Legislative Report *Correction*

House-approved legislation decriminalizing possession of up to 14 grams of marijuana is set to be heard Tuesday in a Senate judiciary committee. Chairman Franklin Foil says he is sympathetic to the legislation…

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Under the bill by Shreveport Representative Cedric Glover, those found with up to 14 grams of marijuana can be fined up to 100 dollars.

One of Governor Edwards’ priority pieces of legislation, a bill that would mandate children who turn five on or before September 30th attend kindergarten, is headed for the House floor after being approved in Appropriations. Bossier City Representative Raymond Crews was the lone no vote…


The bill already has Senate approval.

Legislation offering nurse practitioners more independence to practice without needing a collaborative agreement with a doctor is set to be heard on the Senate floor. Matt Doyle has more.

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The House votes 63-28 in favor of a resolution that would create a committee dedicated to studying the potential impacts of legalizing marijuana. The committee would include representatives from the law enforcement community and DAs along with lawmakers, community leaders, and members of the business community.