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Senator Bill Cassidy responds to the State GOP’s decision to censure him over his vote to convict former President Donald Trump. He says the facts showed the President was guilty of attempting to incite an insurrection and he had a constitutional duty to vote in favor of conviction. Cassidy says he’s taken a lack of flak for the decision, but also received a lot of support.

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Utilities spoke at this morning’s Public Service Commission meeting and explained why they had the string of power outages that impacted 131,000 customers at the winter storm event’s peak. Entergy CEO Phillip May says they saw historic demand coupled with lower supply due to weather impacts on natural gas providers…

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Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields wants to mandate that children attend kindergarten in Louisiana. Fields proposed legislation that would do just that for the upcoming spring session and says beginning the education process earlier in children’s lives is crucial for their development, and this is a good first step…

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If the bill is approved children who turn age five on or before September 30th will be required to enroll in kindergarten.

Monroe’s beloved 72-year-old elephant Shirley passed away Monday at the Louisiana Purchase Botanical Gardens.  Zoo Director Tom Pearson says Shirley had a rough life until she was rescued from the circus. Afterward, she spent time at sanctuaries in Tennessee and Monroe…

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