a while longer for travel trailers to begin rolling in from FEMA. However, Governor John Bel Edwards says the wait time thus far hasn’t come close to matching the delay Laura victims endured.

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It’s been a month since Ida stormed ashore leaving thousands homeless at its landfall.  There’s still no clear indication when contractors will begin hauling trailers in, given that RFPs are just going out.

Governor Edwards seems cautiously optimistic that Ida victims may see some of the travel trailers being brought in to places like Terrebonne Parish over the next week.

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The governor says when it comes to setting up the FEMA-provided travel trailers on the property of a home victimized by Ida, certain things are required.

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The fourth COVID surge in Louisiana has also severely impacted 14 pregnant women. The Louisiana Department of Health says of the 14 cases, six mothers and 10 unborn children have died. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says it’s a tragic reminder of the vulnerability of unvaccinated pregnant mothers to COVID.

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Kanter says more COVID-related maternal and fetal deaths have been reported in Louisiana during the Delta surge than the total number of COVID severe pregnancy outcomes recorded in the last 15 months.

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Kanter says data continues to show that the vaccine is safe for pregnant women and their unborn children in preventing devastating outcomes, and they also have another added benefit.

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Kanter highly encourages pregnant women to talk to their primary healthcare provider about getting vaccinated or call the state’s vaccine hotline at 1-855-453-0774 to speak with a medical professional


State lawmakers heard from Louisiana school superintendents about their continued challenges in recovering from Hurricane Ida AND from Laura last year. St. Charles Parish Superintendent Kern Oertling (ORT-ling) says 19 schools will reopen next week, but the parish’s two high schools will have to temporarily merge…:

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Oertling addressed the Senate Education Committee Tuesday. About 70-thousand Louisiana kids are still not back in school; mostly in Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. John, and St. Charles. Oertling says the system’s annual budget will soon be depleted due to the cost of vegetative AND structural debris removal, hazard mitigation, and rebuilding….:

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As southeast Louisiana schools try to recover from Ida, schools in southwestern parishes – hit hard by Hurricane Laura in 2020 – are still struggling to regain normalcy. Calcasieu Parish School Superintendent Karl Bruchhaus (BRUCK-house) says students have been back for quite some time, but the long-term damage is evident. He says he’s glad the system bought all the 55-gallon waste cans available at Sam’s…:

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Bruchhaus says he’s had to postpone 50 recovery projects because the school system is still awaiting federal recovery money…:

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He says the school system has borrowed $100-million for school repairs, but it is running out fast.


LSU has broken the record for the most accomplished, largest, and most diverse freshman class in the school’s history. This year’s freshman class of 7,038 surpasses last year’s record of 6,690. Vice President of Enrollment, Jose Aviles, says overall enrollment is also at an all-time high…

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When the vaccine mandate was announced over the summer some feared it would have a negative impact on enrollment, but Aviles says he’s received positive feedback from parents indicating they prefer a school that considers health a priority.

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In addition to the largest incoming freshman class, Aviles says it’s the most diverse class with almost 19 percent of the students Black and close to 10 percent Hispanic. And their incoming GPA also broke records.

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Aviles credits student recruitment for the record-breaking enrollment, diversity, and attraction of qualified students to the campus.


For the 56th time, LSU and Auburn will meet on the football field on Saturday night when the Tigers host the War Eagles at 8 PM. Auburn has one of the top rushing attacks in the SEC, averaging seven yards a carry. Defensive end Ali Gaye says stopping Auburn’s ground game will be a key

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Meanwhile, LSU is next to last in the SEC in rush offense, averaging less than three yards a carry. Center Liam Shanahan says the o-line knows they need to do a better job of opening up holes for the running backs…

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ULM Football Coach Terry Bowden says quarterback Rhett Rodrigeuz is expected to be released from the hospital after suffering from a partially collapsed lung. Bowden says Rodriguez underwent a medical procedure following Saturday’s win over Troy…

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This Saturday Bowden’s Warhawks are at undefeated and 16th ranked Coastal Carolina…

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