8:30 LRN Newscast February 25

USA Today and The Advocate uncover allegations that former LSU Football coach Les Miles was investigated for sexual harassment of student workers. The report says an outside law firm conducted the investigation in 2013. USA Today sports writer Glenn Guilbeau says his employer is suing to get access to the full report, but so far…
Cut 7 (10) “…the law.”
Miles’ attorneys say the report should remain confidential because disclosure would cause Miles to suffer serious injury to his reputation.

Some Republicans believe Senator Bill Cassidy’s reputation took a hit when he voted to impeach former President Donald Trump. But Cassidy says he’s at peace with his vote…
cut 21 (10) “…the consequences”

To highlight the importance of the oil and gas industry a Louisiana Congressman issues a challenge to the Biden Administration.
Cut 3 (29) “…I’m Brooke Thorington.”

The cold weather last week resulted in a significant decline in available crawfish to eat. Wild Crawfish Fisherman Jody Meche of Henderson describes the situation…
cut 13 (11) “…considerably”