PM Newscall August 11, 2014

According to the finance firm, Louisiana is the second-most expensive state for motorists. Michelle Southern has that…:

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The lead character in the Baton Rouge based reality show “Sons of Guns” was arrested this weekend and booked for child molestation. Michelle Southern has that.

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The New Orleans Police Department says they’re trying to figure out what led up to a shooting at a hotel on Canal Street Sunday that left one man dead and another injured. Officer Frank Robertson III says officers responded to reports of gunfire at the Westin around 6:30 am…:

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Robertson says once cops encountered the armed man they retreated and called for back up. He says after hours of negotiation they finally got into the room…:

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The room was occupied by four men reportedly from the Lafayette area. Apparently the 20-year-old deceased individual shot his 24-year-old friend in the chest before turning the gun on himself. Robertson says the swat team moved in and they were able to make contact with someone inside…:

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According to the finance firm, Louisiana is the second-most expensive state for motorists. Spokesman Chris Kahn compiled the research for the study. He says they looked at gas, insurance and repairs and found that drivers in Louisiana pay about $2,555 a year just on things dealing with their car…:

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Kahn says they found that Louisiana motorists pay an average of $1277 a year on insurance which is the highest in the nation. He says that’s the cost that really hurts our ranking in this report…:

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Kahn says there are lots of things people in Louisiana can do to reduce their insurance rates and one of those things is making sure you have a good credit score. He says many people don’t realize insurance companies do pull your credit report when setting your premium…:

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The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s office says a man from New Iberia is under arrest for allegedly shooting at a car he was trying to pass while traveling on a roadway. Spokeswoman Major Ginny Higgins says they got a call from a motorist that he was being tailgated by another vehicle on Highway 182…:

CUT 9 (10) “at the vehicle”

Higgins says the suspect is identified as a 30-year-old Jeroswaskie Collette. She says he was allegely driving erratically when he just opened fire on the other vehicle…:

CUT 10 (07) “no one was hurt”

Higgins says Collette is charged with assault by drive by shooting…:

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5th District Congressman Vance McAllister has only 233 dollars in available campaign dollars for his re-election bid. That’s based on the last report McAllister filed with the Federal Elections Commission on August 2nd. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says that’s a disappointing grand total

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It’s expected the Congressman will self-finance much of his campaign. But Stockley says it still sends a signal that there might not be that much support for McAllister among voters…

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While McAllister is struggling to raise cash, three republican challengers have raised over 200-thousand dollars, based on campaign finance reports filed earlier this month. They are Zach Dasher, Harris Brown and Doctor Ralph Abraham. Stockley says they are a legitmate threat to McAllister

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