AM LRN Newscall April 28

Legislation allowing anyone in Louisiana over 21 who isn’t a convicted felon to carry a concealed handgun without a permit heads to the House after passing the Senate on a veto-proof majority vote. Matt Doyle has more.

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A bill containing police reforms resulting from a legislative task force formed last summer is headed to the Senate floor. Matt Doyle has more.

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Governor John Bel Edwards eases health restrictions, Brooke Thorington has more.

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The Senate approves legislation doing away with the need to obtain a permit to conceal carry in Louisiana on a veto-proof 27 to 11 vote.

Bill author and West Monroe Senator Jay Morris says passage would make Louisiana the 21st state to adopt a so-called “Constitutional Carry” law.

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To conceal carry in Louisiana, you would still need to be over 21 and not be a convicted felon.

Houma Senator Mike Fesi voted in favor. He cited a recent mass shooting in Houma that he says could have been mitigated by the widespread adoption of concealed carry.

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The legislation was also amended to make it so that any persons visiting Louisiana would be allowed to concealed carry without obtaining a permit.

Lafayette Senator Gerald Boudreaux opposed the bill. He says America has a gun problem right now and this would just make matters worse.

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The legislation is opposed by the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police.

New Orleans Senator Karen Carter Peterson’s proposed amendment to rename the bill the Thoughts and Prayers Act was rejected. She says this will further increase gun violence.

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The bill heads to the House.


Legislation instituting a series of policing policy reforms clears a Senate committee and is headed to the Senate floor.

One of the reforms would largely prohibit the execution of no-knock warrants at nighttime. State Police Lt. Robert Burns says LSP backs the change, noting it’s already being phased out of use…

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The bill by Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields also mandates a strict policy be established on body and dash camera usage, mandates duty to intervene training, and restricts the authority to utilize chokeholds,

Norco Senator Gary Smith says placing strict limits on nighttime no-knock warrants comes after several incidents in other parts of the country ended in tragedy.

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Nighttime no-knock warrants would still be permitted in some situations, but only with additional and specific judicial approval.

The legislation received unanimous approval in a Senate Judiciary Committee, but Shreveport Senator Greg Tarver told Fields that he’s not comfortable with the proposed limits on night-time no-knocks…

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The bill is the result of a legislative task force comprised of lawmakers, community leaders, and law enforcement officials from multiple agencies that was formed last summer in the wake of nationwide anti-police brutality demonstrations.


Governor John Bel Edwards announces a partial lift of the statewide mask mandate effective today. With vaccine eligibility open to all residents 16 and older for more than a month in Louisiana and a continued downward trend of case numbers and deaths from COVID, he says now is the time to ease restrictions.

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The mask mandate remains in effect for state buildings, K-12 schools and universities, public transportation, and all licensed healthcare facilities.

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The new proclamation also eases some restrictions on live music, allows some businesses like salons to reopen their waiting rooms, and removes outdoor limitations on crowds. Edwards says as for indoor venues…

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For all indoor sporting events capacity remains at 75-percent with social distancing or venues can choose a 100-percent capacity with a mask mandate.

The statewide mask mandate has been in effect since July 13th of 2020.


The Coast Guard’s Unified Command for the SEACOR Power response begins efforts to remove the vessel that capsized earlier this month near Port Fourchon. The 234-foot vessel was carrying 19 passengers and potentially up to 35-thousand gallons of oil products. Coast Guard Public Information Officer Nicole Groll says safety is a priority.

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The Unified Command is comprised of representatives from the Coast Guard and SEACOR Marine. The vessel that capsized on April 13th, six passengers survived and five remain lost at sea. Groll says they are monitoring the weather and making sure all safety parameters are being followed.

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As for removal of the vessel, Groll says they are developing the best strategy.

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So far there are no reported impacts to wildlife from the incident.