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50 percent of the 70 and older population in Louisiana has received at least one dose of their COVID vaccine. Matt Doyle has more on the achievement of this vital milestone…

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Reports by USA Today and The Advocate reveal allegations that former LSU Football coach Les Miles sexually harassed student workers during his time in Baton Rouge. Matt Doyle has more…

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To highlight the importance of the oil and gas industry a Louisiana Congressman issues a challenge to the Biden Administration.

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According to New Orleans-based data analyst, Jeff Asher over half of Louisianans 70-years-old and older are estimated to have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine so far.

Nearly 70 percent of all COVID-related deaths have come from that age group and Asher says due to this we could see a permanent, significant reduction in new COVID deaths.

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12 percent of the total population in Louisiana has been vaccinated.

Asher says the new, faster pace of vaccinations may mean we won’t experience a fourth wave of the pandemic especially given the seemingly imminent approval of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine.

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New COVID cases and COVID-related hospitalizations have fallen by about seventy percent since the all-time peak in early January.

Authorities believe the pandemic will be under control once 70 to 80 percent of the population is vaccinated, but Asher says that’s still many months away…

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According to the Louisiana Department of Health COVID Dashboard, 60 percent of those vaccinated so far have been women.


USA Today and The Advocate uncover allegations that former LSU Football head coach Les Miles sexually harassed student workers during his time running the program.

The allegations were detailed in a 2013 investigation ordered by LSU and conducted by an outside firm. USA Today sports writer Glenn Guilbeau says they are suing to get access to the full report, but so far…

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Miles’ attorneys say the report should remain confidential because disclosure would cause Miles to suffer “serious injury to his reputation and personal life” and “irreparable loss.”

USA Today reports LSU deemed Miles’ behavior inappropriate but the coach faced no public repercussions. Guilbeau says LSU has a history of covert behavior…

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The Advocate reports Miles offered a secret settlement to an LSU student who accused him of “hitting on her”, but Miles’ attorney said that a description of a settlement is discernibly incomplete and inaccurate.

LSU has hired a private firm to investigate about 60 different sexual misconduct cases involving the school from 2016 to 2018 and the US Department of Education is also investigating the school…

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Miles coached at LSU from 2005 until 2016 when he was fired for football-related reasons and now coaches at Kansas.


Congressman Clay Higgins issued a challenge to the Biden Administration to operate without the use of any oil and gas energy or petroleum-based products. In doing so Higgins wants to bring attention to the importance of the industry that is a staple of Louisiana’s economy.

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Higgins says many people don’t realize that everyday products contain petroleum and restriction on the oil and gas and petroleum industry impact items beyond gasoline.

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Higgins says the oil and gas industry is the cleanest and most efficient in the US, compared to other countries, and with our dependence on products from the fossil fuel industry, bans from the Biden Administration are not logical.

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The Biden Administration says these restrictions on domestic oil and gas production are key to helping the country hit carbon neutrality by 2050, thus limiting catastrophic levels of future global temperature increase.


Last week’s winter storm didn’t only impact the power grid and water systems in the state it also slowed down the crawfish industry. Wild Crawfish Fisherman Jody Meche says the cold temps reduced the number of crustaceans that could be harvested.

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But Meche is hopeful that the freeze was too detrimental to the crawfish population that that warmer temps will enable them to bounce back.

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Meche says crawfish are pretty resilient and he’s optimistic that the industry will rebound quickly, and we’ll have a plentiful crop and everyone can still enjoy the crawfish boils this year.

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