AM LRN Newscall April 30

Another poll finds a majority of Louisiana residents support legalizing recreational marijuana. Erik Piccoli has the story…

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Senate Education unanimously approves legislation barring transgender female student-athletes from competing on female teams. Brooke Thorington has more.

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A proposal that would give college athletes in Louisiana a chance to make money off their name, image, and likeness has started moving at the State Capitol. Jim Shannon has the story

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The University of New Orleans’ Survey Research Center has found that a majority of registered voters statewide support the legalization of recreational marijuana. SRC director Dr. Ed Chervenak says they surveyed nearly 700 registered voters and 55% are in favor of legalizing pot.

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The survey showcases a generational divide with support for legalization dropping significantly as age increases. Chervenak says unsurprisingly, opinions also split along party lines.

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This comes in the wake of the Louisiana House Criminal Justice Committee passing a bill that seeks to legalize weed. It’s unclear if the proposal can receive approval from the Louisiana House.

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A bill to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco and vaping products in Louisiana from 18 to 21 passes in House Judiciary 8 to 2. Denham Springs High School Assistant Principal Justin Wax says vaping and cigarette use among teens is an ever-growing issue.

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Assistant Principal John Easterly testified that a quarter of the suspensions he handles are students smoking cigarettes or vaping.

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Bill author Denham Springs Representative Buddy Mincey says a survey across the state indicates students are exposed to and using nicotine products at alarmingly young ages.

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The measure now heads to the house floor for debate.


A bill to limit transgender participation in sports passes unanimously from Senate Education. Bill Author Senator Beth Mizell says the bill protects women’s sports by banning transgender females from competing with females because she says they have a physical advantage.  Mizell quoted Female Powerlifter Beth Stelzer in her opening remarks.

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Child psychologist Dr. Clifton Mixon however spoke in opposition of the bill claiming language in the bill is divisive and sets a damaging tone against an already vulnerable population.

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Melissa Flournoy, with Louisiana Progress Action, says the bill is trying to create a problem where there isn’t one, and passage of any antitransgender bills endangers the state of losing NCAA tournaments.

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Mizell says no one wants to treat anyone with inequity but says there’s not an equal situation physically when transgender females compete with females.

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The bill now heads to the full Senate for debate.


The Senate Education Committee approves legislation that would allow college athletes to profit off of their name, image, or likeness, which could result in endorsement and sponsorship deals for star players. Former LSU gymnastics coach D-D Breaux spoke in favor of the legislation…

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Marrero Senator Patrick Marrero is the sponsor of the bill and says it’s necessary because the NCAA has not taken action on changing its rules so that athletes can make money on their name, image or likeness. Even though it was approved, several senators had questions like River Ridge Senator Kirk Talbot…

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Some states have already passed their own legislation on this issue, like Mississippi and Florida. Minden Senator Robert Mills is concerned that if Louisiana passes this bill and their college athletes start to get compensated from endorsement deals, it could result in NCAA penalties

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LSU baseball begins a three-game series tonight against number one ranked Arkansas and there could be over ten thousand fans on hand. Center fielder Giovanni Digiacomo is looking forward to packed Box

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LSU is 6-and-12 in the SEC and in jeopardy of not making the SEC Tournament if they can not win a couple of series before the regular season ends. Right fielder Dylan Crews says they understand what’s at stake…

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After splitting a four-game series at home against Marshall last weekend, Louisiana Tech is on the road this weekend for another four-game set at Middle Tennessee. Bulldogs Coach Lane Burroughs says his guys play well on the road pointing to their seven and one record in away games in conference play…

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Burroughs is hoping to get cleanup hitter Steele Netterville back in the line-up. He’s fourth on the team in RBIs with 30 but hasn’t played a full game in nearly a month because of an oblique strain. The coach says Netterville makes a difference in their line-up…

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