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Utility companies were asked about their failure to communicate with customers ahead of last week’s mid-winter storm rolling blackouts. Entergy CEO Phillip May says Tuesday the grid faced significantly more demand than it had supply and they were given 30 minutes by a regional regulator, MISO, to begin cutting back distribution due to the potentially catastrophic strain on the grid…

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Monroe’s beloved 72-year-old elephant Shirley passed away Monday at the Louisiana Purchase Botanical Gardens.  Zoo Director Tom Pearson says after a hard life in the circus Shirley was able to roam the sanctuary with other elephants and had little human interaction. In 2018 one of her former caretakers in Monroe, Solomon James, was allowed to visit on her birthday.

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In an effort to have children educated sooner, one lawmaker files a bill to make kindergarten mandatory in Louisiana.  Brooke Thorington explains

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The USA Today and Advocate report that former LSU head coach Les Miles allegedly engaged in sexual harassment while he was in charge of the Tiger’s football team. The Advocate reports Miles offered a secret settlement to an LSU student. Miles attorney said that a description of a settlement is discernibly incomplete and inaccurate.