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107 pharmacies across the state received 100 doses of the Moderna COVID vaccine each today to use on patients 70 and older, plus those on dialysis. Those pharmacies were found in 51 different parishes, with many of the state’s larger cities hosting multiple sites. Springhill Family Pharmacy Pharmacist Suzanne Smith in Webster Parish says interest was extremely high…

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It’ll likely take weeks to vaccine this new, 1B group of individuals. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says it’s impossible to know how many vaccines we’ll get again next week and until we get enough for the general public vaccines are being given in a tier system to those most likely to be exposed and those more likely to die or have severe complications from the virus and by doing so they hope to reduce hospital capacity.

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The Saints enter the N-F-C playoffs as a two seed and will host the Chicago Bears this Sunday at the Superdome. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter has tested positive for COVID-19. Hunter released the information on his Facebook page and says he tested positive last week but is doing well and resting at home while following his doctor’s advice. He closed his post by asking everyone to continue to follow public health orders.