AM Newscall September 12, 2014

The Public Affairs Research Council has made available on its website a guide to help voters understand the constitutional amendments that will appear on the November fourth ballot. Scott Carwile has the story…

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A new poll shows Democratic former Governor Edwin Edwards making the runoff in the 6th District Congressional race, but finishing second in four different runoff scnarios. Eric Gill reports…

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In a nationally televised interview, Stephanie Hayden Ford, the daughter and co-star of Will Hayden on the now-cancelled “Sons of Guns” television show, says her father inappropriately touched her when she was 12-years-old. Eric Gill has more…

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There are 14 constitutional amendments on the November fourth ballot and the Public Affairs Research Council has released a guide to help voters understand the potential impact of each proposition. PAR President Robert Scott says the guide provides an objective review of all 14 amendments…
(The guide can be found at

Cut 4  (11)  “yes or no”

The first two amendments deal with health care funding. Scott says amendment one would protect the Louisiana Medical Assistance Trust Fund, while amendment two sets up an amendment that will help hospitals pay for uninsured and those on Medicaid

Cut 5  (09)  “in the constitution”

Scott anticipates there will also be a lot of talk about amendment five, which will eliminate the mandatory retirement age of judges

Cut 6 (10)  “age limitation”


The LSU Board of Supervisors will meet today and they are expected to extend Athletic Director Joe Alleva’s contract through 2019. Alleva’s base pay will reportedly remain at $725,000 a year plus incentives. Assistant Tiger Rag Editor James Moran says Alleva has done well in helping to generate funds for new facilities and the expansion of Tiger Stadium…

CUT 7 (11) “tennis facility coming”

Alleva officially started at LSU on July 1st, 2008 and was formerly the athletics director at Duke. Moran says even though the basketball program has been floundering during Alleva’s tenure, there are many significant LSU athletic programs that have more than flourished…:

CUT 8 (10)   “he’s had”

Moran says the LSU football team has had extreme success over the last several years under Alleva. He says the success on the field is thanks to coach Les Miles but Alleva has given Les a lot to work with…:

CUT 9 (12) “of the world”  


A new poll shows Democratic former Governor Edwin Edwards making the runoff in the 6th District Congressional race, but that same survey shows Edwards finishing second in four different runoff scenarios. But pollster Darrell Glascock says you shouldn’t count out Edwards, just yet. He says Edwards has significant numbers as respondents second choice…

cut 10 (12)  “his numbers”

Edwards garnered 32-percent of the vote in The Glascock Group poll, which would seem to guarantee him a runoff spot. However, the former governor has trouble breaking 45-percent of the vote in any hypothetical runoff. Glascock says when it comes to runoff elections, traditionally half of voters don’t return to the polls. He says that could play in the favor of Edwards…

cut 11 (12)  “the game plan” 

The big question remaining in the race is “Who will join Edwards in the runoff?” Glascock counts four Republican contenders that could generate enough support to land in the runoff: state Senator Dan Claitor, Paul Dietzel, Garret Graves, and state Representative Lenar Whitney. He thinks this will come down to the wire…

cut 12 (07)  “that second spot”


In a nationally televised interview, Stephanie Hayden Ford, the daughter and co-star of Will Hayden on the now-cancelled “Sons of Guns” television show, says her father inappropriately touched her when she was 12-years-old. Ford told the “Dr. Phil” show that her father allegedly came to her room drunk one evening, sat her in his lap and began touching her and kissing on her chest…

Cut 13 (11)  “like that”

Hayden remains in the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail in lieu of bail. Ford said that she had basically repressed the memory until her little sister told her grandfather about alleged inappropriate behavior on the part of Hayden. Ford says she’s telling her story now because her sister needs her…

Cut 14 (13)  “think about”

Hayden’s attorney, C. Frank Holthaus, cautioned against emotional reactions and urged people to give the court process time to let the truth come out. Ford says she stands by her story and if the allegations are proven true, her father should go to jail for a long time…

Cut 15  (10)   “of course”


The ULM Warhawks head to Baton Rouge on Saturday as heavy underdogs. The 10th ranked Bayou Bengals are favorite to win by 31 points in the recently expanded Tiger Stadium. ULM Coach Todd Berry says his senior class has played in front of a lot of big crowds, so he expects them to be able to focus on the task at hand on Saturday night

Cut 16  (19)   “those lines”

This will be the third meeting between the two teams. They last played in 2010 and the Tigers won 51 to 0. Berry says LSU’s offense has a different look to it now, because of second-year offensive coordinator Cam Cameron

Cut 17  (21)   “once was”


The Saints head to Cleveland where they’ll look to avoid an 0-and-2 start to the 2014 NFL season. New Orleans is favorite to win, but Quarterback Drew Brees says the Browns have a ton of talent

Cut 18 (17)  “that defense”

The Saints defense is looking to rebound after a poor performance against Atlanta last week. Safety Jairus Byrd says they’ve spent most of this week working on fundamentals

cut 19 (14)  “things right”

PM Newscall September 11, 2014

Reaction is coming in from Louisiana’s Congressional delegation about President Barack Obama’s plans to “destroy” the Islamic State militants in the Middle East. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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A Slidell police detective has died days after crashing his Jeep and flipping the vehicle early Sunday morning. Michelle Southern has that…:

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New Orleans Congressman and member of the US Homeland Security committee, Cedric Richmond, says President Barack Obama has laid out a good, comprehensive strategy in calling for increased airstrikes against Islamic State extremists. Richmond hopes Congress will support the President in this growing military operation…

CUT 3 (10) “United effort”

Richmond says Congress can support the President’s effort by providing resources and weaponry to the Iraqi military and Syrian rebels who are fighting the Islamic State militants….

CUT 4 (12)  “around the world”

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Metairie is not ready to support the president’s strategy. Scalise says he’ll talk with fellow republicans about the best plan of action to address this serious terrorist threat. But Richmond says the president has laid out a strong blueprint on how to destroy ISIL…

CUT 5 (11) “Last night”


The Slidell police officer who was involved in a suspected drunk driving fatal accident on Sunday, has died from his injuries. State Trooper Greg Marchand says Detective John Cole flipped his Jeep in the crash and his passenger, Daniel Hanlon, died on the scene. Marchand says impairment on the part of Cole is suspected…:

CUT 6 (07)  “some bottles”

Not only was alcohol a possible factor in this wreck, but Marchand says they also believe Cole, who died Wednesday afternoon, was also not wearing his seat belt. He says they are still waiting on the toxicology report to come back, but this could have been a preventable tragedy…

CUT 7 (08) “behind the wheel”

Marchand says troopers are reminding motorists that having a plan in place for a safe ride home is everyone’s responsibility…:

CUT 8 (08) “kind of substance”


The Shreveport Police Department has identified the woman who was found dead in her home Wednesday afternoon. Cpl. Breck Scott says 53-year-old Angela Godley was discovered by a friend in South Shreve Island around 3:15pm and called the cops…:

CUT 9 (05)  “multiple times”

Scott says right now they are working to locate Godley’s live-in boyfriend, 57-year-old Mark Colby. Scott says the two also owned a business together called Noble Savage Tavern…:(Scott says currently Colby is a person of interest in this case.)

CUT 10 (07) “downtown”

Scott says Godley was pronounced dead at the scene of multiple gunshot wounds. He says they are asking for the public’s help in this case…:

CUT 11 (05) “Crimestoppers


Republican US Senate candidate Bill Cassidy now says he will debate at least two times against Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu. Landrieu has criticized Cassidy for not committing to more debates. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat…: ( Cassidy, Landrieu, and Tea Party favorite Rob Maness will face off on on LBP on October 14th in Shreveport and on Raycom Stations October 29th in Baton Rouge.)

CUT 12 (12) “as much as possible”

Cassidy has rejected three other debates in which Landrieu has already agreed to participate. His campaign says the Congressman is busy traveling the state talking with voters face to face. The Landrieu campaign accuses Cassidy of dodging events where he’d have to talk about his policy stance. Pinsonat says most candidates just don’t like debates…:

CUT 13 (10) “not that interesting”

The Cassidy campaign says Landrieu is pushing these other debates because they are highly scripted and don’t require voter interaction. Pinsonat says candidates have to be cautious about debates because on occasion there’s a slip when someone says something stupid and it costs them the election. He says Cassidy feels like he’s in good shape…:

cut 14 (12) “to be gained”

AM Newscall September 11, 2014

The community of Jennings got together in a big way on Wednesday to welcome home an officer who was shot in the line of duty and has been in recovery since the June incident. Michelle Southern reports.

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The US Department of Energy has given final approval for Sempra Energy to export liquefied natural gas from its plant in Cameron Parish. Scott Carwile has more…

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A Slidell police officer who was involved in an off-duty wreck over the weekend has died from his injuries. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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It’s been two weeks since the state Department of Health and Hospitals ordered a chlorine burn for the St. John the Baptist Parish water system, because a potentially deadly brain-eating amoeba was detected in the water. The state’s safe drinking water administrator, Jake Causey, says efforts to increase and maintain a certain level of disinfectant is ongoing…

Cut 4  (07)  “there yet”

A lack of chlorine in the water led to the formation of the amoeba. This same brain eating amoeba has led to deaths in St. Bernard and DeSoto Parishes. Causey says once the minimum disinfectant levels are reached, they’ll continue the chlorine burn for another 60 days and sample the water at 70 different sites…

Cut 5  (05)  “last year”

In the meantime, Causey says the water coming out of a faucet in St. John is safe to drink, even though they’ve increased chlorine levels…
(DHH advises residents to make sure tap water doesn’t go up your nose, because that’s how the bacteria can become harmful.)

Cut 6 (09)  “not the case”


The community of Jennings got together in a big way on Wednesday to welcome home an officer who was shot in the line of duty and has been in recovery since the June incident. Jennings Police Chief Todd D’Albor says Sergeant Ricky Benoit was responding to a domestic violence call when he was shot in the neck by the suspect…:

CUT 7 (12) “in New Orleans”

Benoit was escorted by a caravan of State Police troopers, officers from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Crowley. The streets of Jennings were lined with well-wishers all the way to Benoit’s home which he has not seen since June 23rd. D’Albor says this officer put his life on the line for others and has never given up hope…:

CUT 8 (09)   “that duty”

The bullet came within millimeters of killing or permanently paralyzing the 25-year veteran officer. D’Albor says Benoit can now move his arms, legs and neck and can walk a short distance but a full recovery could take years. D’Albor says all officers know the risk when the swear into this job, but you never think today is my day..:

CUT 9 (12) “and his family”  


The US Department of Energy has given final approval for Sempra Energy to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) from its plant in Cameron Parish. With this, Sempra can begin construction to expand their facility near Hackberry. Senator Mary Landrieu says this will have a big economic impact for southwest Louisiana…

cut 10 (11)  “at Cameron”

Landrieu says the expansion project is expected to create about 3,000 construction jobs and as many as 150 permanent full-time jobs. With the expansion, the Cameron plant will be capable of producing up to 12 million metric tons of LNG for export. Landrieu says Sempra is ready to get this project started…

cut 11 (11)  “could close” 

Construction is expected to begin this fall and they should be fully operational by 2019. The Senator says this is the second LNG plant to get approval in the US and both are in Cameron Parish. She says LNG exports are important for the economic future of the United States. Landrieu sees big things for the region in the future…

cut 12 (11)  “on the continent”


The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office says a 35-year-old man is in a medically induced coma after ingesting narcotics during an attempt to execute a search warrant. Capt. Ryan Turner says two suspects emerged from the residence and said a third person was trying to hide inside…

Cut 13 (12)  “at this point”

Turner says the officers were concerned about the safety of the suspect, Heath Duplechain. He says they called the SWAT team to intervene over concerns that Duplechain may have been armed at the time…

Cut 14 (09)  “a local hospital”

The SWAT team found Duplechain in the residence unconscious, unresponsive, and in need of immediate medical attention. He was transported to a local hospital where the medical staff placed him in a medically induced coma. Turner says the amount of narcotics Duplechain ingested is unknown at this time…

(Authorities found synthetic marijuana, ecstacy, cocaine, methamphetamine, and firearms during their search of the residence.)

Cut 15  (12)   “he ingested”


The Saints are getting ready to face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. The Browns were the talk of the preseason, because of Johnny Manziel, but he was beat out by Brian Hoyer. New Orleans Coach Sean Payton says Hoyer played well in the second half last week..

Cut 16  (19)   “second half”

Both the Saints and Browns lost their season openers last Sunday. Payton says his guys are eager to make the necessary corrections that led to last week’s loss…

Cut 17  (16)   “your game”


Louisiana Tech will kick-off conference play tonight with a meeting against North Texss. Kick-off is at six o’ clock in Denton and the game can be seen on C-B-S Sports Network. The Bulldogs are coming off a big win over U-L Lafayette, while the Mean Green beat up on SMU last week. Tech head coach Skip Holtz says he’s impressed with North Texas’ power running game

Cut 18 (16)  “as well”

North Texas beat Louisiana Tech 28-13 last season. Holtz says last season the Mean Green held running back Kenneth Dixon to 25 yards on 12 carries

cut 19 (12)  “SMU last week”

PM Newscall September 10, 2014

Police in Alexandria say a teenager from Texas is charged in the bomb threats that were called in to Rapides Parish Schools yesterday. Michelle Southern has that…:

CUT 1 (33) “reporting”


There’s a chance LSU’s leading wide receiver Travin Dural will not play this Saturday against ULM. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


Police in Alexandria say a teenager from Texas is charged in the bomb threats that were called in to Rapides Parish Schools yesterday. Lt. Bruce Fairbanks says around 10:40am Tuesday they were called out to Alexandria Senior High School in reference to a bomb threat…:

CUT 3 (13) “Bolton High School”

Fairbanks says the schools were cleared and they were able to develop 17-year-old Reuben David Byon of Fredricksburg, Texas as a suspect later that afternoon. He says they have no clue what the motive is at this time: (Right now Byon faces three counts of communicating false information of planned bombing on school property.)

CUT 4 (09)  “for that suspect”

Fairbanks says they do know that Byon is from the area but he had been living in Texas for a period of time. He says another bomb threat was called into Pineville High and they are working to determine if the suspect could be charged in that one as well. Fairbanks says the penalty for calling in fake bomb threats is stiff:

CUT 5 (05) “to Louisiana”


St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe issued a statement Tuesday saying they plan to cut about 300 jobs. The hospital is one of Ouachita Parish’s top 10 largest private employers. West Monroe Representative Frank Hoffman says he’s not happy to hear this news but it’s not really surprising…:

CUT 6 (08)  “have to admit that”

St. Francis issued a statement saying they are taking steps to line up their expenses with expected revenue and they are working to continue to be as responsive to a changing health care environment. The hospital employs about 2,000 workers and Hoffman says they’ve always provided excellent service…:

CUT 7 (06) “to do”

Hoffman says the hospital is also considering closing its downtown facility and moving everything to St. Francis North on Highway 165 but there won’t be a final decision on that till the fall. He says it always hurts when you lose jobs…:

CUT 8 (08) “whole community”


A 12-year-old boy from Pearl River is recovering from a rare alligator attack which took place in Lake Ponchartrain over the weekend. According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Alligator Management Program, this is only the 14th alligator attack since 1966. LDWF spokesman Bo Boehringer says this doesn’t happen oftem but it can happen…:

CUT 9 (08)  “can be encountered”

Boehringer says you should be extra careful if you’re swimming in natural water around a camp or residential development where people may clean or dump fish…:

CUT 10 (05) “in a given area”

Boehringer says gators are most active when the water is warm. He says alligator harvesting is going on right now and one of it’s purposes is to remove the largest predators from the water…:

CUT 11 (07) “department supports


Republican US Senator David Vitter hopes President Barack Obama calls for an expanded US military effort against the Islamic State terrorist group. The President will spell out a plan tonight on how to deal with ISIS, who has been responsible for numerous killings and beheadings. Vitter says the terrorists in Iraq and Syria are a threat to our security and values

CUT 12 (09) “ISIS threat”

Vitter says he wants to hear a plan from the President tonight that’s focused on improved national security

CUT 13 (10) “political consideration”

US began limited air strikes against Islamic militants in northern Iraq last month. The President is not expected to call for more ground troops, but Vitter says a comprehensive strategy is needed to deal with ISIS decisively

cut 14 (08) “our interests”

AM Newscall September 10, 2014

Fans of the ULM Warhawks are getting geared up for the game against LSU this weekend in Baton Rouge. Michelle Southern reports.

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


President Obama will address the nation tonight speaking on his strategy for defeating the ISIS militant group in the Middle East. Eric Gill reports…

Cut 2 (29) “reporting”


Republican Louisiana Senate candidate Representative Bill Cassidy is getting some criticism for saying Democratic House Majority Leader Harry Reid was running “the Senate like a plantation.” Scott Carwile has more…

Cut 3 (31) “reporting”


As the ULM football team prepares to travel down to Baton Rouge for the big game against the Tigers this weekend, Athletic Director Brian Wickstrom says there is a lot of excitement from the Warhawk Nation. He says lots of the Monroe college football fans are scooping up tickets for the LSU game…:

Cut 4  (12)  “for our fans”

Wickstrom says they’ve sold about 3000 tickets from their office and they get more requests coming in everyday. He attributes some of the added interest level in the in-state game this season to the fact that ULM is 2-0 and coach Todd Berry has had success with SEC teams…:

Cut 5  (09)  “exciting for our fans”

This is the first of three SEC games the Warhawks will be playing in the 2014 season and Wickstrom says these contests help their athletics department in a substantial way. He says those games mean a total of about $3 million dollars pumped into ULM’s sports programs which is a huge help:

Cut 6 (10)  “it’s great for us”


Today is the statistical peak of the Atlantic Hurricane season. State Climatologist Barry Keim says that means, historically, half of all the hurricanes in the season occur before September 10th and then half occur after…:

CUT 7 (13) “of that average range”

Keim says really we’ve seen almost zero tropical activity in the United States this season which is following almost exactly what we saw last year…:

CUT 8 (06)   “major hurricane”

Keim says if we can hang in there for another eight weeks we probably wouldn’t have to worry about a storm threatening Louisiana at all…:

CUT 9 (09) “so far so good”  


President Obama will address the nation tonight speaking on his strategy for defeating the ISIS militant group in the Middle East. Republican Minden Congressman and member of the House Armed Forces Committee, John Fleming, says the President should clarify the reason why we need to go after ISIS…

cut 10 (10)  “eradicate them”

ISIS has beheaded two American journalists in recent weeks and Fleming says they’ve threatened to do a lot more. He says currently there is no pending legislation that could jump start military operations against ISIS, but there are discussions. But Fleming says it’s really up to President Obama to tell Congress what he wants…

cut 11 (13)  “war with ISIS” 

The President recently returned from a NATO summit where the US and nine allies agreed to take on the militants. President Obama’s address is scheduled to begin at 8PM. Fleming says the United States should do one of two things to deal with ISIS…

cut 12 (16)  “one of them”


Republican Louisiana Senate candidate Representative Bill Cassidy is getting some criticism over a remark he made regarding Democratic House Majority Leader Harry Reid. In an interview with E&E Publishing, Cassidy said Reid was running “the Senate like a plantation.” The comment is already receiving backlash from Democrats and some Republicans who say it is offensive. Political analyst Clancy Dubos is not sure this will blow over quickly because of racial connotations …

Cut 13 (08)  “Mary Landrieu”

Fellow Republican Senate candidate Rob Maness has called for Cassidy to immediately apologize for the comment since it included a term that is “incredibly offensive to many Americans”. Dubos says this is a good move on the part of Maness…

Cut 14 (12)  “a real race”

In a statement regarding criticism over the remark, Cassidy said he thinks the leadership style of Reid is more offensive than his analogy. Dubos says, at the end of the day, he doesn’t see this issue as a game changer…

Cut 15  (10)   “cumulative effect”


LSU sophomore wide receiver Travin Dural is developing into an explosive playmaker for the Tigers. The former Breaux Bridge star already has 291 receiving yards, which is the most ever by an LSU player after two games. Dural says he’s been able to develop a strong chemistry with starting quarterback Anthony Jennings

Cut 16  (15)   “paying off”

So far this season, LSU has shown the ability to make big plays through the air, even the offense features new quarterbacks and several freshmen receivers. Dural says they knew what was expected out of them this year

Cut 17  (16)   “everyday”


The Ragin Cajuns football team is trying to regroup, after an ugly loss to in-state rival Louisiana Tech this past Saturday. The Bulldogs beat the Cajuns 48 to 20  on their home field. Coach Mark Hudspeth says looking back at it, he believes his team wasn’t focused on Tech, instead they were worried about the big picture

Cut 18 (17)  “at the end”

The Cajuns face a tough test this Saturday as they attempt to get back in the win column. U-L Lafayette will visit 14th ranked Ole Miss, who has outscored their two opponents by a score of 76-16. Hudspeth is glad to be taking on one of the best teams in the SEC….

cut 19 (16)  “Ole Miss”

PM Newscall September 9, 2014

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne unveils the next round of Louisiana’s out of state “Pick Your Passion” ad campaign. Michelle Southern reporting.

CUT 1 (33) “reporting”


The Louisiana Democratic Party endorses Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo in the 5th district Congressional race. Jeff Palermo has the story….

CUT 2 (32) “reporting”


The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s office says a man is in jail for allegedly shooting his brother over a $2 debt. Spokeswoman Cindy Chadwick says they were called by the Vivian Police Department to assist in the shooting at an apartment complex Monday afternoon…:

CUT 3 (09) “by his brother”

Chadwick says detectives believe that 24-year-old Cardarrio Watson shot his brother, 28-year-old LaMichael Watson, in the stomach. She says the suspect fled the apartment after the shooting…:

CUT 4 (11)  “found him”

Chadwick says the victim was taking to a local hospital where he is being treated for a life threatening injury. She says they found that the two got into this altercation over an extremely small amount of money…:(The suspect was booked into the Caddo Correctional Center on a charge of aggravated second-degree battery.)

CUT 5 (10) “shooting his brother”


Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne unveils the next round of Louisiana’s out of state “Pick Your Passion” ad campaign. In 2013 the state Department of Tourism celebrated the year of music, this year the marketing focused on Louisiana culture. He says next year the ads will be all about food in The Bayou State…:

CUT 6 (10)  “doing so with music”

Dardenne says the ads will run spring 2015 likely in Memphis, Denver, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Chicago and Atlanta. He says the marketing efforts are working well and they just learned this week that there was a 7.6% increase so far in 2014…:

CUT 7 (14) “up as well”

Dardenne says one of the ways they are going to make sure tourism efforts stay alive throughout the entire state, he’ll be making stops in growing high profile areas in Louisiana; Lake Charles, Shreveport and Monroe…:

CUT 8 (14) “on before”


The Louisiana Democratic Party announced its endorsement of Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo today as he seeks to represent Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional district. Mayo is the only democrat in the ten person field and state democratic party chairman Karen Peterson says Mayo is the only candidate who will represent all of the people in the Fifth Distirct…

CUT 9 (12)  “the district”

Mayo has served as Monroe’s mayor the last 13 years. Peterson says he’s the only candidate running who will put aside partisan politics and work for what’s best for the people of the district….

CUT 10 (11) “fight for”

Peterson says the endorsement will provide Mayo with the resources he needs to run an effective campaign

(Mayo ran in last year’s special election in the 5th district and finished third in the primary.)

CUT 11 (10) “November fourth


The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested a former LSU football player for allegedly choking his girlfriend. 25-year-old DeAngelo Peterson, an LSU tight end from 2008-2011, was booked on one count of simple battery. Spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks says deputies responded to a call from an apartment on Nicholson Drive…

CUT 12 (09) “choked her”

The victim claims Peterson attacked her during an argument and tried to choke her. Hicks says the victim then told authories she broke away and locked herself in the bathroom…

CUT 13 (09) “from her as well”

The victim says Peterson broke into the bathroom and took her phone as she was calling law enforcement. But, Peterson has a different view of events. Hicks says Peterson claims the victim grabbed a knife during the argument…

cut 14 (09) “talk to her”

AM Newscall September 9, 2014

The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that a 40-year-old Pineville man is dead after a confrontation with officers from the Pineville Police Department.  Scott Carwile reports…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, who is planning on running for governor in 2015, lays out what he thinks should be the priorities of Bobby Jindal’s successor. Michelle Southern reports.

Cut 2 (29) “reporting”


5th District Congressman Vance McAllister apparently does not have the support of the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch as he seeks re-election this fall.  Eric Gill has more…

Cut 3 (33) “reporting”


The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that a 40-year-old Pineville man is dead after a confrontation with officers from the Pineville Police Department.  RPSO Lt. Tommy Carnline says Pineville Police received a 9-1-1 call Monday morning claiming a subject had threatened another person with a weapon and officers responded to the scene…

Cut 4  (10)  “of the officers”

He says officers were confronted by a subject brandishing a large sword.  Carnline says the suspect then charged toward one of the officers…

Cut 5  (10)  “at the scene”

He says the officer fired and hit the subject to stop his advance.  Carnline says the officer immediately called for medical assistance, but the subject, Christopher Shane Leblanc, was unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene…

Cut 6 (07)  “is ongoing”


Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, who is planning on running for governor in 2015, lays out what he thinks should be the priorities of Bobby Jindal’s successor. Dardenne says there would be a much more transparent administration than what we’ve seen in that office since 2008…:

CUT 7 (04) “is secretive”

US Senator David Vitter is considered a favorite for the job of Governor and Dardenne says even though the two have a lot of the same policies, there are big differences. Dardenne says, for one, he’s spent his entire career in the state…:

CUT 8 (12)   “concerned about that”

Specifically Dardenne said he felt the privatization of LSU hospitals was a good idea, but he felt the implementation needed work. He also didn’t dismiss the idea of Medicaid expansion but said it was something that should be looked at and considered. Dardenne says the next Governor needs to listen and make decisions for the right reasons…:

CUT 9 (11) “for Louisiana”  


5th District Congressman Vance McAllister apparently does not have the support of the “Duck Dynasty” family as he seeks re-election this fall.  Phil Robertson reportedly took some jabs at McAllister at a couple of events over the weekend.  LaPolitics-dot-com’s publisher Jeremy Alford says Robertson’s first jab came at a Lake Charles fundraiser for his nephew, Zach Dasher, who is challenging McAllister…

cut 10 (09)  “God-fearing candidate”

He says Robertson continued his criticism of McAllister the following night at a speaking engagement in Bossier City.  Alford says McAllister is disappointed that Robertson is speaking against the words he writes about in his books…

cut 11 (08)  “in the house” 

He says McAllister is referring to Robertson’s own dark past, which Robertson has been open about.  Alford says Phil Robertson never technically endorsed McAllister, although his son Willie did appear in a commercial for McAllister.  He says there is no question that the Robertsons and McAllister are on two different sides of the fence…

cut 12 (11)  “and noisy way”


Louisiana shrimpers are tying up their boats this week — angry about the low prices they’re getting at the dock. A spokesman with the American Shrimp Processors Association says prices are falling because imports are rebounding and they aren’t the ones to blame. Gulf Seafood Institute President Harlon Pearce says this is a communication breakdown…:

Cut 13 (09)  “these types of changes”

Disease had been killing many Asian farm-raised shrimp which raised the prices for American shrimpers, but that problem is going away so the price is dropping according to processors. But Pearce doesn’t think hanging it up is a good way to make more money…:

Cut 14 (09)  “get it done”

The Louisiana Shrimpers Association says they are in talks with the processors and they are working to figure out ways everyone can make money. Pearce says the two needs need to keep chatting with each other about this…:

Cut 15  (13)   “talk more”


After two games, LSU quarterback Anthony Jennings is ranked second in the Southeastern Conference in passing efficiency. Jennings has thrown for 427 yards and five touchdowns and Coach Les Miles likes how the sophomore is managing the game….

Cut 16  (16)   “to the offense”

The Tigers host ULM this Saturday night. Miles is impressed with some of their offensive play makers

Cut 17  (18)   “receivers”


The Saints will look to rebound from a tough season opening loss to Atlanta when they visit Cleveland this Sunday. New Orleans Coach Sean Payton says it’s important the players do not allow this loss to linger

Cut 18 (09)  “tough loss”

The Saints defense allowed 568 total yards to the Falcons, the second most in Black and Gold history. Payton says the problems were evident when watching the film…

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Payton says he was also disappointed they didn’t get more pressure on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan….

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PM LRN Newscall September 8

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin reported to a federal prison in Texarkana, Texas today to begin his 10-year sentence on public corruption charges. Michelle Southern on what Nagin’s life will be like..

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According to a new Violence Policy Center report, Louisiana ranks fourth in the nation in the rate of women murdered by men. Eric Gill reports…

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So what will life be like for Ray Nagin for the next 10 years now that his sentence at a federal prison in Texarkana, Texas, began today? Robert English is a professor at Loyola University and former Bureau of Prisons official. He says Texarkana is minimum security but it’s also minimal in terms of privacy…:

CUT 3 (10) “for the duration”

Nagin is reportedly filing an appeal with a public offender because he can no longer afford to pay for a lawyer. English says in terms of personal property, Nagin will only be able to keep what can fit into a prison issued foot locker. He says Nagin will only be able to wear khaki…:

CUT 4 (09)  “all the same color”

English says the prisoners are not allowed to have any form of currency and they can only purchase items approved by officials with money that has been placed in their name usually by family members. English for his time there…:

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A Slidell police officer remains in critical condition after he was possibly driving drunk in a crash that killed his passenger. State Police Trooper Greg Marchand says the single vehicle wreck occurred early Sunday morning on Highway 433 and 31-year-old John Cole, who was not working at the time, was at the wheel…

CUT 6 (12)  “and overturned”

A 31-year-old passenger in Cole’s vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene, Daniel Hanlon. Marchand says impairment is suspected on Cole’s part as bottles of alcohol were found in the vehicle. He says a blood sample from Cole was collected for a toxicological analysis

CUT 7 (06) “at that time”

Marchand says a resident heard the crash around 4:30, but the wrecked Jeep Wrangler was spotted two and a half hours later and Hanlon was pronounced dead at the scene

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According to a new Violence Policy Center report, Louisiana ranks fourth in the nation in the rate of women murdered by men. The report applies to 2012, the most recent year data is available. The United Way of Southeast Louisiana’s Kim Sport says this year’s report is particularly concerning…

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Louisiana’s rate of women murdered by men was 1.92 per 100,000 in 2012. Sport says the actual number in the state is higher because this report only covers homicides involving one female murder victim and one male offender…

CUT 10 (10) “these statistics”

Last year, Louisiana was ranked ninth in this report. The state legislature recently passed legislation to help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Sport feels confident these firearms restrictions will make a difference…

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The Louisiana Democratic Party has officially endorsed former governor Edwin Edwards in his quest to become Louisiana’s next sixth district Congressman. LSU political science professor Robert Hogan says the endorsement legitmizes Edwards campaign…

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13 candidates have qualified for the sixth congressional district race. Edwards is one of three democrats on the ballot and has the most name recognition. Hogan says the democratic party endorses Edwards, even though he served time in a federal prison on corruption charges

CUT 13 (09) “that seat”

Hogan says the democratic party is trying to rally around Edwards in an attempt to win another seat in the US House, but the sixth congressional district has more republican voters thanks to the last round of re-dstricting

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LRN AM Newscall Sept 8

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin begins serving his 10-year prison sentence today at the Texarkana Federal Correctional Institution. Scott Carwile reports…

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One year from today candidates will officially be able to qualify for the 2015 Governor’s Race. Jeff Palermo sees where things stand now…:

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The California Legislature approved a bill that would more than triple funding for California’s film and TV tax credit program. What impact will this have on “Hollywood South”? Eric Gill reports…

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Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin begins his prison sentence today. Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his conviction on bribery and money laundering charges. Loyola University Criminal Justice Professor and former Bureau of Prisons official, Robert English…

Cut 4  (08)  “at Texarkana”

He says Nagin will report to the Texarkana Federal Correctional Institution to serve his time. The judge in this case recommended Nagin serve his time at the Oakdale Federal Correctional Institution, but the final decision rests with the Bureau of Prisons. English says he is not surprised about the location change…

Cut 5  (09)  “administratively possible”

The BOP does this to make it easier for the family to come visit the inmate. The Texarkana facility is closer to Nagin’s current home in the Dallas suburb of Frisco. English says Nagin will be going to a minimum security facility and there’s virtually no difference between Texarkana and Oakdale…

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One year from today candidates will officially be able to qualify for the 2015 Governor’s Race. So far, Republicans Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne and US Senator David Vitter have declared candidacy. Other potentials Republicans include State Treasurer John Kennedy and PCS Commissioner Scott Angelle. UL-Lafayette Political Science professor Pearson Cross says Vitter is a solid favorite, however…:

CUT 7 (11) “as more moderate”

The only announced democrat so far is state representative John Bel Edwards. Cross says if the Amite lawmaker gets a lot of support, it would put him in the runoff with Vitter…:

CUT 8 (10)   “decides to run”

Cross says even though Edwards is not well known throughout the state, there are plenty of Louisianians who will pull the lever for the “D” no matter what…:

(Democratic New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is a rumored candidate.)

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Suppporters of gay marriage in Louisiana have filed an appeal with the US Fifth Circuit of Appeals regarding the ruling last week by federal judge Martin Feldman who upheld Louisiana’s ban on same sex marriages. But Tulane constitutional law professor Keith Werhan says the US Supreme Court will likely rule on this issue, before the federal appeals court in New Orleans has a chance…

cut 10 (10)  “term in october”

Werhan says the US Supreme Court is set to begin a new session in October and ruling on same sex marriages will likely come in 2015

cut 11 (08)  “ends in June” 

Werhan says when the nation’s high court makes a ruling, it will put to rest the argument over whether states have the right to define what constitutes a marriage…

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The California Legislature approved a bill that would more than triple the funding for California’s film and TV tax credit program. What impact will this have on “Hollywood South”? Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment, Chris Stelly, doesn’t think it will have much impact…

Cut 13 (08)  “and nations”

The measure would boost funding for California’s film incentives to $330 million a year for five years. California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign that legislation into law. Stelly says California’s move speaks highly of what Louisiana has done over the last several years…

Cut 14 (07)  “within Louisiana”

The legislation hopes to make California more competitive in the TV and film industry with rival states like Louisiana. Stelly says Louisiana has built a great infrastructure for television and film production over the past 10 years. He says it’s more than just tax incentives that make “Hollywood South” attractive to the industry…

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One of the bigger upsets this past weekend in college football happened in Lafayette as Louisiana Tech trounced the Ragin Cajuns 48-20. The Bulldogs had 533 total yards and they were led by quarterback Cody Sokol, who threw for 295 yards and two touchdowns. Sokul says it was a great performance in a rivalry game

Cut 16  (10)   “our guys”

Tech running back Kenneth Dixon also had a big game as he rushed for 184 yards and two touchdowns. Dixon started the scoring with a 99-yard touchdown run and Sokol says that run allowed them to seize the momentum…

Cut 17  (09)   “of confidence”


LSU had no trouble beating Sam Houston State 56-0 on Saturday as several true freshmen got into the scoring act. Malachi Dupre, Darrel Williams, Brandon Harris and Leonard Fournette also scored their first touchdowns of their LSU career. Fournette struck the Heisman pose after his score, something head coach Les Miles didn’t like….

Cut 18 (16)  “that run”

It was solid performance from starting quarterback Anthony Jennings, who threw for 188 yards and three touchdowns, all of them went to his favorite target Travin Dural. Here’s Jennings after the game…

cut 19 (11)  “balls off”

The lopsided score allowed for backup Brandon Harris to get plenty of playing time. Harris threw for 62 yards and a touchdown, and also rushed for 53 yards. Jennings says the team has confidence in both quarterbacks to do the job…

Cut 20 (14) ” great chance to win”

AM Newscall September 5, 2014

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to appear in New Orleans tomorrow as the featured speaker at a fundraiser for Senator Mary Landrieu.  Eric Gill has more…

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LSU’s fist home football game is this weekend and that means new traffic patterns.  Scott Carwile reports…

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According to the LSU AgCenter, even though demand for food and fiber is growing faster than ever, the agriculture workforce and the number of Ag science teachers is shrinking. Don Molino reports…:

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Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to be in New Orleans tomorrow.  He will be the featured speaker at a fundraiser for Senator Mary Landrieu.  Political analyst Clancy Dubos says this should be a nice boost for the Landrieu campaign…

Cut 4  (12)  “star attraction”

The event is being hosted by the Big Easy Committee, a joint fundraising effort by the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee and the Landrieu re-election campaign.  Some may be surprised that Landrieu turned to Clinton and not President Obama to help raise money.  Dubos says, in politics, you always play to your strengths…

Cut 5  (09)  “in Louisiana”

Landrieu is currently in a tight Senate race with Republicans Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness.  The former president is one of the Democratic party’s most successful fundraisers.  Dubos says Clinton has a certain star appeal that even President Obama never had…

Cut 6 (09)  “out of office”


The Tigers play Sam Houston State for their first home game of the season and there are some new traffic patterns for fans to follow. Tiger Athletic Foundation has made large investments to create more parking for fans. Sports information director Michael Bonnette says additional parking lots have opened allowing for more than 2,300 new parking spaces.

CUT 7 (06) “more parking”

Bonnette says the stadium has been enhanced with new HD video and LED message boards. He says fans at the game will have a better experience by being able to watch replays and have the same perks as watching the game on their home tvs.

CUT 8 (08)   “people away”

Bonnette says LSU met with a consulting firm to try and get traffic flowing as efficiently as possible after games. He says personnel have been hired to help fans exit the parking lots in the correct directions due to contraflow. There are also new patterns for pedestrians leaving the game as well.

CUT 9 (12) “nightmare.”  


According to the LSU AgCenter, even though demand for food and fiber is growing faster than ever, the agriculture workforce and the number of Ag science teachers is shrinking. Mike Burnett is the executive associate dean with the College of Agriculture at LSU. He says these shortages have been happening for quite some time…:

cut 10 (09)  “and not every year”

Burnett says there are about 230 Ag teachers in 185 Louisiana schools, but many are nearing retirement age. He says surrounding states, like Texas and Mississippi have been actively recruiting Ag teachers from Louisiana…:

cut 11 (08)  “pay our teachers better” 

Burnett says Dr. Bill Richardson, Dean of the college of agriculture, has been putting a big push on recruitment. He says they do have plans to fill the shortage at least in the short term…:

cut 12 (10) “teaching credentials”


The 2014 Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday begins today and runs through Sunday. Byron Henderson with the Louisiana Department of Revenue says this is the third sales tax holiday that happens here every year and it’s exclusively for hunters…:

Cut 13 (10)  “or local sales taxes”

Henderson says a wide range of hunting gear is exempt from local and state sales taxes this weekend. He says there are specific categories it applies to, but specific categories that don’t apply..:

Cut 14 (12)  “things like that”

Henderson says items that fall under the sales tax holiday include firearms, ammunition, archery supplies and apparel such as safety gear or camouglage clothing you’d use for hunting. He says you can find out more at amendment…:

Cut 15  (09)   “sales tax holiday”


For the first time since 2004, Louisiana Tech and UL Lafayette will face off on the football field. The two head coaches for the respective teams are glad the in-state rivalry has been restored, but Bulldogs Head Coach Skip Holtz says getting a win on Saturday would ease the pain of the loss suffered against Oklahoma…

Cut 16  (17)   “move on”

UL Lafayette opened the season with a win over Southern, while the Tech lost to the third ranked Sooners. Cajuns Coach Mark Hudspeth wants to change the fact that Tech has won the last six games in the series. He says slowing down Bulldogs running back Kenneth Dixon will be a key…

Cut 17  (14)   “other day”