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2020 saw historic, prolonged civil rights protests. Matt Doyle spoke with a Southern University Professor about a year defined in large part by the Black Lives Matter movement…

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Pennington Biomedical’s veggie-heavy DASH diet is named one of the best diets in the nation by U.S. News and World Report for 2021. Matt Doyle has the story.

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The state reported 1,891 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, getting closer each day to beat the record set last spring. Brooke Thorington has more from the state health officer.

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2020 saw some of the biggest civil rights demonstrations in more than a half century sweep the nation and state over the summer.

Southern University Political Science Chair Albert Samuels says the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police sparked the most sustained period of protest since the 60s civil rights heyday.

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Floyd was killed on May 25th. By early June major protests had begun in New Orleans, including one that ended in police using gas to disperse a crowd moving towards the Cresent City Connection.

Samuels says the Black Lives Matter protests resulted in a number of symbolic changes. Locally those were most noticeable in the removal of Confederate names and symbols from public buildings and flags.

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Samuels highlighted Mississippi’s removal of the Confederate flag from their state flag, and the increased philanthropic attention paid to Black charities.

Samuels says the protests were a mixed bag politically. On one hand, it resulted in an influx of newly registered Democrats, on the other hand, it popularized the controversial “defund the police” slogan.

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Pennington Biomedical’s DASH Diet is once again ranked the best overall diet for healthy eating according to U.S. News and World Report.

DASH has been around since the 90s and Director of Dietary Assessment Dr. Catherine Champagne says it’s stood the test of time because it’s easy to commit to and easy to keep.

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Dash also came in first for a most heart-healthy diet, second for best diet overall, third best diet for diabetes, and fifth for easiest diet to follow. The diet has ranked in the top five overall for the publication for years.

Champagne says DASH was developed to lower blood pressure and address hypertension. To do that it packs in a ton of nutrient-dense, calorie low health foods.

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A majority of a plate of a DASH friendly dinner is covered in vegetables and fruits, with some complex carbs like brown rice and a small serving of lean protein like fish or chicken.

The diet calls for two major changes from the way most people eat: notably lower salt and red meat consumption.

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On Monday, the state reported 1,891 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, that’s 100 less than the highest number of 1,991 on April 12th. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter said hospital CEOs will have a call with the Governor today on their current ability to provide care for COVID patients.

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Kanter says hospitals across the state are extremely busy as opposed to those in only in the New Orleans area last spring. He says it’s been challenging for hospitals to find space for COVID patients.

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At this time hospitals are still performing surgeries and are not turning patients away but Kanter said that could change depending on the number of properly staffed beds following the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

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Crisis Standard of Care provides a framework for determining who is prioritized to receive scarce resources.


Foster children are often taken into protective custody with only a few minutes to gather their personal belongings. Executive Director of Geaux Bags, K.C. Kilpatrick began her charity seven years ago to help children with the transition, so they’ll have everything they need for their first night in foster care.

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Kilpatrick was inspired to start the charity, dedicated to providing personal items for children, when the first two foster children she cared for brought with them an item emphasizing the dire need to help the smallest victims of crime.

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Last week Kilpatrick and her husband delivered 800 Geaux Bags to DCFS in New Orleans.  Each bag costs about $100 and is customized for children ranging from infants to teenagers. They are distributed to regional DCFS offices across the state.

Kilpatrick always includes a letter of encouragement for each bag and many of those letters are from other children. She says it’s important to let them know they are not alone.

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If you’d like to donate or help Geaux Bags with their packing event go to for more info, that G-E-A-U-X.


With the Saints set to host Chicago on Sunday instead of Saturday, it opens the door for running back Alvin Kamara to play against the Bears. Kamara is on the reserve COVID-19 list after testing positive for the coronavirus last week. Coach Sean Payton says it remains to be seen if Kamara can play as he will miss practice this week…

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Sunday’s playoff game is a rematch of a November 1st contest in Chicago in which the Saints won in overtime. Nick Foles was the starting Q-B for the Bears and now it’s Mitch Trubisky. Payton says Chicago’s offense is different with Trubisky as the signal-caller…

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Alabama wide receiver and former Amite star Devonta Smith is the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy tonight. A virtual awards ceremony will take place as Smith is one of four finalists. His high school football coach at Amite, Zephaniah Powell, says it’s amazing Smith might win the Heisman…

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Smith has caught 105 passes for 1,641 yards and 20 touchdowns for the Crimson Tide. Powell says Smith stepped up his game after fellow wideout Jaylen Waddle broke his ankle in a game against Tennessee on October 24th…

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Smith has been a big part of Alabama’s success the last four seasons. During his freshman campaign, he caught the winning touchdown pass in overtime to beat Georgia in the national championship game. Powell says he’s seen Smith become more explosive during his time in Tuscaloosa

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