9:30 LRN Newscast May 26

Governor Edwards has removed all remaining capacity restrictions on businesses and the mask requirement for students in public schools. Edwards says the decision comes after hitting an all-time low in COVID-related hospitalizations, and…
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But Edwards is concerned with the pace of residents getting the COVID vaccine. About 40-percent of the state’s adult population has completed the vaccine series, but nationally 50-percent of adults are fully vaccinated.

State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter says based on the dating website, O-K-Cupid, users who claim to be vaccinated are 14-percent more likely to find a match…
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A bill to study domestic violence fatalities in Louisiana is scheduled to receive a vote on the House floor today
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The Senate Finance Committee has approved a plan on spending one-point-five billion dollars in federal coronavirus aid. A third of the money, 563-million dollars, would go towards roads and bridges. Some of that cash will be used to widen sections of I-10, I-12, and I-20. Another 300-million would be used to improve water and sewer systems.