AM Newscall December 5th, 2014

With tomorrow’s election looming, everybody wants to know who is going to represent Louisiana in the new Congress next year? Jeff Palermo has the story…

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As lots of businesses will be holding their Holiday parties over the next few weeks, there are a few words to the wise. Michelle Southern reports.

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Louisiana residents who have health insurance through the Obamacare marketplace are advised to seek out cheaper policies during open enrollment. Scott Carwile reports…

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Tomorrow is election day in Louisiana. The ballot is highlighted by the US Senate race between Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu and Republican challenger Bill Cassidy. Secretary of State Tom Schedler expects a 40-percent voter turnout for the election…

cut 4  (11)  “or six points”

He says the high early voter turnout was a nice surprise and is hopeful that voters will turn out Saturday. Schedler expects voters to be more active in the 5th and 6th Congressional districts due to those contested seats…

Cut 5  (11)  “first district”

Schedler says Saturday’s ballot will be light, with some parishes having only the Senate race to decide. He says, no matter the number of items on the ballot, it’s always important to exercise your right to vote. Since this election falls on a Saturday, Schedler says voting hours will be a little different… (Polls will be open 7AM – 8PM.)

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With tomorrow’s election looming, everybody wants to know who is going to represent Louisiana in the new Congress next year? ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says the US Senate race is Republican Bill Cassidy’s race to lose. He says Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu’s had a lot of ground to make up since November 4th…

CUT 7 (11)  “too late”

The 5th Congressional District race features Democrat Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo and Republican Dr. Ralph Abraham in the runoff. Stockley says the political climate in Louisiana favors Republicans, especially in the 5th District…

Cut 8 (11)  “come Saturday” 

Stockley says the 6th Congressional District race could prove to be the most interesting of the night. He says enthusiasm isn’t very high for either candidate, Republican Garret Graves or Democrat Edwin Edwards. Stockley says voter turnout could be the deciding factor here…

Cut 9 (11)  “likely to win”


It’s Christmas Party season and experts are passing out some important rules of etiquette when it comes to celebrating with your bosses and co-workers. Tulane business professor Dr. Mark Rosa says first and foremost you should always be careful about how much you drink…:

Cut 10 (09) “for the employee” 

Rosa says even if you just show up and stay a short time, that’s better than not making an appearance at all but you should consider the party mandatory. He says you should consider a Holiday office party an extension of the workplace — all the same rules apply…:

cut 11 (07)  “watch our behavior”

Rosa says supervisors should be particularly mindful of their behavior at work Christmas Parties. He says managers and bosses are essentially representing the company at a work function…:

cut 12 (07)  “that professionalism”


Louisiana residents who have health insurance through the Obamacare marketplace are advised to seek out cheaper policies during open enrollment. Brian Burton, State Director for the Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana, says there are new choices and more competition in the Health Insurance Marketplace…

Cut 13 (09)  “for their dollars”

In Louisiana, consumers can now choose from 6 issuers in the Marketplace. Burton says United Healthcare is a new provider for this year and they’re making a big difference for consumers…

Cut 14 (09)  “better for them”

Open enrollment closes on February 15. The Department of Health and Human Services says nearly 8 in 10 current Marketplace consumers can find coverage for $100 or less, taking into account any applicable tax credits. Burton says, for returning customers, it’s a good idea to see what the Marketplace has to offer this year…

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Louisiana Tech will face Marshall in the Conference USA Championship game on Saturday. It’s the first time the Bulldogs will play in a conference title game. In order to win, the Bulldogs will have to slow down a Thundering Herd offense that’s averaging 47 points a game. Marshall’s QB is senior Rakeem Cato and Tech Head Coach Skip Holtz says there’s a lot of talent around him

Cut 16  (10)  “they have balance”

Holtz says the conditioning could play a factor in this one, because Marshall has played some of its best football in the fourth quarter this year

Cut 17  (20)   “big plays”

The Saints will look to end a three-game losing streak at home when they host the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Before they started this losing skid in the Dome, they won 20 straight previous games, including playoffs, played in New Orleans. Quarterback Drew Brees on trying to snap the home losing streak….

Cut 18 (08) “and practice”

The Saints go into the game with a healthy backfield as Khiry Robinson is expected back from a six-game absence because of a forearm injury. Brees says Robinson will be a nice addition to what Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram are capable of doing

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PM LRN newscall December 4

The Centers for Disease Control reports a widespread outbreak of the flu in Louisiana. Eric Gill has more…

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Louisiana has petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear an appeal of Louisiana’s ban on gay marriage before a federal appeals court rules. Eric Gill has more…

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In an interivew with an LSU journalism student on Tiger TV, Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy says he supports over-the-counter sales of birth control. Cassidy says he’s going along with the recommendation made by the College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

CUT 3 (08)  “over the counter”

Cassidy has been endorsed by pro-life groups, but on the issue of birth control, based on this interview with a Tiger TV reporter, he backs the sale of over the counter birth control…

CUT 4 (05)  “with that”

Cassidy’s was asked by the Tiger TV reporter whether the government should make it easier for young, sexually active people to get birth control.  The Congressman said yes based on a recommendation from doctors who care for women…

CUT 5 (12)  “at all”


The Centers for Disease Control reports a widespread outbreak of the flu in Louisiana. In fact, Louisiana is the only state in the Continental US with widespread flu cases. Dr. Frank Welch, with the state Department of Health and Hospitals, says it’s not a designation the state wants, but we appear to be leading the pack…

CUT 6 (10)  “in Louisiana”

Welch says about five percent of all doctor visits in the state are for flu like symptoms. He says the CDC has found that the predominant strain of flu, H3N2, has mutated slightly and is now not exactly matched with the vaccine. Welch says this doesn’t mean that the vaccine won’t work…

CUT 7 (10) “get that vaccine”

Welch still recommends you get a flu shot as it’s the best way to protect yourself against the flu, even though it isn’t 100-percent perfect. And Welch says it’s important to remember that everybody in Louisiana who gets the flu, got it from someone else…

CUT 8 (10) “from the flu”


Louisiana has petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear an appeal of Louisiana’s ban on gay marriage before a federal appeals court rules. Special counsel Kyle Duncan filed the request this week. Tulane Constitutional Law Professor, Keith Werhan (wer-HAN), says the state may think that this issue is on the fast track to being decided in the Supreme Court…

CUT 9 (11)  “the Supreme Court”

Federal Judge Martin Feldman upheld Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage earlier this year. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear the appeal January 9th. Werhan thinks side-stepping the appeals court may not be the right move…

CUT 10 (09)  “court of appeals”

Last month, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld gay marriage bans in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Werhan says, now that there is a circuit split on the issue, Louisiana wants to make sure their case is heard in the nation’s highest court…

cut 11 (08)  “5th Circuit”


The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s office says a staff member at Red River Academy in Lecompte is under arrest for allegedly trying to rape a female teenage student. Lt. Tommy Carnline says the local police station requested deputy assistance into a criminal sexual conduct allegation at the residential-type school…:

cut 12 (06) “with her”

Carnline says their detectives began their investigation into the complaint by the young woman…:

cut 13 (09) “of Cheneyville”

Carnline says they were able to obtain enough probable cause to issue arrest warrants for 36-year-old Charles Allen of Cheneyville…:(Allen was arrested for 1 count of sexual battery, one count of attempted forcible rape and 1 count of prohibited sexual conduct between educator and student. He is being held in lieu of $55,000 bond.)

cut 14 (09) “and a student”

AM Newscall December 4, 2014

State Police has teamed up with the state Office of Motor Vehicles to implement the “Parents Supervised Driving Program”. Eric Gill reports…

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A telephone poll on the sixth District Congressional runoff shows Republican Garret Graves with a six-percentage point lead over Democrat Edwin Edwards. Scott Carwile has more…

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New early childhood licensing rules have been approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education for child care centers. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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State Police has teamed up with the state Office of Motor Vehicles to implement the “Parents Supervised Driving Program”, an effort to prevent teen motor vehicle crashes through education and awareness of teen driving restrictions. President of Safe Roads Alliance, Jeff Larason, says the program provides parents with more information so they can do a better job with their teens while they have their learner’s permit…

cut 4  (07)  “their license”

Parents of teens receiving learner’s permits will receive this free guide with information and lessons on driving basics, parental pointers, and licensing qualifications. Louisiana requires at least 50 hours of parental supervised driving for those with learner’s permits. Larason says the more parental driving supervision, the better…

Cut 5  (10)  “will go down”

Last year, 189 young drivers were killed in crashes across Louisiana and almost 19,000 were injured. Sgt. Nick Manale is hopeful this new program will decrease those numbers…

Cut 6 (11)  “to be safe”


In the final days before Saturday’s election, a new poll on the 6th District Congressional race shows Republican Garrett Graves with 53-percent of the vote while Democratic former governor Edwin Edwards has 47-percent. The Glascock Group surveyed 532 voters from across the district. Pollster Darrell Glascock says Edwards’ numbers are surprising.

CUT 7 (06)  “this thing happen”

Glascock feels recent television ads that Edwards began running may be helping his numbers. Glascock says Saturday’s election result could come down to voter turnout…

Cut 8 (04)  “this election” 

He thinks if Edwards can get his voters to turn out, he has a chance of winning. But Glascock says, right now, Graves is sitting on a decent lead heading into Saturday…

Cut 9 (06)  “any mistakes”


For a fourth straight season, the UL-Lafayette Football team has accepted an invitation to play in the R and L Carriers New Orleans Bowl which will be played Saturday December 20th. The voice of the Ragin Cajuns Jay Walker says their fans are always fired up about heading to the Big Easy…:

Cut 10 (12) “New Orleans, LA” 

Walker says the only thing some fans aren’t terribly thrilled about is the 10am kickoff…:

cut 11 (10)  “always have”

UL-Lafayette will likely have to wait until Sunday Sunday to find out who they will play. Walker says it could either be a team from Mountain West or Conference USA…:

cut 12 (09)  “gonna be Rice”


The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approves new licensing rules for childcare centers and preschool programs. The regulations include a provision that require one teacher for every 11 two-year-olds at a child care center. Melanie Bronfin, executive director of the Policy Institute for Children in New Orleans, wishes it was a lower

Cut 13 (11)  “high ratios”

BESE didn’t want a lower staffer ratio, because it would drive up tuition costs. But Bronfin argues it’s not safe or good for the children to have one adult watch over as many as 11 two-year-olds at one time…

Cut 14 (08)  “our children”

But Bronfin is pleased BESE approved a rule that requires employees of child care centers to participate annual training and professional development. She says all employees and volunteers at the child care facility must go through a fingerprint-based criminal background check as well…

Cut 15  (08)  “have been checked”


PM LRN Newscall December 3rd

State Police say a Donaldsonville man was killed last night when his vehicle crashed into a dump truck in a construction zone in Ascension Parish. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


A formal complaint has been filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics over accusations that Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy double dipped. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 2 (32) “reporting”


Former Democratic Governor Edwin Edwards and Republican Garret Graves debated each other for the first time last night in the 6th Congressional District runoff. Not surprisingly the two went after each other. Graves called out the former convicted felon on his past and said Louisiana deserves a better future…:

CUT 3 (09)  “worse in the nation”

Edwards says the state needs a politician in Washington D.C. who knows their way around…:

CUT 4 (09)  “make things work”

Graves says Louisianians don’t have the state they deserve and it’s time to start moving in the right direction. Edwards responded by linking his opponent to the Governor…:

CUT 5 (08)  “(laughter)”

The big controversy came when Graves announced he’s been endorsed by The Sheriff’s Association which Edwards called a lie. A spokesperson for the group did say they held a meeting and voted to endorse Graves, but not all members from the 6th District were present. Graves says Louisiana needs to look forward, not back…:

CUT 6 (10)  “out of the way”


State Police say a Donaldsonville man was killed last night when his vehicle crashed into a dump truck in a construction zone in Ascension Parish. Trooper Jared Sandifer says 42-year-old Kirt Canova ignored a flag man who was attempting to control traffic in a construction zone on LA 30…

CUT 7 (07) “construction materials”

Canova struck the dump truck head-on and suffered fatal injuries as a result of the crash. Sandifer says this is the second incident in this particular construction zone. He says impairment is not suspected in this crash…

CUT 8 (08) “the investigation”


State Police report that two people are dead after a crash in Tensas Parish. Trooper Michael Reichardt says 95-year-old Ralph Cooper of Newellton was driving his truck along LA 4 yesterday afternoon…

CUT 9 (04)  “head-on”

He says Cooper’s truck struck a Mack truck loaded with gravel head-on. Cooper and his passenger, 90-year-old Jewel Lee also of Newellton, were pronounced dead at the scene. Reichardt says officers spoke to a witness who was driving behind Cooper’s truck…

CUT 10 (07)  “that Mack truck”


A complaint has been filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics, urging them to look into allegations whether Republican Bill Cassidy violated House rules and federal law for receiving compensation from the LSU health system that he didn’t perform. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says an investigation is likely…

cut 11 (08)  “is   over”

Cassidy is in a heated Senate race with Democrat Mary Landrieu, who faced an ethics complaint in September, after it was learned her office used taxpayer dollars to pay for charter flights for campaign events.  Cross says ethics complaints and politics go hand and hand sometimes

cut 12 (11) “even up the score”

The Democratic party and Landrieu are making a big deal over these accusations that Cassidy may have double dipped, while serving in Congress and working for a doctor at LSU. Cross says it’s a serious allegation, but not enough to prevent Cassidy from winning Saturday’s election

cut 13 (04) “this case”

AM Newscall December 3, 2014

Tourism leaders are looking to capitalize on the increasing trend of international tourists visiting Louisiana. Scott Carwile reports…

CUT 1 (29) “reporting”


After a community effort to save 13 Live Oak Trees along Highway 182 in Jeanerette that were set to be cut down for safety reasons, the Department of Transportation says they’ve come up with a new plan. Michelle Southern reports.

Cut 2 (32) “reporting”


Rumors of Les Miles leaving LSU for Michigan are back again. Jeff Palermo has more…

Cut 3 (28) “reporting”


Tourism leaders are looking to capitalize on the increasing trend of international tourists visiting Louisiana. Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says they have been very aggressive in marketing Louisiana to international visitors and those efforts are definitely paying off…

cut 4  (10)  “those efforts”

He says the state had an 18-percent increase in international visitors last year, the highest increase of any state in the nation according to the National Travel and Tourism Office. Dardenne says there are an increasing number of visitors from Brazil and Australia coming to Louisiana and there will be an effort to get more tourist from those countries to come to the Bayou State…

Cut 5  (05)  “more effective”

The top four international markets for Louisiana tourism are Canada, UK, Germany, and France. Dardenne says international tourists are great for Louisiana because they typically stay longer and spend more money…

Cut 6 (09)  “prosperous industry”


After a community effort to save 13 Live Oak Trees along Highway 182 in Jeanerette that were set to be cut down for safety reasons, the Department of Transportation says they’ve come up with a new plan. DOTD spokesman Rodney Mallett says the oaks are interfering with a measure that requires a 10 foot space between the road and any obstacle..:

CUT 7 (12)  “the safety needs”

The stretch extends 4.73 miles between the Iberia Parish line to La 670 in St. Mary Parish. Governor Bobby Jindal asked DOTD to preserve the trees because of their importance to the parish and the state. Mallett says they worked out new ways to help restore the ride quality of the roadway like adding signage and rumble striping…:

Cut 8 (09)  “and safely” 

Certain members of the Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge rallied residents in support of saving the trees. DOTD had flagged the area due to a high number of crashes on the stretch over the last several years in which drivers were running off the road. Mallett says they realize the historical significance of the trees along the scenic byway…:

Cut 9 (11)  “happy”


Louisiana Tech is one of the five universities nationwide to receive a one-point-four million dollar grant to produce more secondary math and science teachers. The grant money comes from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Louisiana Tech’s interim dean of the College of Education, Doctor Don Schillinger, says they are very excited about this.

Cut 10 (09) “across the region.” 

Schillinger says the grant is for a five year time period but he hopes their teacher preparation will remain sustainable for many years to come.

cut 11 (08)  “a long time.”

Schillinger says this grant focuses on the STEM area of education, which means science, technology, engineering and math. He says because of the curriculum, the university has created many partnerships with local school districts to ensure the students get field experience.

cut 12 (10)  “actual content areas.”


The Les Miles to Michigan rumors are back. That’s because Miles’ alma mater, Michigan, is searching for a new football coach after firing Brady Hoke. LSU beat reporter for Gannett Newspapers, Glen Guilbeau, says Miles has been offered the Michigan job two previous times and said no and will likely say no again, if offered a third time.

Cut 13 (12)  “at best.”

Guilbeau says Miles won’t consider taking the job. He says Miles doesn’t want to leave LSU because of the young players and another great recruiting class for the upcoming season.

Cut 14 (13)  “20 years ago.”

Michigan went 5 and 7 this season. And Guilbeau says it will take a lot of hard work to get Michigan to become a title contender again, while LSU is closer to competing for national titles.

Cut 15  (08)  “coming in.”


PM LRN Newscall for December 2nd

Efforts to keep a pit bull named Zeus in Moreauville from being separated from the family that owns him came to a happy conclusion for the family last night. Eric Gill has the story…

CUT 1 (29) “reporting”


Democratic US Senator Mary Landrieu and her republican challenger Bill Cassidy engaged in a spirited debate last night. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 2 (25) “reporting”


Efforts to keep a pit bull named Zeus in Moreauville from being separated from the family that owns him came to a happy conclusion for the family last night. The Moreauville town council voted to lift their controversial “vicious dog” ordinance that would ban pit bulls and rottweilers from the town. Mayor Timmy Lemoine says they’re glad to get this issue behind them…

CUT 3 (08)  “been mayor”

Zeus’ owners have become the face of a movement to end breed specific legislation. Lemoine says the ordinance was repealed after receiving several phone calls and pressure from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals…

CUT 4 (11)  “shut down”

The issue made national news when Zeus was threatened to be removed from his home where he helps care for children with special needs. An online petition to save Zeus has received over 340,000 signatures. Lemoine says the town now will adopt the Louisiana state statute in regard to dangerous dogs…

CUT 5 (08)  “state statute”


The Grant Parish Sheriff’s office says the 85-year-old Pollock woman who was viciously mauled by dogs last week died last night. Sheriff Steve Martin says they got a frantic call last Wednesday evening from Bobbie Cheveallier’s (shuh-VAHL-yay) neighbor…:

CUT 6 (10)  “scare them away”

Martin says nobody witnessed the attack. He says the neighbor heard screaming and found Cheveallier on the ground and two “wolf-type” dogs were near her…:

CUT 7 (09) “both of her legs”

Martin says they had asked the community to donate blood for Cheveallier, but she tragically succumbed to her injuries Monday evening. He says they are still working to locate the dogs that attacked Cheveallier…:

CUT 8 (11) “for this”


It was a feisty Senate debate last night between democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu and republican challenger Bill Cassidy.  Landrieu attacked Cassidy for receiving taxpayer dollars for work as an LSU physician that he allegedly did not fully earn. While Cassidy continued to hammer Landrieu for supporting President Obama’s agenda. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross

CUT 9 (10)  “in others”

Cross says no knock-out blows were delivered, which means Cassidy is still the favorite to win Saturday’s election….

CUT 10 (11)  “Louisiana politics”

Cross says there was no new ground broken between the two candidates, as the Baton Rouge Congressman focused on Landrieu’s support of President Obama’s agenda, while the Senator counter with claims that Cassidy was paid for work as an LSU physician that he didn’t earn

cut 11 (08)  “at all


A state audit of Grambling State University revealed equipment thefts totaling more than $130,000. Legislative Auditor Bradley Cryer says, in this case, it was the university that actually found that items had been taken from some of its buildings…

cut 12 (08) “and fixtures”

One person has been arrested in connection with the thefts. Cryer says the items stolen were plumbing units, air conditioners, and hot water heaters; things that were being sold for scrap metal. He says they have recommended that the school install new procedures to limit the key access to facilities that are vacant…

cut 13 (08) “in the future”

School management has outlined a plan to increase security and Cryer is optimistic that Grambling can cut down the number of thefts of university property…

cut 14 (05) “a good track”


AM Newscall December 2, 2014

Analysts are reporting there’s a chance gas prices could drop below $2 a gallon in Louisiana. Scott Carwile has more…

CUT 1 (29) “reporting”


The debate between Democratic US-Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy last night was quite heated. Michelle Southern reports.

Cut 2 (32) “reporting”


Falling oil prices might be beneficial for motorists who have to fill up their vehicle on a regular basis, but it puts a strain on the state budget. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 3 (30) “reporting”


Analysts are reporting there’s a chance gas prices could drop below $2 a gallon in Louisiana. Gasbuddy-dot-com’s Gregg Laskoski says, in light of recent events, he could see some station’s price dropping below $2, but is skeptical that the statewide average will drop that low…

cut 4  (11)  “a gallon”

He says OPEC’s announcement that they would not reduce their oil output saw crude oil prices fall below $70 per barrel. Laskoski says wholesale gas prices are declining significantly and that’s good news for consumers…

Cut 5  (07)  “welcomed timing”

Laskoski says you could expect to see gas prices drop another 15 to 20 cents a gallon over the next couple of weeks if crude oil prices stay as low as they are. He says the first quarter of the year typically brings price increases because of refineries switching from winter to summer blend…

Cut 6 (09)  “have anticipated”


The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s office says they are still looking for two men they believe abducted and shot a woman on Thanksgiving Day. Spokesman Sergeant Clay Higgins says the victim reported she left her house that morning to walk to a nearby store when she accepted a ride from the suspects…:

CUT 7 (11)  “didn’t work out that way”

Higgins says the 49-year-old Opelousas woman thought the men offering the ride were just being friendly on the Thanksgiving morning in her own neighborhood known as “The Hill.” However, he says they did not take her where she wanted to go…:

Cut 8 (09)  “attacked her” 

Higgins says the woman told cops she tried to jump out of the car window and began screaming when one of the men hit her in the face with a gun and told her to be quiet…:

Cut 9 (11)  “and she was hit”


In the final debate of the year, Democratic US-Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy brought out the big guns. The incumbent began by addressing the allegations claiming Cassidy was “double billing” by getting paid by the LSU Health Sciences Center for work he did not perform. Landrieu says there is no record of the work:

Cut 10 (13) “any records” 

Landrieu continues to come under fire for using tax payer money to fund personal campaign charter flights. She calls the matter a bookkeeping error that has been paid back and is a much smaller issue than Cassidy’s alleged double subsidies…:

cut 11 (08)  “doctor for himself”

Cassidy says the claim that he wasn’t working at the LSU hospital while he was working in Congress is completely false. He says it wouldn’t be unusual for him to do a liver biopsy in the morning, then fly to D.C. and vote that evening…:

cut 12 (11)  “with LSU”

Cassidy says Landrieu’s charter flight situation was against the law and also violated a strict code of Senate ethics. He says what he does is help the poor and uninsured…:

Cut 13 (09)  “who did that benefit”


Oil prices are down to 70-dollars a barrel which is not good for the state’s budget, because it means lower revenues from severance taxes and mineral royalties. Chief economist for the Louisiana Fiscal office, Greg Albrecht, says they already adjusted the state’s revenue picture downward…

Cut 14 (11)  “that point”

Albrecht says if oil prices keep trading for about 70-dollars a barrel for a lengthy period of time, it will cost the state millions of dollars in revenues…

Cut 15  (10)  “revenue flow”

Albrect says the Revenue Estimating Conference will likely meet again next month to assess the situation. He says if oil prices don’t rebound, state leaders will have to reduce future spending even more…

Cut 16  (05)  “tough decisions”


Three Louisiana college football teams are eligible to go bowling this year. LSU, UL Lafayette and Louisiana Tech will find out their bowl destination this weekend, if not earlier. Jerry Palm, with C-B-S-sports-dot-com, says he expects the Tigers to play the Texas Longhorns in the Texas Bowl, which will take place Monday, December 29th in Houston

Cut 17  (09)   “for them”

Palm expects the Ragin Cajuns will make a fourth straight appearance in the New Orleans Bowl….

Cut 18 (17) “projected here”

Louisiana Tech plays this Saturday against Marshall in the Conference USA Championship game. Palm says if the Bulldogs win, they could play in the Heart of Dallas Bowl against a team from the Big Ten

Cut 19 (13)   “Conference USA games”



PM LRN Newscall for December 1st

Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu wants her opponent, Republican Bill Cassidy, to explain why time sheets show he was paid by the LSU Health Sciences Center for work he apparently never did. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (28) “reporting”


Secretary of State Tom Schedler is pleased with the early voting totals for the December 6th run-off. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


In the final week of the Senate campaign, democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu is making a big issue over time sheets that possibly show her opponent, Republican Bill Cassidy, was paid by the LSU Health Sciences Center for work he never did. Landrieu says the 16 statements that have been made public are full of inconsistencies…

CUT 3 (10)  “very unlikely”

Landrieu has called on Cassidy to produce all 63 time sheets in question for tonight’s debate. Landrieu says another issue here is that Congressmen are allowed to only make $26,000 a year in outside work on top of their Congressional salary…

CUT 4 (11)  “$50,000″

Cassidy says he’s proud of his work in the LSU System and these allegations are an attempt to to salvage Landrieu’s career. Cassidy and Landrieu will meet in a televised debate tonight. Landrieu says Cassidy has been hiding from his record during the campaign…

CUT 5 (07)  “double dipping”


Secretary of State Tom Schedler says 221-thousand voters casted ballots during the early voting period that ended Saturday. Schedler says they averaged over 44-thousand votes a day, which is a good number

CUT 6 (06)  “very impressive”

Saturday is election day and Schedler is optimistic we’ll see a voter turnout at 40-percent. There’s a usually a drop-off in voter participation between the general election and the run-off. But he says they averaged more voters per day last week than in the early voting period prior to the November fourth election.

CUT 7 (09) “to us”

Schedler says the heaviest early voting totals were in East Baton Rouge, Orleans and St. Tammany parishes…

CUT 8 (07) “were the heaviest”


State Police say a single vehicle crash involving a motorcycle and a deer has left one man dead and his wife seriously injured. Master Trooper Scott Moreau says 53-year-old Gordon Bolton was riding his Harley Davidson with his wife, 57-year-old Monika (MO-nika) Bolton, in Vernon Parish Saturday night…

CUT 9 (05)  “collided with it”

He says a deer entered the roadway and the motorcycle collided with it. Moreau says, as a result, the both individuals were ejected from the motorcycle…

CUT 10 (12)  “serious condition”

Gordon was pronounced dead at a local hospital while Monika remains hospitalized in serious condition. Moreau says both were wearing helmets at the time of the accident. He says, as of now, they do not suspect impairment in this crash, but the investigation is ongoing…

CUT 11 (07)  “a later date


The 2014 hurricane season is over and forecasters were right when they predicted a normal to a below normal year. State Climatologist Barry Keim says there were only eight named stores, the fewest for a hurricane season since 1997

cut 12 (09) “North Carolina”

Keim says this is the ninth straight year we didn’t have a major hurricane hit the US Coastline, the longest such streak since records were kept

cut 13 (06) “major hurricane”

Keim says we can attribute the quiet season to lower than normal sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean

cut 14 (08) “Pacific Ocean”

Mon AM Newscall December 1

Tonight is the last night voters will get to see democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu and republican challenger Bill Cassidy debate before Saturday’s Senate election. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 1 (32) “reporting”


Eating right and staying healthy is more of a challenge during the holiday season. Jeff Palermo has some tips…

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Training is underway for a new cadet class of the Louisiana State Police. Scott Carwile reports…

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Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu and republican challenger Bill Cassidy will meet in a televised Senate debate tonight. Political analyst Clancy Dubos says you can bet Landrieu will bring up the recent allegations that Cassidy, who is a doctor, was paid by the LSU Health Sciences Center for work he never did..

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Political bloggers first reported that some of Cassidy’s time sheets from LSU did not add up to the hours he actually worked. Dubos says this issue will likely come up in tonight’s debate, but it might be too little too late for Landrieu’s re-election chances

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In published reports, Cassidy denies the accusations that he received payments for work he didn’t do. As far as the debate goes, Dubos expects Cassidy will continue to connect Landrieu’s voting record with President Obama’s policies

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After spending the weekend shopping for great deals at the mall and other retail stores, consumers will now turn to the internet for Cyber Monday. LSU marketing professor Dan Rice says savvy consumers held off on buying certain items this past weekend to see what kind of deals they’ll get today…

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Rice says Cyber Monday is becoming a bigger deal then Black Friday for many consumers

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Rice says even though shopping centers and malls were busy this weekend, some people were waiting until today to make most of their purchases

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The State Police Cadet Class #93 has started training to earn the privilege of wearing the “gold boot” badge of the Louisiana State Police. The cadets will go through 20 weeks of training. Trooper Jared Sandifer says about 70 new cadets reported to the Training Academy yesterday…

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He’s hopeful this class will produce 50 new troopers. This is the second State Police cadet class to be held since September 2008. Sandifer says the graduates from this class will help bolster trooper numbers statewide…

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State Police graduated Cadet Class #92 in May and added 46 troopers to the roster. Sandifer says this new cadet class will go through 20 weeks of intense training…

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Staying fit or maintaining your current weight is difficult for some during the holiday season. State department of health and hospital’s Well-Ahead Director, Melissa Martin, says staying hydrated is one way to make sure you don’t eat too much during one sitting

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Martin says during the holiday season, many people take in more calories than they do during other months of the year, so she says find ways to burn off those calories

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Martin says also try to plan out your meals, so you are not rushing to eat or forced to eat fast food on a regular basis

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The Ragin Cajuns wrapped up an 8-and-4 regular season with a 42-23 win over the Troy Trojans. UL Lafayette rushed for 344 yards as Elijan McGuire and Alonzo Harris combined to gain 255 yards on the ground and five touchdowns. Coach Mark Hudspeth on his top two running backs…

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Louisiana Tech will play this Saturday in the Conference USA Championship game against Marshall after routing Rice 76-31 on Saturday at Joe Aillet Stadium. The Bulldogs amassed 677 total yards as quarterback Cody Sokol threw for 387 yards and four touchdowns. Head Coach Skip Holtz on his explosive offense

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Tech will take on the Thundering Herd in the league title game this Saturday at 11 AM in Huntington, West Virginia. Marshall is 11-and-1 on the year, with its one loss coming on Friday against Western Kentucky. Holtz says it should be a great football game

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The Saints continue to do the unexpected. Lose games when you expect them to win, but win games when you think they’ll get beat. New Orleans went into Pittsburgh yesterday and beat the Steelers 35-32. Quarterback Drew Brees threw five touchdown passes to five different receivers, Mark Ingram rushed for 122 yards and the defense forced two turnovers. Coach Sean Payton says it feels good to beat a good team on the road

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Before the game a report came out that said Payton and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s relationship had deteriorate to the point the two ‘hated” each other. Payton denied that was the case and said he loves what Ryan is doing

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PM LRN Newscall for Friday November 28

The National Federation of Independent Business has named this Saturday as Small Business Saturday. Eric Gill reports…

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Saturday is the final day of early voting for the December 6th election. Eric Gill has more…

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The National Federation of Independent Business has named this Saturday as Small Business Saturday. It’s a day where shoppers can help the local economy by shopping at locally-owned businesses. Louisiana NFIB Director, Dawn Starns, says Small Business Saturday is designed to promote small independent business owners in your community…

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This is Small Business Saturday’s fifth year and last year shoppers nationwide spent almost $6 billion at locally-owned shops and restaurants. Starns says supporting small business really pays dividends in the community all year long…

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Starns says holiday shopping is crucial to small businesses who are still recovering from the slowdown in the economy and Small Business Saturday is your opportunity to help out one of your own…

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It’s the time of year where people start looking for that perfect Christmas Tree to display in their home for the holiday season. If you’re looking to get a fresh tree, Kevin Steele. Louisiana Director of the Southern Christmas Tree Association says there is an ample supply in Louisiana…

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Steele owns and operates a choose-and-cut Christmas Tree farm in Washington Parish.
He says a problem many people have with fresh Christmas Trees is needles falling from the tree. Steele says if you don’t like falling needles, you may want to consider purchasing a Leyland Cypress…

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He says many people struggle with keeping their trees fresh as they go through the season. Steele says it’s important to hydrate your tree to keep it fresh….

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The LSU Tigers capped off an up and down regular season with a 23-17 win over Texas A-and-M on Thanksgiving Night. LSU was in control for most of the game, despite what the final score says. Coach Les Miles gives credit to offensive coordinator Cam Cameron for coming up with a good game plan…

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Freshman running back Leonard Fournette led the Tigers ground attack as he rushed for 146 yards. Fournette says they take pride in being a good running team…

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LSU ends the regular season with an 8-4 record, 4-4 in the Southeastern Conference. They’ll now wait to find out who they will play in a bowl game and where. Miles says he’s proud of what his team accomplished this season….

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Saturday is the final day of early voting for the December 6th election. This election is highlighted by Louisiana’s US Senate runoff between Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy. Secretary of State Tom Schedler says, during the first four days, turnout was brisk…

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Schedler says over 174,000 Louisiana voters participated in early voting through Wednesday. Early voting was closed Thursday and Friday and he says Saturday will be your last opportunity to cast an early ballot…

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Schedler says you can go online to geauxvote-dot-com to find out where you can early vote. He says many people wanted to get voting out of the way before the Thanksgiving holiday. Because of this, Schedler is not expecting a record turnout for early voting Saturday…

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