LRN PM Newscall July 29

As COVID cases continue to increase in the fourth surge, on a positive note Louisiana is reporting more individuals being vaccinated for COVID.  Brooke Thorington has more.

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Practice begins next week for high school sports teams that compete in the fall and the LHSAA says there are no plans to delay the season because of the ongoing surge of new COVID cases. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Ochsner Health Systems says they will require employees to be vaccinated for COVID once the vaccines receive full FDA approval. CEO Warner Thomas says since they made the announcement the vaccination rate among employees has increased and among their vaccine clinics for the public.

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Thomas says they are asking employees to give them their vaccination status for the next few weeks and soon you will be able to easily identify vaccinated and unvaccinated staff members. Thomas says vaccinated employees will have a new ID Badge.

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As COVID hospitalizations continue to increase, Thomas says it’s very concerning because healthcare facilities across the country are experiencing a severe nursing shortage, which is another reason they are moving to mandatory vaccinations, so they can remain at work and keep patients safe.

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This week more than 60 medical societies support the move for mandatory vaccinations among healthcare workers.


A 20-year-old Bernice man lost his life last night as he was attempting to flee from law enforcement. State Police Master Trooper Michael Reichardt says Tyler Brazzel of Bernice was traveling at a high rate of speed on Forsythe Road in Lincoln Parish…

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Reichardt says Brazzel was not buckled up and pronounced dead at the scene…

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Reichardt says impairment is also suspected on the part of Brazzel…

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High School football is just around the corner and fall practice will begin shortly.  The rise in Coronavirus cases has many across the state wondering if the start of the season will be delayed.  LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine does not expect a delay because we know more about the virus now.

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Bonine also says he has confidence that coaches can keep the players safe because they had to work through the same thing last season.

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Right now the LHSAA has not required vaccinations to be mandatory for student athletes and Bonine says that will be left up to the schools.

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State data shows that COVID cases in Louisiana nursing homes has nearly tripled and nursing homes are reporting their first deaths among residents since June 23rd. Andrew Muhl, director of advocacy for AARP Louisiana says it’s concerning because the vaccine rate among staff is less than 50-percent…

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Muhl says over 80-percent of nursing home residents are vaccinated, but if less than half of the staff is, the delta variant can still cause outbreaks…

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Muhl says if you have loved ones in a nursing home, ask these questions to management…

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