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In spite of the fourth surge of COVID cases, Louisiana’s tourism industry is not only surviving but, in some cases, thriving. Erik Piccoli has the story…

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The state could be headed back to a mask mandate due to the explosive surge in COVID cases caused by the Delta variant. Brooke Thorington has the story.

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A public hearing into the April 13th capsizing of the Seacor Power begins today. Brooke Thorington has the story.

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Congresswoman Julia Letlow is urging nonvaccinated individuals to make the life-saving decision to roll up their sleeve and get vaccinated. Letlow lost her husband, Luke Letlow last December to COVID, just days before he was to be sworn into congress…

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Letlow says Luke even wanted to hold a press conference from his hospital room to warn others about COVID. She says even while he was fighting for his life, he still had a heart for service.

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Letlow says to those who are on the fence about getting vaccinated she wants them to know like her husband there are more than 610-thousand people who have lost their lives to COVID. For her first piece of legislation, she’s introduced a bill to collect the stories of those who’ve died from COVID and enter them into the Library of Congress.

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Letlow, the mother of two young children, says when people say the virus does not affect children she corrects them because there are actually 1.1 million children across the globe that have lost at least one parent to COVID.


While the fourth surge continues to impact Louisiana, the state’s tourism industry is showing better numbers and making its way back to pre-pandemic figures. Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser hopes the people of Louisiana will do everything to keep this trend going…

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With the recent sharp rise in COVID cases, plans outlined for Mardi-Gras, Jazz Fest, and tailgating are in jeopardy. Nungesser says that the state’s current vaccine rates have hindered the possibility for investment from outside parties…

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Regardless of the cases, more people have embarked on road trips and the state parks have had their best year ever with travelers taking advantage of the various trails. Nungesser says this is due part to offering travelers a free fourth night when staying at the parks…

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Governor Edwards says he is “seriously” considering reimplementing the statewide mask mandate as the Delta COVID surge begins to spiral out of control.

Edwards says about 11 percent of ER visits are now for COVID-like symptoms, which healthcare providers say is the highest rate of the pandemic.

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The state reported over 30 deaths in one day Friday for the first time since March.

Louisiana added over 20,000 new COVID cases last week and statewide positivity on COVID tests jumped back over ten percent for the first time in months.

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All but two parishes are now in the red zone for community spread.

The number of hospitalized patients in the state exploded in July from just 259 on July 1st to 1,740 as of July 29th…

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Edwards already issued a statewide indoor mask advisory due to Delta and the Governor pointed out new research that shows even vaccinated individuals can carry and transmit the more infectious and virulent Delta variant.


Coast Guard led public hearings into the tragic capsizing of the Seacor Power begin today at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel in Houma.

Legal analyst Tim Meche says about nine civil suits have been filed against Seacor Marine for deaths related to the incident, and while attorneys bringing those suits will be in attendance…

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The hearings will be held every weekday at 8 AM from now until August 13th. The hearings will be streamed live for those who can not attend.

Meche says the last high-profile maritime incident in Louisiana was the BP Oil Spill, which did result in criminal charges being brought. That’s no guarantee this time, but…

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Meche expects the Coast Guard will remain a neutral arbiter in this case.

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13 of the Seacor Power’s 19 crew died as a result of the April 13th incident that occurred just ten miles south of Port Fourchon. The vessel reportedly encountered a microburst of extreme weather causing half of it to be submerged under the water.


The Saints have begun training camp and the quarterback battle between Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston is heating up to decide which player will replace Drew Brees under center.  Hill says while he’s considered a run-first QB, his mindset is to find guys open downfield.

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With Michael Thomas set to miss the start of the season the Saints are now thin at receiver.  This could lead to running back Alvin Kamara become a bigger part of the passing game.  Hill says while Kamara will definitely get his touches, they plan to utilize everyone in the passing game.

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Thomas missing a handful of games to start the season is certainly a big blow for the Saints but quarterback Jameis Winston believes that Thomas will come back stronger than ever.

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