LRN PM Newscall April 28

Just a day after the Senate approved Constitutional Carry on a veto-proof majority a House committee advances their own version on an 8-4 vote. Matt Doyle has more.

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A bill that could have prevented minors from seeking gender therapy has been shelved for the session. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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It’s the first full day since Governor John Bel Edwards partially lifted the statewide mask mandate. Edwards says he altered the mask mandate for a number of reasons, among them the continued downward trend in COVID cases and fatalities. However, he still advises the use of face masks.

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As the pandemic continues Edwards advises residents to access their social settings. If you’re unsure of the vaccination status of those around you he recommends that you distance yourself and wear a mask.

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Another motivating factor in altering the mask mandate, Edwards says is that vaccine eligibility has been open for all residents 16 and older since March 29th. Edwards says he will continue to wear a mask in public settings even though he’s fully vaccinated.

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The statewide mask mandate went into effect on July 13, 2020.


A House committee passed another bill that would allow people in Louisiana 21 and older without felony records to carry a concealed handgun without needing a state permit or training.

Louisiana Shooting Association President Dan Zelenka supports the bill. He says getting a concealed carry permit costs up to 325 dollars and requires attendance at a nine-hour course.

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This version of Constitutional Carry by Thibodaux Representative Bryan Fontenot adds one stipulation that those concealed carrying must take a 60 minute free, state-created online training course covering gun safety and concealed carry.

Moms Demand Action member Nanette Olivier spoke out against the bill. She says polling available suggests there’s no popular support for this…

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The committee vote was 8-4 in favor.

Some proponents of the legislation say it’s a god-given right to carry without government permission. Another member of the public, Mrs. Brown, says there’s nothing in the bible saying you have a right to carry…

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Governor Edwards says he will reject any legislation that hits his desk removing the permitting requirement for concealed carry. Wednesday the Senate passed a version of constitutional carry with a veto-proof majority.


Houma Senator Mike Fesi decides not to move forward with his bill to require a juvenile to get written consent from both parents to receive gender therapy. Advocates, health professionals, and transgender individuals like this LSU student testified against it.

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Senate Health Chairman Fred Mills says he received 400 cards in opposition to the legislation, which would have prevented minors from receiving counseling, hormone treatments or gender-related surgeries if they didn’t have both parents’ consent. Melissa Flournoy, with Louisiana Progress Action, spoke against the bill…

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Fesi says his intention with the legislation was not to hurt children. He was trying to make sure parents are involved in the process of gender transition…

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State health officials celebrate the progress that’s been made in addressing racial disparities in vaccination rates in Louisiana.

State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says Louisiana is above the national average now when it comes to the percentage of vaccinated people who are Black.

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Louisiana still has the third-lowest overall vaccination rate in the nation.

Kanter says our predicted rate of vaccination for Black residents is 17 percent higher than the national average.

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Kanter says the state has made reducing racial vaccine disparity a focus and it shows in the information they’ve collected.

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