7:30 A.M. LRN News 07/30/2017

Local business owners in Hammond have collaborated with the North Oak Foundation by offering individuals 100 dollars when they get both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Erik Piccoli has the story…
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The one trillion-dollar infrastructure bill in Congress achieved a major hurdle in the Senate this week with Republican Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy says the state has more than 16-hundred bridges and over 34-hundred miles of highway in poor condition. The bill will authorize $6 billion in highway funding for Louisiana over five years.
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With the federal moratorium on evictions set to expire tomorrow, Louisiana residents behind on their rent could be forced out of their apartments. Executive Director of the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center Cashauna Hill says Nearly 100-thousand families in Louisiana are currently behind on their rent payments with the majority being African Americans. Hill says the same neighborhoods that had high eviction rates before the pandemic are the same ones that have low vaccination rates…
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300 dollar federally enhanced unemployment benefits expire this weekend, cutting off the benefit for the first time since the CARES Act was passed in March of 2020. LSU Economist Loren Scott .
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