4:30 LRN Newscast June 29

Insiders say there’s a high likelihood a veto session will happen next month. LA-Politics.com Publisher Jeremy Alford says based on his discussions there’s enough support to override the anti-transgender legislation…

Cut 5  (10) “…more effort” ” 

A lawsuit filed against LSU for the school’s alleged mishandling of campus rape and sexual misconduct has been amended to now include coach Ed Orgeron. Advocate newspaper reporter Andrea Gallo says Orgeron inclusion appears to be linked to an allegation that Orgeron knew about Derrius Guice’s rape allegations. Allegations that Gallo says were not in the Husch Blackwell report.

Cut 8 (10) “…appropriately.”

Orgeron said he was not aware of the rape allegations against Guice.

Lafayette-based food delivery service Waitr has agreed to pay a similar California business by the name of Waiter, that’s W-A-I-T-E-R $4.7 million over trademark issues. The local Waitr, that’s waiter without an E trademarked their company in 2016 and the California company in 2000.  The local Waitr is also rebranding their name and a company spokesperson said they agreed to settle the suit to avoid further litigation.

There’s a nationwide shortage of fireworks this year so if you’re planning on lighting up the skies this weekend you might want to make your purchase sooner than later. Regional Manager for Little Dixie Fireworks Ashley Routon says it depends on where you purchase your explosives if they will have a large selection or not this year.

Cut 10 (09) “…fill them.”

She says they are expecting to sell out this year before the 4th.