6:30 A.M. LRN Newscast 07/01/2020

Civil lawsuit reform legislation is headed to the Governor’s desk that supporters say may lower auto insurance rates.
The bill was passed on veto-proof lines but is less expansive than previous tort legislation that was shot down by the Governor. Crowley Representative John Stefanski calls it an important step forward…
Cut 4 (11)_ “…rates.”
The bill passed with a few hours left in the special session.The bill sets the jury trial threshold at 10,000 dollars, limits when insurance company’s names can be mentioned in court, removes a ban on mentioning a crash victim’s seatbelt status, and make other adjustments to collateral source.

Senator Bill Cassidy says he expects another federal stimulus package to be passed sometime in late July.
Cassidy aims to have CARES 4.0 focused on covering the estimated 500 billion dollars of lost revenue for local governments nationwide. He says the cancellation of spring south Louisiana festivals has already left a mark, and…
Cut 7 (10) “…festival.”
The 500 billion dollars includes funds already lost, and estimated losses moving into 2021.
The Louisiana National Guard will honor first responders and frontline healthcare workers by performing flyovers over hospitals today. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
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