PM LRN Newscall July 30

SEC Presidents have unanimously voted to extend an invitation to both Texas and Oklahoma, Tony Barnhart with the SEC Network and TMG Sports says the league made a smart decision.  Taylor Sharp has the story.

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More species in the animal world are turning up positive for COVID-19. Don Molino has more.

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The fourteen SEC presidents voted unanimously to invite both Texas and Oklahoma into the Southeastern Conference after the two schools announced that they would not renew their contracts with the Big 12.  Tony Barnhart with the SEC Network and TMG Sports says these two schools leaving their conference is unique due to their high-profile programs.

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The addition of Texas and Oklahoma will make the SEC a 16-team league.  There have been talks of a possible four-team, four-pod system when the two schools are added instead of a traditional east and west format.  Barnhart that’s just one of the possibilities.

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While it could take some time to shuffle certain games within the league, Barnhart says re-adjusting scheduling in the SEC is long overdue.

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The Longhorns and Sooners will officially join the SEC in July of 2025.


President Joe Biden has signed Senator Kennedy’s DUMP Opioids act into law. Kennedy says the bill provides individuals who are in possession of Opioids a safe and effective way of eliminating them…

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The Senate unanimously passed this bill in April and the House unanimously passed the bill early this week. Kennedy says Opioid deaths have increased in Louisiana over the past 18 months and his bill is set to help prevent further deaths…

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The bill also instructs the Veterans Affairs Secretary to designate times in which individuals can dispose of their prescriptions and permits the secretary to conduct campaigns highlighting when disposal is permitted. Kennedy says he’s thankful that the President and Congress came together to pass the bill adding a new tool in the fight against addiction…

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The U-S Department of Agriculture has completed a study of deer in several northern states and Lousiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Mike Strain says they were checking for COVID-19 antibodies.

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After completing the study, the USDA confirmed 33-percent of the deer were carrying the virus. Strain says the study was completed in several northern states.

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Strain emphasizes while deer are susceptible to the virus, Humans are in no danger from the deep population.

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The hot and humid temperatures continue for the Bayou State this afternoon and into the weekend. State Climatologist Barry Keim says a weak high pressure across the northern Gulf of Mexico continues to pump warm air into the state but the high pressure is also limiting cloud coverage and thunderstorm activity.

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Keim says if you have outdoor plans for the weekend you might want to move them indoors or at least to the early morning hours of the day and stay hydrated.

Keim says we can expect to see weekend temperatures in the mid to upper 90 throughout the weekend across the Pelican state and some areas might even see triple digits.

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On the upside, though Keim says if you can hold out until Monday it looks there’s an increased chance for thunderstorms which might keep the temperatures down and…

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