AM Newscall January 9th, 2015

Today the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear three cases regarding same-sex marriage bans in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. Jeff Palermo reports…

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The first bill of what’s expected to be many items dealing with cell phone use while driving has been proposed for the 2015 legislative session. Michelle Southern reports…:

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Louisiana public schools receive an overall grade of D-plus from Education Week’s annual report card. Scott Carwile has the story…

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Today the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals hears three cases regarding same-sex marriage bans in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. In September, Federal Judge Martin Feldman upheld Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage, but the ruling was appealed to the 5th Circuit. Tulane Constitutional Law Professor Keith Werhan says the 5th Circuit is one of the most conservative circuit courts in the nation…

cut 4  (06)  “same-sex marriage”

In November, the 6th Circuit upheld same-sex marriage bans in four states. Werhan says supporters will argue that the state has to have a legitimate reason in denying two adults who want to marry, the right to do so. He says opponents will argue on the strength of state’s rights…

Cut 5  (09)  “their state”

Because the 6th Circuit decision created a circuit split on the issue, the US Supreme Court will privately discuss same-sex marriage cases from several states today, including Louisiana. Werhan says the ultimate decision on same-sex marriage will come from the US Supreme Court, perhaps this year…

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A state lawmaker from Mandeville is introducing a bill in the upcoming legislative session that would restrict the use of cell phones to “hands-free” only on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. Representative Tim Burns says the number of fatal accidents involving vehicles plunging off the side of the bridge has gone from one every 5 years to three a year now…:

CUT 7 (09)  “distracted driving”

Burns supports a statewide ban on hand held cell phone use while driving but lawmakers can never pass such legislation. But he says people who drive the Causeway seem more prone to be on their phones while behind the wheel which is a major problem…:

Cut 8 (11)  “electronic device” 

The bill would require people who drive The Causeway to use wireless technology if they want to talk on the phone. Burns says this is a reasonable request as eyes should remain on roadways…:

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A grand jury in Calcasieu Parish did not indict a former LSU and NFL player on an attempted second degree murder charge. According to authorities, Tahj Jones was shot by Brandon Winey during an altercation in April of last year. Walt Sanchez is the defense attornery for Winey. He says this case is far more complicated than was originally reported…:

Cut 10 (12) “appropriate resolution” 

The 25-year-old Jones, who went to Sulphur High and played at LSU from 2010-2013, was shot once in the stomach. Winey was arrested on a charge of second degree murder. Sanchez says he’s glad the grand jury agreed that the gun was fired in self defense…:

cut 11 (07) “right result”

Winey, who is 36, played at LSU from 1998-2000 and spent two seasons playing for the Miami Dolphins. Authorities believe Winey arrived at a woman’s apartment while Jones was there and an argument between the two men lead to a fight. Sanchez says Winey is very pleased the grand jury did not send down an indictment…:

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Louisiana’s public schools receive a grade of D-plus from Education Week as part of their annual report. The state’s public education system is also ranked 44th, up five spots from their previous report. House Education Chairman, Steve Carter of Baton Rouge, says a series of reforms passed in 2012, including one that allows educators who peform well to get paid more, will lead to a better grade in the future…

Cut 13 (09)  “good principal”

Carter says it’s encouraging to see Louisiana move up in the rankings, because historically the bayou state has ranked 48th or 49th when it comes to public education…

Cut 14 (06)  “to accomplish”

Louisiana received a grade of D-Minus for K-through-12 Achievement, but received a grade of B-minus for its early-education programs. Carter says they could do even better with pre-K, if they had more dollars going towards it…

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PM LRN Newscall January 8

The freezing temperatures that have descended on the state has strawberry farmers working to minimize the damage the weather could have on their crops. Eric Gill reports…

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Governor Bobby Jindal announces he’s planned a trip to Europe seeking new foreign trade and investment. Michelle Southern reports…:

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The freezing temperatures that have descended on the state has strawberry farmers working to minimize the damage the weather could have on their crops. Regina Bracy, with the LSU AgCenter, says sub freezing temps can have disasterous effects on the strawberry harvest. But Bracy adds that strawberry plants can take the cold…

CUT 3 (09)  “a few berries”

Bracy says when temperatures drop into the teens, it’s very difficult to protect the blooms and fruit on strawberry plants. She says if those are lost, it’s not all bad news. She says strawberries will continue to produce more flowers and more fruit. Bracy says consumers may have to adjust their calendar a bit…

CUT 4 (11)  “juicy, ripe berries”

Bracy says the spring harvest may be a little delayed due to damage to the crop from the winter weather. William Fletcher, a strawberry farmer in Ponchatoula, says his crop did sustain some damage from the freezing temperatures but does not think it’s catastrophic…

CUT 5 (09)  “last night”


On his continued quest to bring more business to Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal announces he’s planned a trip to Europe seeking new foreign trade and investment. Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret says they want to go global in efforts to attract new jobs to Louisiana…:

CUT 6 (10)  “in our state”

Jindal says he has meetings in Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland with corporate executives of manufacturing and services industries. He leaves Sunday and will be back January 20th. Moret says all of the companies they’ll be meeting with are considering major projects in Louisiana…:

CUT 7 (08)  “services firms”

Jindal visited Asia last year in January and Moret says the relationships they were able to build there will result in expected additional economic development announcements for Louisiana within the next couple of months. He says more jobs for citizens here has always been a major priority for the Governor’s Administration…:

CUT 8 (10) “in Europe”


It was a cold morning across Louisiana. Phil Grigsby, with the National Weather Service in New Orleans, says the low temperature in Baton Rouge and Slidell tied a record of 20-degrees…

CUT 9 (09)  “interesting thing”

Grigsby says it will be a cold afternoon and night, with wind chill readings in the low 30s…

cut 10 (08)  “mid 20s”


The search for a new LSU defensive coordinator doesn’t appear to be going so well. Coach Les Miles has reportedly interviewed or spoke with several candidates, but a front-runner has yet to emerge. LSU beat reporter for Gannett Newspapers, Glen Guilbeau, says Miles may have to promote defensive line coach Brick Haley to replace the departed John Chavis

cut 11 (07)  “look good”

Alabama linebackers coach Kevin Steele and Oregon defensive coordinator Don Pellum are other names that have been mentioned as possible candidates. Guilbeau says it’s concerning a high-profile candidate hasn’t emerged

cut 12 (09)  “at the moment”

Penn State defensive coordinator Bob Shoop reportedly interviewed, but decided to remain with the Nittany Lions. Guilbeau says Shoop was the best candidate out there named so far

cut 13 (08)  “Coach Chavis”


The Thibodaux Police Department says a man is under arrest after cops say he stole a vehicle then told officers his phone made him do it. Spokesman David Melancon says shortly after they got the report of a stolen vehicle, they were able to locate it with 46-year-old Lionel Adams Jr of Thibodaux behind the wheel…:

cut 14 (11)  “that was his vehicle”

Melancon says after further questioning, Adams ended up admitting that he knew the car was not his…:(Adams was booked into the Lafourche Parish Detention Cenfor for theft of a motor vehicle, DWI and remaining after being forbidden.)

cut 15 (09) “no one was injured”


AM Newscall January 8th, 2015 **brrrrr**

Festivities begin today to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. Eric Gill reports…

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It’s a very frosty start to the morning. Scott Carwile has more…

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If you’d like to try to save money on your homeowners and auto insurance, the Department of Insurance has enhanced its online tool to help consumers find a better rate. Michelle Southern reports…:

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Festivities begin today to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. As part of the War of 1812, the battle culminated in a US victory over the British in Chalmette on January 8, 1815. Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says this was one of the most important battles fought on American soil…

cut 4  (11)  “moment in history”

Dardenne says this victory enabled America to continue to expand westward and cemented Louisiana’s role as part of the United States. He says special events will last throughout the weekend. Dardenne says today’s festivities include a concert by the Marine band in Jackson Square at 7PM…

Cut 5  (07)  “commemorate the battle”

Dardenne says this battle marked the end to hostilities between the US and Great Britain and the British Ambassador to the United States will be on hand to commemorate the event. Dardenne says the weekend will include battle reenactments…

Cut 6 (09)  “in Chalmette”


We’re seeing temperatures in the teens for the northern half of the state and it’s not much warmer along the coast. State Climatologist Barry Keim says be prepared for what will be a cold day

CUT 7 (05)  “acting up again”

It was unusually cold in Louisiana last January and Keim says we are experiencing another polar vortex…

Cut 8 (12)  “Gulf coast” 

Keim says not only is the air temperature colder than normal, but we are also seeing some bone chilling wind chill readings…

Cut 9 (10)  “wind chill temperatures”


The former star of the now-cancelled reality TV series Sons of Guns is set to be arraigned in Baton Rouge today. 49-year-old Will Hayden of Greenwell Springs is accused of raping two preteen girls more that 20 years apart. Legal analyst Tim Meche says Hayden will likely plea not guilty…:

Cut 10 (12) “for the case” 

In East Baton Rouge Hayden allegedly raped an 11-year-old girl sometime between March 2013 and August 2014 then again when she was 12. His oldest daughter appeared on the Dr. Phil show and said she was raped by the suspect 20 years ago. Meche says this case will be largely based on what physical evidence is presented…:

cut 11 (06) “cases”

Hayden also faces rape charges in Livingston Parish. Meche says the fact that this case apparently involves minors and family members will mean a lot will be learned about the dynamic of those relationships…:

cut 12 (07)  “like this”


If you’d like to try to save money on your homeowners and auto insurance, the Department of Insurance has enhanced its online tool to help consumers find a better rate. Commissioner Jim Donelon says you can enter specific information about you into the new website like your age, or how many miles you drive and other things that set rates for insurance…:

Cut 13 (09)  “in their marketplace”

Donelon says among the features of the new website are streamlined online services and a responsive design that makes it compatible with mobile devices. He says Louisiana has done better than any state in the nation at replacing large insurance companies, with smaller regional carriers…:(The “Shop Your Rates” guides can be accessed at

Cut 14 (12)  “substantial dollars”

Donelon says policy holders should keep in mind that the scenarios presented in the comparisons are for illustrative purposes and are not designed to match any individuals exact circumstances. He says there is substantial savings to be had by shopping around and comparing companies and rates…:

Cut 15  (09)  “they are backed up”


The LSU men’s basketball team begins conference play tonight as they visit the Missouri Tigers in a game that will tip-off at 6 P-M. The Bayou Bengals enter league play with an 11-and-2 record and eight-game winning streak. But Coach Johnny Jones says a whole new season begins tonight…

Cut 16  (15)  “everything changes”  

LSU is led by sophomores Jarell Martin and Jordan Mickey, who aare averaging 18 points and 16 points a game respectively. Jones also likes how sophomore guard Tim Quarterman is playing…

Cut 17 (11)  “fun part”


The Ragin Cajuns are 3-and-0 in the Sun Belt, the only team in the league with an undefeated conference record. But tonight U-L Lafayette hosts defending Sun Belt regular season champion and this year’s preseason favorite, Georgia State. Cajuns Coach Bob Marlin says turnovers will be a key stat to watch….

Cut 18 (17) “certainly help’

Both teams are 9-and-5 overall and Georgia State is led by Ryan Harrow, who is averaging 20 points a game. Marlin says for the fans that make it out to the Cajundome, they’ll see two good teams going at it

Cut 19 (22)   “some success”


The top two preseason favorites in Conference USA, Louisiana Tech and UTEP, meet in El Paso tonight at 8 P-M. The Bulldogs are 10-and-4 on the season and Coach Michael White is hoping for a big game out of Raheem Appleby, who is averaging 17 points a game

Cut 20 (20)  “our league”


PM Newscall January 7th, 2015

The State Department of Transportation has announced a project that will widen a portion of Interstate 10 between Lafayette and St. Martin Parishes. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


Get ready to bundle up as the coldest air of the winter arrives in Louisiana. Jeff Palermo has the story…

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


Tomorrow morning we’ll see the coldest temperatures of the winter as low temperatures will dip into the teens in north Louisiana and low 20s in south Louisiana. The cold weather means a greater risk of fires as people try to keep their homes warm. State Fire Marshal Butch Browning says use today to make sure your detectors work

CUT 3 (09)  “retail outlet”

Browning says unfortunately the cold weather brings an increase in home fires. He says many people use space heaters, if that’s the case give them space and there are other things you can do…

CUT 4 (10)  “your home”

Browning says do not use your stove or stove top as a way to heat your home…

CUT 5 (10)  “for that”


The State Department of Transportation announces a plan to widen a portion of Interstate 10 between Lafayette and St. Martin Parishes. DOTD spokesperson Diedra Druilhet says construction will take place where I-10 meets I-49 all the way to Breaux Bridge. She says the estimated cost of this project will be in the neighborhood of $125 million…

CUT 6 (07)  “the project done”

They anticipate the two year project will begin in the fall of 2016. The public comment period for this project is open and citizens have until January 17th to address their concerns. Druilhet says their plan should not impact traffic very much on this busy roadway…

CUT 7 (10)  “existing median”

Druihlet says the project will also include putting in new pavement on the existing roadway. She says this is the first of three projects that will widen or improve I-10 from Lafayette to the Atchafalaya Basin…

CUT 8 (11) “for that area”


Media reports indicate that Saints defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, will remain with the team next season. The Black & Gold defense ranked 31st in the NFL in yards allowed this season during a disappointing 7-9 season. Saints radio color analyst Hokie Gajan believes Ryan deserves a third year at the helm…

CUT 9 (08)  “number four defense”

In Ryan’s first year as Saints defensive coordinator, the team ranked fourth in the NFL in yards allowed. NFL analyst Mike Detillier says he’s not surprised that the Saints held on to Ryan…

cut 10 (10)  “have the players”

Ryan had recently said that this was his worst season in his 10 years as an NFL defensive coordinator. Detillier says the teams defensive problems are more of a personnel issue than a coaching one. He says the Saints need to use this offseason getting quality players to shore up their defense…

cut 11 (07)  “defensive coordinators”


The Kaplan Police Department says an Abbeville High School teacher is in jail accused of having sex with one of his female juvenile students. Chief Boyd Adams says they originally received the complaint about 36-year-old Nicholas Willis from Abbeville Police…:

cut 12 (05)  “Abbeville High”

According to the Vermilion Parish School System website, Willis taught physical science and chemistry at Abbeville High. Adams says cops learned the alleged incident occurred in Kaplan where the suspect lived…:

cut 13 (09)  “arrested Mr. Willis”

Adams says Willis is accused of engaging in sexual relations with the juvenile which is a felony…:(Willis is charged with felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile and is being held on a $200,000 bond.)

cut 14 (04)  “$200,000″



AM Newscall January 7th, 2015

According to 24/7 Wall Street, Louisiana is the 5th most dangerous state in the USA. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


The premiere of Duck Dynasty Season 7 is tonight at 8:30 on A&E and some experts are saying the show could be losing its luster. Michelle Southern reports.

Cut 2 (33) “reporting”


After getting sworn in yesterday, Republican Senator Bill Cassidy gets down to work today in the G-O-P controlled Senate. Scott Carwile has the story….

Cut 3 (29) “reporting”


According to 24/7 Wall Street, Louisiana is the 5th most dangerous state in the USA. The report indicates more dangerous than Louisiana are Alaska, New Mexico, Nevada and Tennessee. LSU Criminologist Edward Shihadeh (Sheh-Ha-Dah) says Louisiana has always ranked high nationally on crime…:

cut 4  (07)  “and crime”

The report also says Louisiana ranks 3rd highest in poverty rate and only 83% of people here have a high school diploma which is the 4th lowest. Shihadeh says lack of education and crime go hand in hand which is a well known finding. He says it’s important to remember that the crime rate is improving in Louisiana but it’s also coming down in other states…:

Cut 5  (09)  “relative to other states”

Shihadeh says poor socioeconomic factors likely contribute to higher crime rates in Louisiana. He says New Orleans and Baton Rouge have had a lot of success going after gang violence…:

Cut 6 (12)  “violent activity”


The premiere of Duck Dynasty Season 7 is tonight at 8:30 on A&E and some experts are saying the show is losing its luster. Emily Yahr covers pop culture and entertainment for The Washington Post. She says it’s not unusual for reality show ratings to drop, but the Robertson family has seen a major decrease in numbers…:

CUT 7 (13)  “to watch that”

Yahr says one of the reasons could be that Duck Dynasty viewers are getting the vibe that the family is more concerned with their side projects launched since their rise to fame. But she doesn’t think this is the end as 3 million people tuning in is a really great number for cable and it’s probably the best thing A&E has going on right now…:

Cut 8 (07)  “a little longer” 

Some attribute the growing lack of interest in Duck Dynasty deals with the controversial statements made by family patriarch Phil Robertson, but Yahr thinks the hilarious “wow factor” of how the family interacts with each other is wearing off…:

Cut 9 (10)  “how much you like people”


A new republican controlled Congress is already battling with President Barack Obama over the much-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline. The White House has issued a veto threat, if lawmakers approve the Canada-to-Texas pipeline. Newly elected republican senator Bill Cassidy doesn’t understand the opposition to the five-point-four billion dollar project

Cut 10 (10) “hate us” 

The House could approve a bill that green lights the project by the end of the week and a Senate could happen soon after. 60 members of the Senate support construction of the Keytone, including six Democrats, but Cassidy is concerned that won’t be enough to over turn a Presidential veto…

cut 11 (08) “too bad”

Cassidy says another bill he hopes gets to the President’s desk is legislation that would increase the revenue Louisiana would receive from royalities from drilling in the outer continental shelf and that money would go towards coastal restoration….

cut 12 (10)  “the Senate”


The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is asking residents to please be aware of the artic weather that is currently moving through the state. The National Weather Service says the cold blast began impacting Louisiana overnight and a hard freeze is expected at sundown through Thursday morning. GOHSEP Director Kevin Davis…:

Cut 13 (09)  “exposed pipes”

Davis says they are encouraging folks to monitor local media for any possible additional watches and warnings for your region. He says protect pets, plants and pipes and if you plan to use space heaters…:

Cut 14 (07)  “fire started”

Davis says while no major impacts are expected from the freezing conditions, the state will be ready to address any potential problems…:

Cut 15  (08)  “right away”


Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis is not ready to comment on whether defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will return next season. Loomis says they are still in the process of evaluating the entire organization….

Cut 16  (19)  “to be adjusted”  

There have been reports the Saints will have trouble improving their roster, because of salary cap limitations. But in a 30-minute meeting with reporters, Loomis downplayed those concerns

Cut 17 (16)  “salary cap”

Some fans have blamed the team’s training camp location as one of the reasons why the Black and Gold finished a seven and nine record. Some Who Dats believe the environment didn’t get the team ready, but Loomis says the plan is to return to Greenbrier, West Virginia

Cut 18 (19) “part of the solution’


PM Newscall January 6th, 2015

New 5th District Congressman, Republican Ralph Abraham of Alto, was sworn in on Capitol Hill today. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (28) “reporting”


Hard freeze warnings have already been posted for portions of south and northeast Louisiana in anticipation of the arctic cold that will move into the state tomorrow. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 2 (28) “reporting”


New 5th District Congressman, Republican Ralph Abraham of Alto, was sworn in on Capitol Hill today. Abraham will be taking over the seat previously occupied by Vance McAllister. The new congressman says he’s very excited to serve the 5th District…

CUT 3 (09)  “our constituents”

Abraham says the new Republican controlled Congress will get to work rather quickly and you can expect to see votes occur this week. He says they will address the immigration problem and the export ban on Liquefied Natural Gas. Abraham says one of the first items they will address will be the Keystone XL Pipeline…

CUT 4 (06)  “do with it”

(The White House said today that the President would veto Keystone XL pipeline legislation if it passes.)

Abraham says the Keystone XL Pipeline will provide jobs that would be great for the state. He says this Congress will pass laws that were not passed in the last congressional session and send them to the President for acceptance or veto. Abraham is optimistic that the GOP controlled Senate will be able override a presidential veto…

CUT 5 (12)  “of these vetoes”


The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office says the town clerk in Forest Hill has been arrested on multiple counts of forgery, malfeasance in office, and more. Lt. Tommy Carnline says their investigation began when town officials discovered some discrepancies in their fine collections…

CUT 6 (09)  “Trista Goleman”

31-year-old Trista Goleman had allegedly been cashing money orders that were being sent to the town for fine payments. Carnline says Goleman was booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center….

CUT 7 (12) “are felonies”

Goleman faces 17 felony counts each of forgery, malfeasance in office, injuring public records and filing false public records. Carnline says the final amount of the money orders Goleman is accused of cashing has not been determined as the investigation is ongoing. He says it appears the clerk was working alone in this incident…

CUT 8 (06) “this one clerk”


A Baton Rouge TV station reports Ohio State Quarterback and two-time Big 10 MVP Braxton Miller is considering transferring to LSU. A shoulder injury  kept Miller from playing this season and two younger QBs passed him up on the Buckeye depth chart. Bayou Bengals Insider publisher Derek Ponamsky says it’s not a surprise to hear Miller might be interested in LSU…

CUT 9 (10)  “talk about”

Notre Dame Quarterback Everett Golson’s name has also been rumored as a possible transfer candidate to LSU. Both players would be eligible to play in 2015, but Ponamsky says LSU can’t talk to Miller or Golson until their respective schools grant them a release from their athletic scholarships

CUT 10 (12)  “gonna be mentioned”

Ponamsky says after below average play from the quarterback position this past season, there’s a good chance LSU will bring a veteran in, who can play right away….

cut 11 (7)  “a goal”


Hard freeze warnings have already been posted for portions of south and northeast Louisiana in anticipation of the arctic cold that will move into the state tomorrow. Mike Marcotte, with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles, says this massive arctic front will bring the coldest temperatures seen this season. He says lows Thursday morning in central Louisiana could be in the upper teens…

cut 12 (08)  “20 to 25″

Marcotte says Thursday morning lows will be below freezing for a majority of the state with some areas seeing lows in the teens. He says although it will be cold across the state, he doesn’t expect any record low temperatures to be set with this arctic front…

cut 13 (06)  “stay in place”

Marcotte says Friday morning lows will remain at freezing or below for a majority of the Bayou State. He says the weekend will see morning temps rise above freezing, but it will be on the cool side. Marcotte says, as this arctic front approaches, remember “the three p’s”…

cut 14 (12)  “would be great”



AM Newscall January 6th, 2015

According to the Des Moines Register, Governor Bobby Jindal is scheduled to have two closed door meetings with conservative religious leaders in Iowa today. Scott Carwile reports…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


King Cake season is officially underway on this Twelfth Night and it’ll be a short one with Mardi Gras falling so early this year on February 17th. Michelle Southern reports.

Cut 2 (29) “reporting”


Angola Warden Burl Cain says he has not taken any steps to install a cooling system on death row despite a federal judge’s ruling to reduce the heat levels. Michelle Southern reports.

Cut 3 (28) “reporting”


Today, Governor Bobby Jindal is scheduled to have two closed door meetings with conservative religious leaders in Iowa. According to the Des Moines Register, the meetings will take place in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says Jindal is looking to shore up his support among this group of voters…

cut 4  (08)  “presidential nomination”

Jindal is thinking about a presidential run in 2016 and Iowa is important because they host the first primary. Stockley adds that evangelicals and conservatives are also important because of their participation in the primary. He says these meetings are very important to Jindal’s hopes…

Cut 5  (11)  “financial backing”

Stockley says these are important meetings to determine how serious of a presidential hopeful Jindal can be. He calls this part of the process the “invisible primary”, where candidates try to win endorsements and backing before the actual contests. He says this will have an important impact on Jindal’s decision to run, or not to run, for president…

Cut 6 (11)  “invisible primary”


King Cake season is officially underway on this Twelfth Night and it’ll be a short one with Mardi Gras falling so early this year on February 17th.  Gambino’s Bakery owner Sam Scelfo says the bulk of the pastry cakes they sell go two weeks before Mardi Gras no matter what day it falls in the year.:

CUT 7 (10)  “we’re excited about it”

Scelfo says they’ve been selling a bunch of King Cakes so far already this year but they expect to be extremely busy today. He says they typically sell between 70,000-75,000 King Cakes in any given season. Scelfo offers almost 70 different flavors…:

Cut 8 (07)  “as we can” 

There’s a story in The Wall Street Journal saying King Cakes no longer come with the baby inside due to a concern over lawsuits. But Scelfo says they are traditionalists and leave the baby in the cake but leave plenty of indicators letting people know it’s in there…:

Cut 9 (10)  “one before”


Doctor Bill Cassidy will be sworn in as a US Senator today giving Louisiana two republicans in the US Senate. What will that mean for the Bayou State? U-L Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says Louisiana will have a unified voice on issues that the Senate debates

Cut 10 (10) “other issues” 

Cross says Louisiana loses clout in the US Senate, with Cassidy replacing three-term democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. But he says the state can make up for it by having Cassidy and Senior Senator David Vitter working together in a republican controlled Senate…

cut 11 (11) “might seem”

Cross anticipates since Cassidy has a medical background, he’ll find some issues that he can be an expert on…

cut 12 (12)  “quite heavily”


Angola Warden Burl Cain says he has not taken any steps to install a cooling system on death row. A federal judge has ruled that the state needs to take more measures to cool off death row during the hot summer months. The ruling is currently under appeal. Cain says it would be too expensive to add any type of cooling system at the prison…:

Cut 13 (07)  “I can’t afford it”

Cain says they couldn’t just reduce the heat levels on death row, it would have to be the entire prison…:

Cut 14 (10)  “another prison”

Cain says he’s not aware of any other prison being facing legal action for having extreme hot conditions but Angola seems to be popular place to sue. He says death row was built in 2005 and has a natural ventilation system so it’s not even the hottest part of the prison…:

Cut 15  (09)  “it’s hot”


Louisiana Tech has lost its defensive coordinator. Manny Diaz has been hired by Mississippi State to be the Bulldogs new defensive coordinator. Diaz helped Tech win the Conference USA western division title and his defense was ranked 22nd in the nation in points allowed and 17th in rush defense. Jonathan Ford, publisher of Bleed Tech Blue, says Diaz gave the Bulldogs’ defense an identity

Cut 16  (13)  “find another one”  

While Tech loses a defensive coordinator, they add a quarterback. Jeff Driskel, who threw for 34-hundred yards at Florida, is transferring to Tech for his final year of college eligibility. The fifth-year senior is allowed to play in 2015 for the Bulldogs. Ford says Driskel didn’t perform as well as expected at Gainesville, but he’ll bring some much needed experience to the quarterback position in Ruston…

Cut 17 (14)  “FBS level”

Tech needs to replace fifth-year senior quarterback Cody Sokul, who led the Bulldogs to a victory in the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Ford says Driskel is your likely starter in 2015 and could have a lot of success…

Cut 18 (14) “that stature”


PM LRN Newscall for January 5

Republican lawmakers are looking to move past the controversy surrounding the number three House GOP leader, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise, over a speech he gave 12 years ago to a white supremacist group. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 1 (28) “reporting”


The Kenner Police Department confirms New Orleans Saints outside linebacker Junior Galette is under arrest and booked with domestic abuse battery. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


Republican lawmakers are looking to move past the controversy surrounding the number three House GOP leader, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise, over a speech he gave 12 years ago to a white supremacist group. Incoming Utah Representative Mia Love is the first black female Republican elected to the House. She told ABC’s “This Week” that Scalice has the support of the party…

CUT 3 (09)  “of his colleagues”

Scalise has stated that the speech was a mistake that he now regrets. Republican leaders, including House Speaker John Boehner, have backed Scalise. Love says Scalise should remain House Majority Whip…

CUT 4 (11)  “American people done”

Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming spoke on the issue on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. He said speaking to that group was a “grave mistake” for Scalise, but that doesn’t mean Scalise supports the views of that group…

CUT 5 (11)  “stick with that”


State Police arrest a Breaux Bridge man for his role in a two-vehicle accident in St. Martin Parish that claimed the life of a 56-year-old woman last week. Master Trooper Brooks David says a truck, driven by 30-year-old Emmanuel Wiltz, crossed the center line of LA 328 in the path of a car driven by Betty Borel…

CUT 6 (08)  “of the crash”

He says Wiltz, who was suspected of being impaired at the time of the crash, received minor injuries as a result of the crash. David says Borel sustained what was believed to be moderate injuries and transported to a local hospital…

CUT 7 (07) “from the crash”

Several hours later, State Police were informed that Borel had succumbed to her injuries. David says Wiltz was originally charged with DWI, vehicular negligent injuring, and other charges. He says affter Borel’s death, authorities obtained an arrest warrant with upgraded charges… (Wiltz now also faces vehicular homicide and driving left of center charges.)

CUT 8 (05) “in the beginning”


Alexandria Police say a man is behind bars for pulling the trigger in a fatal shooting that investigators are calling an accident. Lt. Brooks Fairbanks says 29-year-old Kendall Smith is charged with negligent homicide. He says they responded to a report of a shooting and located another 29-year-old male victim suffering from a gunshot wound…:

CUT 9 (05)  “pronounced deceased”

Fairbanks says an investigation revealed some individuals were playing with a weapon before the incident took place…:

CUT 10 (09)  “negligent homicide”

Fairbanks says this is a horrible tragedy that is completely avoidable where a young member of the community lost his life due to friends or family members recklessly handling a gun…:

cut 11 (12)  “not toys”


The Kenner Police Department confirms New Orleans Saints outside linebacker Junior Galette is under arrest and booked with domestic abuse battery. They say the incident involved a female acquaintance who sustained injuries including blood coming out of her ear when her earring was apparently ripped out. Lt. Brian McGregor read the victim’s statement:

cut 12 (06)  “I couldn’t breathe”

The 26-year-old linebacker told cops that the woman was a dancer he brought home for the night, but the victim claims she was Galette’s assistant who had been staying with him for about two years. Also arrested was Gallett’s cousin, 27-year-old Terrance Banks of Newark, New Jersey. McGregor said in the victim’s statement she claimed both suspects were on top of her and she could not breathe…:

cut 13 (12)  “jump me again”

The woman told cops the argument started over money for a cab. She claimed both men jumped her so she grabbed a knife. McGregor read the victim’s statement..:

cut 14 (06)  “10″


It’s an election year in Louisiana and Angola Warden Burl Cain’s name has come up as a possible candidate for governor. Cain was in Baton Rouge today and says he’s still thinking about running for the highest elected position in the state…

cut 15 (09) ” old Burl”

Cain has served as the Warden of the Louisiana State Penitentiary since 1995. He says the idea of him running for governor came from people who have visited the prison. Cain says he’s a civil servant and he’ll have to resign, if he runs, so he doesn’t want to talk about the topic

cut 16 (10) “to be”

LRN AM Newscall January 5th

The Department of Health and Hospitals is urging businesses to strengthen wellness at the office. Emelie Gunn has the story…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


According to, it’s possible we’re getting close to the bottom of the dramatic drop in the price we pay at the pump. Michelle Southern reports…:

Cut 2 (30) “reporting”


A new Congress will be sworn in tomorrow, which means Mary Landrieu’s 18-year run as a US Senator has ended. Scott Carwile has the story…

Cut 3 (28) “reporting”


The state department of health and hospitals is encouraging businesses to come up with programs or policies at the workplace that would encourage employees to live a healthy lifestyle. D-H-H Well-Ahead Director Melissa Martin says we are at the workplace more frequently than anywhere else.

cut 4  (08)  “wellness programs”

Martin says the most important initiative is to offer a tobacco free environment. She says the state offers many cessation coaching programs for the workplace.

Cut 5  (09)  “many diseases”

Martin says providing two or three healthier cafeteria options can help improve employee wellness. And She says healthier snacks during meetings can actually provide a more productive workforce. (Martin says for ideas you can go to

Cut 6 (12)  “for sweets”


According to, it’s possible we’re at the bottom of the dramatic drop in the price we pay at the pump. Senior Petroleum Analyst Gregg Laskoski says their current statewide average for a gallon of regular in Louisiana is around $2.10 and crude oil prices will likely not drop much lower…:

CUT 7 (10)  “that point”

Laskoski says if gas prices are at their lowest point right now it wouldn’t be much of a surprise because that’s typically what happens in January…:

Cut 8 (05)  “gasoline” 

Laskoski says if gas prices do start to drop again it won’t be by much because this is the month refineries have to make the switch from the winter blend to the summer blend of gasoline. He says we’re still paying far less than we were in January 2014…:

Cut 9 (07)  “a year ago”


With a new Congress set to swear-in tomorrow that puts a wrap on Mary Landrieu’s last day as a U-S Senator. Landrieu has served Louisiana in the Senate the last 18 years and LSU Political Science Professor Robert Hogan says she’ll be remembered for her work to bring federal resources to the Bayou State…

Cut 10 (11) “Katrina” 

In 2006, Landrieu co-authored a piece of legislation that expanded oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico and it also steered billions of dollars in revenues produced offshore to Louisiana to help fund the state’s coastal restoration efforts. Hogan says Landrieu fought for the state

cut 11 (10) “available”

Landrieu has not said what she’ll do next. Hogan says Landrieu’s middle of the road approach to politics could result in her making a lot of money as a lobbyist or she could become an outspoken advocate on issues dealing with children or the poor

cut 12 (08)  “those issues”


A cold week is on tap for Louisiana as artic air makes it way into the Bayou State. Tim Humphrey, with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles, says high temperatures will only be in the 40s for north Louisiana today and 50s in south Louisiana and even more colder air will arrive Wednesday

Cut 13 (12)  “freeze likely”

Humphrey says a high pressure area currently located in Canada will bring us the cold air…

Cut 14 (12)  “for us”

Humphrey says the cold air mass heading down from Canada will be dry, so you won’t have to worry about any winter precipitation

Cut 15  (07)  “especially cold”



After missing 21 games with a shoulder injury, Pelicans shooting guard Eric Gordon may play tonight when New Orleans hosts the Washington Wizards. Gordon, who is averaging almost 10 points a game, went through practice yesterday and believes there’s a chance he can play tonight

Cut 16  (12)  “still uncertain”  

The Pelicans are 17-and-16 on the season, one game back of Phoenix for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday says it will be a big boost to get Gordon back…

Cut 17 (20)  “helps everybody out”

Head Coach Monty Williams expects Gordon will provide a jolt to the team…

Cut 18 (12) “been missing”


PM LRN Newscall for January 2nd

There are some new state laws that are on the books with the start of a new year. Don Molino tells us about a few of them…

CUT 1 (27) “reporting”


Louisiana native Donna Douglas, famously known as Elly Mae Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies, died at the age of 81 on New Years Day. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 2 (31) “reporting”


Just over 20 new state laws went into effect with the start of the new year. That includes changes to Louisiana’s D-W-I laws. Jefferson Parish assistant district attorney Norma Broussard, says the changes will make it easier for everyone to understand the penalties of driving under the influence

CUT 3 (06)  “what’s gonna happen”

Broussard says another change is that judges can now take certain measures to provide substance abuse help for those convicted of their first or second D-W-I…

CUT 4 (09)  “third or fourth offenders”

Broussard says the state’s revised D-W-I laws also calls for jail time for first time offenders, who are under the age of 21…

CUT 5 (10)  “three month sentence”


Louisiana native Donna Douglas, famously known as Elly Mae Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies, died at the age of 81 on New Years Day. She was born in Pride at and lived in Zachary in East Baton Rouge Parish. Douglas appeared on the Jim Engster show in May of 2013 and says she never considered not coming back to Louisiana…:

CUT 6 (11)  “Louisiana was home”

Douglas was an author of works including the cookbook, Southern Favorites With a Taste of Hollywood. She was a “Miss Baton Rouge” and was named “Miss New Orleans” in 1957. On the Jim Engster Show in May of 2013 Douglas said she’d never planned to be an actress…:

CUT 7 (09) “up there”

The CBS television series aired from 1962 to 1971 and Douglas starred on the program for all nine seasons. The Beverly Hillbillies became the number one show in the United States in its first two years. Douglas was famous for closing out the show with a whistle and her signature line, “Y’all come back now, here!” — which is how she signed off on the Jim Engster show in May 2013…:

CUT 8 (08) “a year ago”


Louisiana has been experiencing some mild temperatures so far this winter which is good news for the crawfish season. LSU Ag Center Aquaculture specialist Dr. Greg Lutz says warmer weather allows the mudbugs to grow faster during the winter months…:

CUT 9 (05)  “a little bit”

Lutz says this also means the harvest will begin sooner than it normally would which is welcome by growers because we didn’t have a lot of rain during the fall…:

CUT 10 (09)  “into the ponds”

Lutz says the supply of crawfish right now is fair and it should be getting bigger toward the end of the month. He says mudbug lovers like when the season starts early…:

cut 11 (12)  “our producers”


LSU fans are wondering who the Tigers will get to coach up the defense, now that John Chavis is in Texas as A-and-M’s defensive coordinator. Football insider Mike Detillier says it shouldn’t be hard to find a good replacement as many NFL and college football assistants will seek out the coaching vacancy at LSU

cut 12 (12)  “coveted job”

Detillier says the names he’s keeping an eye on to replace “Chief” are former USC defensive coordiantor Clancy Pendergast, Alabama linebackers coach Kevin Steele, Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables and Penn State defensive coordinator Bob Shoop. And he believes these individuals would be interested if Miles contacted them

cut 13 (12)  “college football”

Louisiana native and former Ole Miss head coach Ed Orgeron says he’s would be interested in joining LSU’s staff, if contacted by Miles. Detillier says Coach “O” has always had a great interest in working at LSU

cut 14 (06)  “type titles”