10:30 LRN Newscast May 25

The first of two funeral services will be held today for former Louisiana Governor Gov. Buddy Roemer. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat recalls the political life of the former four-term congressman and a one-term governor.

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The first funeral service is in Baton Rouge today and a second service on Thursday in Shreveport. Roemer was 77.

The state marks a milestone as the health department reported the lowest number of Louisianans hospitalized with COVID since March 2020.  On Monday 271 were in the hospital with COVID. The number of those patients in the hospital on ventilators is 29, and State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kantar says placing someone on a respirator with COVID is a severe intervention and is a last-ditch effort.

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Kanter says the majority of patients hospitalized were not vaccinated.

House-approved Legislation that would make permanent a pandemic-driven policy giving nurse practitioners more independence is set to be heard by the full Senate. Previously independent NPs would contract with a doctor who was on call to review cases, but an executive order suspended that requirement last year. President of the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners Kathy Baldridge wants to make that permanent…

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Doctor Lisa Cary with Physicians for Patient Protection disputed claims by supporters that quality of care in Louisiana did not dip after the executive order, she says there’s been no surveys or research to confirm that. Casey says this is a patient safety issue.

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The House approved the legislation on a 61-41 vote.