10:30 LRN Newscast May 3

Motorists who have State Farm could see a slight increase in their premiums. The Louisiana Insurance Department has approved a statewide rate increase of four percent. Last June, State Farm lowered rates by an average of 10-percent. So what changed? Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says more vehicles on the road…

Cut 3 (09)  “…as well” 

The adjusted auto rates in Louisiana went into effect on April 5th.

The UNO Survey Research Center finds registered voters are divided on whether returning college students should be required to receive covid vaccines. Director Ed Chervenak says 46-percent of the nearly 700 said yes, another 46-percent said no, and eight percent undecided. The survey highlights a striking generational divide with only 35% of young adults compared to 65% of seniors saying students should be vaccinated before returning to classes in person.

Cut 8 (03) “…covid vaccination” 

The FDA’s announcement they plan to ban menthol cigarettes has garnered praise among public health advocates. Associate Director for Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living Shawna Shields says it’s a huge step in ending the marketing of highly addictive cigarette additives towards the Black community.

Cut 13 (08) “…Big Tobacco.”
Shields says tobacco companies tend to place more cigarette and cigar retailers in heavily populated Black communities.

A Market Dynamic Research Group survey finds more than half of recent visitors to Louisiana say it was a movie or TV show featuring the Bayou State that inspired their trip. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says not only are productions a visual postcard of the state, but they also offer employment opportunities.

Cut 11 (10) “…electricians.”