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The LSU Tigers are 31 and a half point favorites over the Georgia State Panthers this Saturday. A big part of why the Tigers are such heavy favorites is due to the LSU offensive line. The unit is a semi-finalist for the Joe Moore Award which the Tiger offense line of 2019 won. LSU offensive Lineman Charles Turner sees a big similarity between 2019 and this year’s team.

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The Tigers will face the Panthers at 7 pm on ESPN2 in Tiger Stadium.


The Cincinnati Bengals will face the Baltimore Ravens in what will be an epic battle between two AFC North teams. The matchup will feature former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow and former LSU wide receiver Jamar Chase take on their 2019 teammate and linebacker Patrick Queen who is the second leading tackler for the Baltimore Ravens. The game will be in Baltimore with kickoff at 7:15 tonight on Prime Video.

The Ragin Cajuns have announced a huge 65 million dollar renovation to the west side of their stadium that will begin on December 11th. Athletic Department spokesman Evan Roberts says that the renovations will transform gameday for Cajun Nation.

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The Cajuns will take on Troy this Saturday with the game on the NFL Network at 2:30pm.

In other college football news, Nicholls will try and win the Southland Conference title outright tonight when they take on Southeastern. Nicholls quarterback Mat McQuaide only had 106 yards in his last game, but had a season high 3 touchdown passes. The game will be in Hammond with kickoff at 6:00 pm and it will be broadcast on ESPN+.


And in basketball news, LA Tech transfer Daniel Batcho got his immediate eligibility from the NCAA which makes him eligible to play for the Bulldogs tonight at ULM. Both teams have started their season 1 and 1 and the bulldogs are currently 10 and a half point favorites to win tonight.

4:45 LRN Sportscast

The fifteenth ranked LSU Tigers are set to host the Georgia State Panthers on Saturday. Georgia State Head Coach Shawn Elliot is excited to travel to Baton Rouge and take in the iconic scene that is Death Valley on a Saturday night, but he is not looking forward to taking on an LSU offense that is averaging 560 yards per game.

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The Tigers will face the Panthers at 7 pm on ESPN2 in Tiger Stadium.


The Pelicans beat the Mavericks last night in the Smoothie King Center 131 to 110. After losing the first game with Dallas, New Orleans was able to get revenge thanks to a strong performance by the Pelicans led by small forward Brandon Ingram. Brandon Ingram recorded 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. In other New Orleans news, the Saints signed veteran defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul to their practice squad, who last season recorded 3 sacks for the Ravens.

ULM will travel to Oxford in order to take on the 13th ranked Ole Miss and hopefully snap their 8 game losing streak. ULM is currently 2 and 8 on the year and has had a losing record in each of the last three seasons, but Head Coach Terry Bowden still has faith that he can turn the Warhawks around …

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In other college football news, Southern University has parted ways with Head Coach Eric Dooley after just 2 seasons. Southern Athletics Director Roman Banks has appointed Assistant Head Coach Terrance Graves and Safeties Coach Sean Wallace to serve as Interim Head Coach for the Bayou Classic.

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Coach Graves will be the only coach to serve as Southern and Grambling State Interim Head Coach during the Bayou Classic.


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Plaintiffs who filed suit over the current congressional map with only one majority-Black district are reacting now that it’s been ruled unconstitutional.  Here’s Brooke Thorington.

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In Washington, Louisiana representative and republican new Speaker of the house Mike Johnson got some big support from democrats yesterday on a measure to prevent a government shutdown. That after hard right conservatives said no to the plan. The Senate is next to take up the stop-gap measure ahead of Friday’s shutdown deadline.


Dr.Ralph Abraham is expected to be named Governor Elect Jeff Landry’s first cabinet member later today. That’s according to political analyst Bernie Pinsonat who says Abraham’s experience in congress, along with his knowledge of federal healthcare programs and federal/state programs like Medicaid make him a valuable asset.

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Natchitoches Parish President John Richmond says he’s relieved a Parish Grand Jury has dismissed assault charges that were filed against him by Latorria Freeman, an opponent in his re-election campaign. He says after a headline reads a parish president is accused of something…

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Governor Elect Jeff Landry is expected to make his first cabinet appointment Wednesday, Colleen Crain has more on who that might be…

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A woman stabbed Monday at Louisiana Tech has died. The university posted a statement to their website earlier late yesterday saying the “community mourns the loss of Annie Richardson.” She and three others were attacked Monday while leaving the sports and wellness center on campus. The suspect Jacoby Johnson is now charged with second degree murder.

Talk continues regarding the new congressional map that Louisiana’s lawmakers have been ordered to produce by mid January, and the new legislature won’t be sworn in till a week earlier. ACLU Voting Rights Project attorney Sarah Brannon says the judge in the case could give defendants an extension if they file for one…

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Georgia State comes to Tiger Stadium this weekend on a three game losing streak. Panthers head coach Shawn Elliot says they suffered a tough 42-14 loss to Appalachian State

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Governor Elect Jeff Landry is expected to name his first cabinet appointment Today and political analysist Bernie Pinsonat believes it will be the head of the Department of Health and Hospitals and Pinsonat says the obvious choice would be Dr. Ralph Abraham…

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A new survey by the National Federation of Independent Business indicates a lack of optimism among small business owners in the fourth quarter. State Director Dawn McVea says nearly 22 percent of small business owners say inflation is their biggest obstacle in operating their business.

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ACLU Voting Rights Project attorney Sarah Brannon says they’re extremely pleased with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the current congressional map violates the Voting Rights Act. It’s been ordered to be redrawn with two majority-Black districts. Brannon says the courts want the map finalized by May 2024 so…

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Williams from Bossier City scored 42 points, a record for an LSU freshman, as the seventh ranked LSU Lady Tigers defeated Kent State 109 to 79 in the PMAC during the annual field trip game. Williams was 15 of 20 from the field and hit five three-pointers. She credits her practice habits for her record breaking performance…


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State lawmakers have been tasked with re-drawing Louisiana’s congressional map by the 5th circuit court of appeals.  Governor elect Jeff Landry has said he will call one January 8th.  But Louisiana’s Constitution says the earliest a special session can start is seven days after one is called, which in this case would mean the session couldn’t Eve start until the 15th.  Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat this will be the governor-elect’s first big challenge…

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After mor than a six-month blackout, the lights are set to go back on in Hollywood South as a deal was reached between the actors union and studios. irector of Louisiana Entertainment Chris Stelly says the camera was rolling on four to five productions before being halted by the longest strike ever for actors. He says the true impact of the strike is unknown.

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“Born to Fly” – a documentary about the greatest pole vaulter of all time Mondo Duplantis will make its way to Lafayette on Saturday at 6:45 pm. Teiko Foxx has more…

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Interstate 55 is expected to reopen in both directions this week, barring any complications from the weather. I-55 north has been closed for nearly three week after that 168 car pile-up that left seven people dead.


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Hollywood South is getting ready to get back to business now the actors strike is coming to an end. Director of Louisiana Entertainment Chris Stelly says production should resume within a few weeks.

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Big news when it comes to online learning at Louisiana Tech. Here’s Colleen Crain.

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In response to an order from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Governor elect Jeff Landry says he’ll call a special session on Inauguration day January 8th. That’s so state lawmakers can re-draw a congressional district map to include two majority minority districts. Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says redistricting is a difficult process and freshman lawmakers will net to get up to speed fast.

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After Documenting the rise of former LSU and world champion pole vaulter Mondo Duplantis for years, a local filmmaker’s work “Born to Fly” will debut in Lafayette this Saturday. Brennan Robideaux says he’s always asked why Mondo wears the yellow and blue colors for Sweden and not red, white, and blue.

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7:30 am Newscast

A federal appeals court orders Louisiana’s Legislature to approve a new Congressional district map with two majority-minority districts by January 15th. Jeff Palermo has the story

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Interstate 55 is expected to reopen in both directions this week, barring any complications from the weather. I-55 north has been closed for nearly three week after that 168 car pile-up that left seven people dead.——-

For the fifth straight game, the Saints started slow and could not come back from a 24-3 halftime deficit as they ended up losing in Minnesota 27-19. New Orleans gave up nearly 300 yards of offense in the first half and backup quarterback Jameis Winston could not lead the Black and Gold all the way back. Coach Dennis Allen…

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Louisiana Tech is launching Tech Online, an enhancement to its online and distance learning.  Tech Online offers programs including graduate degrees up to doctorates. Director of Online Learning Initiative Jerona Washington says they even accommodate programs that require internships.

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A big development in the lawsuit against Louisiana’s current Congressional District map. The U-S Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered state lawmakers to draw a new Congressional  with two majority-minority districts by January 15th. The current map has one. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says this is a difficult assignment as a new legislature is sworn in on January 8th….

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After more than a six-month blackout, the lights are set to go back on in Hollywood South as a deal was reached between the actors union and studios. Director of Louisiana Entertainment Chris Stelly says it’s good news for Louisiana.

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A screening for the documentary “Born to Fly” about former LSU and world champion pole vaulter Mondo Duplantis rise to fame will be held Saturday at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette. Filmmaker Brennan Robideaux says he documented Duplantis journey for six years.

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LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels put on quite a show Saturday night.  Daniels threw for more than 350 yards and rushed for more than 200 yards in the Tigers’ 52-35 win over the Florida Gators.  Daniels says he had lots of support in making it happen.

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The Louisiana Convenience and Vape Store Association is challenging a new law that requires products to be on an approved list in order to be sold in Louisiana. They say it’s unconstitutional. Covington Representative Paul Hollis, who pushed for the vape legislation, says he doesn’t think the lawsuit will be a success since the vape products not on the registry are also not FDA approved.

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After more than a six-month blackout, the lights are set to go back on in Hollywood South as a deal was reached between actors union and studios. The new three-year contract was valued at more than one billion dollars and included increases in minimum salaries, and benefits, as well as a new residual for streaming programs.


New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell is in Kenya right now as she’s hit with ethics charges for those 15 flight upgrades over a 2 year period costing the city almost $29,000. She paid the city back last year but could still she could face a $10,000 fine.  Lapolitics.com publisher Jeremy Alford says, even if Cantrell is fined, we will have to wait and see…

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Your Thanksgiving Turkey will cost you 16 percent less this year. But the cost of other foods has nearly doubled. That’s according to Ag Commissioner Mike Strain, who says Strain says almost everything is more expensive, so…

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