2:30 LRN May 3

A state audit finds that prisoners received unemployment checks last year. Don Molino has the story…
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Governor John Bel Edwards was in Acadiana this morning to announce that Safe Source is investing 150-million dollars into the construction of two manufacturing facilities that will produce personal protection equipment. The facilities will be located in Lafayette and St. Martin Parishes and officials say they will bring more than 22-hundred new jobs to the area.

The House Criminal Justice Committee is scheduled to hear a bill tomorrow that would decriminalize prostitution. Bill author, New Orleans Representative Mandi Landry, says the intent of her legislation to protect sex workers and reduce human trafficking, but the National Center of Sexual Exploitation CEO Dawn Hawkins opposes the legislation…
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The House Criminal Justice Committee meets at 9 AM tomorrow.

Motorists who have State Farm could see a slight increase in their premiums. The Louisiana Insurance Department has approved a statewide rate increase of four percent. Last June, State Farm lowered rates by an average of 10-percent. So what changed? Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says more vehicles on the road…
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The adjusted auto rates in Louisiana went into effect on April 5th.