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A state capitol insider says based on his discussions with key legislators, it’s highly likely we’ll see a four-day veto session begin on July 20th. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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About a dozen Republican Congressmen are set to accompany President Donald Trump on a trip to the US –Mexico border Wednesday. Among those in attendance are two of Louisiana’s own, Congressman Mike Johnson and Congressman Clay Higgins.

The pandemic is responsible for a fireworks shortage this 4th of July. Regional Manager for Little Dixie Fireworks Ashley Routon says with more people gathering this year due to eased health restrictions, she says there’s even higher demand.

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Routon says factory shutdowns in China and shipping issues are major factors in the shortage of fireworks. She says they anticipate selling out this year, and possibly even before the 4th.

Kentwood native Jaime Lynn Spears is disputing allegations that she helped facilitate an allegedly abusive conservatorship of her pop star sister Britney Spears. Jaime Lynn denies that she was taking advantage of her sister’s wealth as the main trustee of the Britney Spears estate.

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Both Jaime Lynn and Britney Spears were born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood.