11:30 LRN Newscast July 30

The third set of weekly winners in the state’s vaccine incentive lottery have been announced. Stephen Curry of New Orleans and Jacob Ardoin of Lafayette at the winners. The deadline to register for next week’s drawing is midnight tonight at Shot At A Million.com Governor Edwards will hold a press conference this afternoon at 3 with an update on the state’s COVID situation.

Local business owners in Hammond have collaborated with the North Oak Foundation by offering individuals 100 dollars when they get both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Erik Piccoli has the story…

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President Joe Biden has signed Senator Kennedy’s DUMP Opioids act into law. Kennedy says the bill provides individuals who are in possession of Opioids a safe and effective way of eliminating them…

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The Senate unanimously passed this bill in April and the House unanimously passed the bill early this week.

300 dollar federally enhanced unemployment benefits expire this weekend, cutting off the benefit for the first time since the CARES Act was passed in March of 2020. LSU Economist Loren Scott says there are plenty of job openings available for workers who will be transitioning off of benefits. He says he’s made over 200 calls with Louisiana business owners…

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Louisiana’s June unemployment rate sat at 6.9 percent.