2:30 LRN Newscast May 20

NOAA is once again predicting an active hurricane season. Erik Picolli reports on how many storms we could see in 2021…

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Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter received a phone call from President Biden and the two discussed Monday’s flooding and hurricane recovery. Biden visited Lake Charles on May 6th in person and pledged to assist with long term recovery efforts from the 2020 hurricane season. Biden also spoke with the Mayor by phone on Wednesday. Hunter says Biden assured him help is on the way.


Lumber prices have more than tripled over the year amidst a pandemic-driven surge in new home construction and renovation. LSU Forestry Economist Joseph Chang says his sense is that the price will eventually decline, but the question is when…

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Last year lumber prices were clocked at around 354 dollars per thousand feet of lumber. As of May 18th, that number is up to 1,264 dollars


Governor John Bel Edwards says he’s not looking to continue his political career after his term ends in 2024. Edwards says he’s also not considering running for any other office before this term ends, such as the US Senate race next year.

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The governor made his comments on his monthly radio show Wednesday.