7:30 LRN Newscast March 25

As of Monday, all adults in Louisiana will be eligible for the COVID vaccine. Matt Doyle has the story.
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There has been a decline in COVID cases statewide in recent weeks, but State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter is concerned with an increase in cases in southwest Louisiana where a more contagious UK variant of the virus is prevalent…
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The Board of Regents is seeking information from college campuses on how they are handling sexual misconduct claims. It’s in response to the Husch Blackwell report that found LSU mishandled previous sexual abuse allegations for years. Higher Education Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed says this is an opportunity to see where there are gaps in Title Nine offices…
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An American Dental Association survey has found that over 70-percent of dentists are reporting an increase in patients with teeth grinding and clenching problems and dentists say the stress from the pandemic is a factor. LSU School of Dentistry Chair of Endodontics Doctor Mark Odom says if you are experiencing symptoms a dentist can fit you for a guard or splint that ease pressure before you chip or crack a tooth. You can also put hot-cold compresses on your jaws.
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