8:30 A.M. LRN News 05/28/21

Protestors marched at the state capitol demanding justice for the death of Ronald Greene. Brooke Thorington has more.
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Legislation that would have provided a pathway to parole or retrial for the 1,500 Louisiana inmates with settled cases who were convicted non-unanimously is defeated in a House committee. Promise of Justice lawyer Jamila Johnson says her organization represents two-thirds of the 1,500 people in jail on non-unanimous convictions. She says their convictions were part of a racist policy.
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Police reform legislation covering a number of bases from body camera activation policies to duty to intervene, and even bans on chokeholds is headed to the Governor’s desk.
The bill is the result of a policing policy reform task force established last year after the George Floyd Protests. Baton Rouge Representative Ted James says it’s the result of a lot of discussion…
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A bill prohibiting trans athletes from participating in K-12 and college girl’s and women’s sports passes in the House 77-17.
Opponents are concerned the bill would cause unintended economic consequences. New Orleans Representative Royce DuPlessis says businesses might be less likely to invest in Louisiana if this makes it into law…
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That bill is expected to be voted by the Governor.