3:30 LRN Newscast Feb 24

Senator Bill Cassidy stands behind his decision to vote to find former President Donald Trump guilty of inciting an insurrection on January 6th. He was censured by the state Republican Party for the move, but Cassidy says the facts show Trump was guilty…

Cut 11 (10) “…consequences.

At this morning’s Public Service Commission Zoom meeting providers warned that gas prices were far higher than usual in February and those prices will be passed on to customers. Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta asks that providers come up with a plan to not dump that full cost on customers next month…

Cut 8 (09) “…before then”

Providers also indicated that a lack of natural gas supply was the supply problems they faced last week.

Currently, it is not mandatory to send your child to kindergarten in Louisiana, but one Senator wants to change that to get more children enrolled in pre-K education. Baton Rouge Senator and Chairmen of the Senate Education Committee Cleo Fields has pre-filed legislation to make kindergarten a requirement.

Cut 3 (10)  “…the state.” 

Shirley was the sole elephant at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo for 22 years passed away Monday. Zoo Director Tom Pearson says Shirley then went to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee where she able to roam. He says about 10 years ago one of her former Monroe caretakers, Solomon James, visited on her birthday.

Cut 14 (11) “…thrilled”

Shirley was 72.