LRN AM Newscall April 2nd

Work is underway on the elevated portion of Interstate 10 just west of Baton Rouge. Matt Doyle talked to DOTD for more.

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A bill that would prevent schools from taking school lunches away from students with unpaid lunch debt is moving to the House floor. Jeff Palermo has more.

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The “Max Gruver Act” is set to be heard on the House floor today. Matt Doyle has the story.

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Work has begun on a major road and bridge renovation project on Interstate 10 from LA 347, the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge to LA 77 in Grosse Tete west of Baton Rouge. Construction will run day and night to have the project finished by June 2019. DOTD spokesperson Rodney Mallet says a lot of work needs to be done.

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The project will cost 18 million dollars. Mallet says years of wear and tear, as well as recent wrecks have damaged crucial pieces of the route.

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The most disruptive periods will occur at night, and some lane closures are expected later in the process. Mallet says you can sign up for closure updates online.

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Baton Rouge Representative Pat Smith’s legislation that would prevent schools from taking lunches away from students with unpaid school debts is moving to the House floor. Smith says her legislation would prevent schools from publicly rejecting lunches for students, and stop them from “shaming” kids whose parents are either negligent or unable to afford the meals.

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Smith says the bill was inspired by heartbreaking stories from her constituent’s children.

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Louisiana Association of Educators President Debbie Meaux came out in support of the bill. She says if students are hungry, they can’t learn.

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But there are some concerns about the bill being an unfunded mandate for school districts that would require them to feed hungry children without a guarantee of repayment. Louisiana School Board Association Executive Director Scott Richard…

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The bill was passed 7-4 and has a floor hearing set for Wednesday.


Former LSU football head coach Les Miles is dipping his toes into the Louisiana film industry, looking to take his distinctive character to the silver screen. Patrick Mulhearn a Senior Director at Louisiana Economic Development says the transition from pigskin to productions should be smooth for the Mad Hatter.

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Miles says he’s been enamored with films and TV since he was a child, and loves spending time on set. Mulhearn says being a team player will take him far in the business.

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Miles will appear in a film inspired about the 1986 Challenger explosion called Angry Men. Mulhearn says he’s looking forward to coach’s portrayal of a NASA chief.

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Mulhearn notes that it’s further proof that anyone including former LSU coaches can stay in Louisiana and pursue their dreams in the film industry.


The parents of Maxwell Gruver, who died last year in an alleged hazing incident at LSU, are expected back at the state capitol to show support for a bill that would stiffen criminal penalties for those found guilty of hazing. The “Max Gruver Act” passed through committee without objection and is set to be heard today on the House floor. Gruver’s father Steve says this is the bill will save lives.

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The bill would make hazing a felony, carrying with it a 1,000 dollar fine and up to six months in jail in cases involving a hazing death. Gruver says the only way to stop hazing is to send a strong message, backed up with tough penalties.

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Max’s mom Rae Anne says the family is still struggling with the loss of their 18-year-old son who was found dead with a blood alcohol content of .495.

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The bill is sponsored by Lafayette Representative Nancy Landry.


After three weekends of SEC play, the LSU Tigers are 5-4 in league play, one game behind SEC West leader Ole Miss. In the Tigers last game, freshman Ma’Khail Hilliard delivered another sensational performance in 4-0 win over Mississippi State. Coach Paul Mainieri says Hilliard’s ability to pitch out of trouble has been impressive…

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Hilliard was in a jam in the first inning thanks to walk and a fielding error by second baseman Austin Bain. The right-hander from Central says he doesn’t let mistakes in the field bother him…

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Hilliard has been a huge surprise this season. He has a record of 5-1 with a 0.76 ERA. The freshman says he’s even surprised with how this season has gone…


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