AM LRN Newscall April 1st

Billions in new subsidies kick into effect today lowering Obamacare health insurance premiums. Matt Doyle has more.

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A New Orleans lawmaker introduces legislation decriminalizing the possession of marijuana. Matt Doyle has the story.

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Louisiana will receive only five percent of the CARES Act Fisheries Funding despite being one of the top fishing states in the country. Brooke Thorington has more

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WalletHub ranks Louisiana as the second most stressed state in the nation. WalletHub Analyst Jill Gonzales says it comes down to finances, health and safety, and family. She says despite Louisianans working some of the highest averages of hours per week, Louisiana has one of the highest percentages of adults living in poverty and unaffordable housing.

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Healthwise Gonzales says the state has a high percentage of adults in poor health.

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And safety-wise she says residents are stressed because Louisiana has the second-highest crime rate per capita.

When it comes to family stressors, Gonzales says Louisiana has the fourth-highest divorce rate in the country.

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Louisiana follows Nevada that was ranked by WalletHub as the most stressed.


A major insurance provider says the most recent stimulus bill makes it easier to purchase health care through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. Blue Cross Blue Shield Chief Healthcare Economist Mike Bertaut says lower monthly premiums and expanded income eligibility for financial assistance go into effect today…

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Nationally it’s expected to reduce Obamacare premiums by about 600 dollars a year, but Bertaut says that average will be higher in Louisiana. If you don’t reapply for the savings now you’ll receive them as a tax credit on your return next year.

Previously individual plan subsidies were only available for those earning about 50,000 dollars a year or less…

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The 36 billion dollar injection is a result of the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Act and the marketplace subsidies are expected to remain in effect through 2022.

Starting today there’s another new addition: the feds will cover 100% of your COBRA costs. Bertaut says employers are sending letters to those eligible.

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Open enrollment for the ACA marketplace has been extended through August 15th.


Legislation is filed that would decriminalize marijuana possession pending the passage of a broader legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana in the state.

New Orleans Representative Candace Newell wrote the bill and says Louisiana spends too much money imprisoning people for possessing marijuana.

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The proposed legislation does not apply to the crime of driving while under the influence, and would still allow employers to maintain zero-tolerance drug use policies.

Newell says passing this legislation would be an important step forward for the African American community.

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A recent JMC poll shows 68 percent of Louisianans support decriminalization, but it’s traditionally been a non-starter at the Legislature. Newell says part of that is due to pressure from local governments.

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Newell says she was discouraged from filing this legislation by groups that touted the revenue benefits of maintaining current drug policies.


Of the $255 million in CARES Act Fisheries Funding, Louisiana will receive less than five percent despite being one of the top fishing states in the nation. Republican Congressman Garret Graves says it’s a slap in the face.

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For example, Graves says Washington State is receiving $40 million compared to Louisiana’s $12.4 million, even though Louisiana has a 50 percent greater value to our fisheries landings.

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Florida was allocated $19 million even though Louisiana has a 50 percent greater fisheries value.

To gain additional funds Graves says he’s working with other programs where the state has received appropriate funding in the past.

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Louisiana is the second-largest seafood supplier in the nation.


Former Tigers wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase returned to LSU’s indoor practice facility and ran a 4.38 in the 40-yard dash. Chase opted out before the start of the COVID-shortened 2020 season and said it wasn’t easy to watch LSU go 5-and-5 on the season…

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Chase says he has spoken to the Cincinnati Bengals who own the fifth pick and he would not mind reuniting with Joe Burrow.

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Defensive back Kary Vincent also opted out in 2020 and returned to LSU yesterday to run the fastest 40-time at 4.33. Vincent says he’s been talking with former Tiger and current Tampa Bay Buccaneer Devin White about the draft process

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Vincent announced in August he was opting out of the 2020 season. He says he tested positive for COVID and developed some symptoms that had him concerned

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