9:30 LRN Newscast March 29

Beginning today everyone 16 and older is eligible to be vaccinated. Brooke Thorington has more on what you should bring to your appointment
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During an appearance on C-B-S’s “Face the Nation,” Congresswoman-elect Julia Letlow urged everyone including, fellow Republicans to get the vaccine. Her husband, Luke Letlow, died from the virus in December at the age of 41. Letlow says she wants to be an advocate and a voice for everyone.

Several female lawmakers remain upset with LSU over its handling of previous sexual misconduct cases at LSU. During another marathon hearing on Friday, Monroe Senator Katrina Jackson ripped into school officials for not informing the public and students that former football coach Les Miles was told he can not be alone with female students…
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Jackson also noted that Miles was issued a state-purchased cell phone so that his communications could be monitored in case he attempted to contact more students.

Last month’s sub-freezing freezing temperatures have helped in the state’s fight against nuisance aquatic vegetation in the state’s lakes and bayous. LDWF Inland Fisheries Operations Manager Alex Perrett says the weather has curbed the growth of plants like the Giant Salvinia and water hyacinth.
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