LRN PM Newscall June 2nd

The Vermilion Parish city of Kaplan is buzzing as an HBO film crew is shooting for a new series there. Eric Gill reports…

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Leaders for public universities and colleges are urging legislators to approve legislation called the “Save Fund.” Jeff Palermo has the story…

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The Vermilion Parish city of Kaplan is buzzing as an HBO film crew is shooting for a new series there. Vermilion Parish Tourist Commission Director, Allison Miller, says the series is called “Quarry”…

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Miller says the shoot is expected to last about a week and the series will air on Cinemax sometime next year. She believes the shoot will cover one episode of the series, but says the crew is giving out very few details. Miller says the series is set in the ’70s and, apparently, a local motel made the cut…

CUT 4 (06)  “looking for”

She says “Quarry” is the biggest film news to hit the area since a remake of “The Blob” was shot in Abbeville in 1988. Miller is hopeful that once the series is aired, it will spark a boost in tourism of people who want to see where the show was shot. She says the film shoot brings a nice boost to the local economy…

CUT 5 (08)  “they’re here”


Public university leaders are pushing the state legislature to approve a higher education tax credit that’s having trouble getting support in the Louisiana House. University of Louisiana system President Sandra Woodley says the legislation is needed to prevent deep cuts to four and two year colleges…

CUT 6 (10)  “higher education”

The legislation, which has been called the SAVE fund, is facing push back from House members. They say its a complicated and only offered, so Governor Jindal doesn’t break his Americans for Tax Reform no-new-taxes pledge. Board of Regents Chairman Roy O’ Martin understands lawmakers’ concerns

CUT 7 (08) “piece of legislation”

The House has approved eleven measures that raises revenue to prevent cuts to higher ed, but for Jindal to sign those measures, there needs to be a tax cut, which is where the Save tax credit comes in. O’Martin says if legislators want to protect higher ed, they need to approve it

CUT 8 (09)  “save higher education”


The first NCAA Super Regional game between LSU and UL-Lafayette will be Saturday night at Alex Box Stadium at 7pm. Many Purple and Gold and Ragin Cajun fans are planning to head out to campus early that morning to tailgate ahead of the big matchup. Assistant Tiger Rag Editor James Moran says you couldn’t ask for a better first pitch time Saturday…:

CUT 9 (11)  “Saturday night”

The game Sunday will either be at 5 or 6pm. Saturday night’s game will be broadcast on ESPN 2 and Moran says that speaks volumes of the overall national excitement of this in-state matchup…:

cut 10 (08) “itse’f apart” 

The game Monday, if necessary, is TBA. Moran feels that the games this weekend will have the same feeling as a big LSU/Alabama football type atmosphere…:

cut 11 (08)  “bigger prize”


State Treasurer John Kennedy is concerned some of the 11 revenue generating bills approved by the state House were not passed constitutionally. The 11 House bills would raise approximately $615 million dollars to help deal with the current budget crisis. Five of those bills passed with a simple majority from the House, which Kennedy says makes them unconstitutional…

cut 12 (10)  “two-thirds vote”

Kennedy says the state Constitution requires that any new tax, raise in an existing tax, or change of an existing tax exemption receive a two-thirds majority vote from both the House and Senate to become law. He says the legislature is relying on a 1993 attorney general’s opinion that states that a simple majority is required to suspend an existing tax exemption…

cut 13 (06)  “even on point”

However, Kennedy says that opinion misses the mark because it deals with suspending tax exemptions, not scaling them back. The five bills in question are all related to scaling back tax exemptions and credits. Kennedy says the state constitution doesn’t make an exception for partial exemptions…

cut 14 (07) “do it over”


AM Newscall, June 2nd, 2015

There are 10 days left in the 2015 legislative session and lawmakers do not appear to be close to balancing the state’s budget. Eric Gill reports…

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The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tabasco Control begins its annual summer crackdown on underage sales. Michelle Southern reports…:

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The LSU Tigers are headed to the Super Regionals where they’ll face the Ragin Cajuns. Scott Carwile has more…

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There are 10 days left in the 2015 legislative session and lawmakers do not appear to be close to balancing the state’s budget. Legislators are tackling a $1.6 billion budget deficit for next fiscal year. La-Politics-dot-com Publisher Jeremy Alford says lawmakers have serious doubts about being able to produce a revenue-neutral budget as required by Governor Bobby Jindal…

cut 4  (07)  “accomplish that”

Alford says it seems the key to a revenue-neutral budget is Mandeville Senator Jack Donahue’s Senate-passed SAVE tax credit that would provide colleges with a tax credit for raising student fees. He says lawmakers are having a hard time understanding the legislation, especially in the House where the bill is pending…

Cut 5  (08)  “revenue-neutral”

The SAVE tax credit was to be heard in a House committee Monday, but that hearing has been delayed. The legislative session ends June 11th. Alford says the clock is ticking loudly and you can expect things to go down to the wire…

Cut 6 (10)  “wants to do”


The Grambling State Presidential search has been narrowed to 5 candidates who begin public interviews today. University spokeswoman Tracy Wright says interviewing today are Dr. Wayne Brumfield, Dr. Gilbert L. Rochon, and Dr. Thomas Calhoun. She says tomorrow will be Dr. Willie Larkin and Dr. Glenda Carter. Wright says they are happy with the semi-finalists…:

CUT 7 (04)  “will be”

Wright says they will narrow this list down to two on Thursday…:

Cut 8  (10)  “University” 

The interviews will be held at the Betty Smith Nursing Building Auditorium and members of the public and the media are invited to attend. Wright says they are excited about this process…:

Cut 9 (09)  “university”


The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control announces the start of the agency’s annual summer crackdown on underage sales. ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert says this is the third year they will increase compliance checks statewide during summer months. He says with kids out of school, the chances of them drinking or smoking goes up…:

Cut 10 (10) “people underage”

Hebert says during last summer’s crackdown, agents conducted over 6500 compliance checks on businesses and sell or serve alcohol and tobacco products and issued nearly 900 citations from underage sales. He says they will be going into businesses with people who are underage trying to buy alcohol or tobacco…:

cut 11 (11) “underage”

The 2015 Summer Crackdown will begin this week and run through August. Hebert says last year about 14% of the businesses that ATC checked sold to underage operatives. He says with an increase in their education initiative, they want to ensure that more places will do the right thing and not sell to minors…:

cut 12 (09)   “or tobacco”


A bill that would give certain protections to victims of domestic violence when it comes to their housing passes a House committee Monday. SB174 is by Baton Rouge Senator Sharon Weston Broome. Under the measure, a victim could break a lease to escape a violent situation and the landlord could evict an abuser. Chalmette Representative Raymond Garofalo says his concern with the bill deals with landlords…:

Cut 13 (09)  “abuse victims”

Garofalo did not vote in favor of the bill saying he wanted to see it tightened up for the sake of apartment owners…:

Cut 14 (09) “situations”

The Senate approved measure now heads to the full House for further consideration. Broome says they’ve added many amendments to this bill to try to add additional protections for property owners…:

Cut 15  (10)  “both sides”


It will be LSU and U-L Lafayette in a super regional series this weekend at Alex Box Stadium. Both teams advanced out of their respective regionals, the Tigers defeated UNC-Wilmington 2-0, while the Cajuns defeated Rice 5-2. LSU center fielder and former St. Thomas More star Andrew Stevenson grew up in Acadiana and he’s excited for what should be an electric atmosphere at the Box

Cut 16  (15)  “for that”

LSU’s starting pitching was outstanding in the regionals. Alex Lange tossed a complete game shutout and Jared Poche was one out away from duplicating that effort on Monday. Coach Paul Mainieri says the entire pitching staff is ready for more low-scoring games this weekend…

Cut 17 (18) ” pitch it that way” 

UL Lafayette won two games in the Houston Regional by scoring multiple runs in the ninth inning to win. The voice of Ragin Cajuns, Jay Walker, says this team has found ways to get it done

Cut 18 (15) “first two games”‘

Walker says the Cajuns will bring a young team to Baton Rouge, their top three starters are freshmen and so is their closer. He says the club understands they go in as underdogs

Cut 19 (14)  “play ball”



LRN PM Newscall June 1

Here on this first day of the 2015 Hurricane Season, the Colorado State University forecast team continues to predict tropical activity will be well-below average. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 1 (27) “reporting”


The National Weather Service says draining floodwaters from Texas and Oklahoma continue to cause waters to rise in the Red River in Louisiana. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 2 (29) “reporting”


The National Weather Service says floodwaters draining from Texas and Oklahoma continue to cause rising waters in the Red River in Louisiana. Mario Valverde with NWS in Shreveport says the river is above 30 feet for the first time since 1990 in Shreveport. The Red is expected to crest there Saturday at 34 feet. Valverde says there is already flooding in the area…

CUT 3 (10)  “water’s too high”

He says farmland and parks along the river are already seeing some flooding. Montra Lockwood with NWS in Lake Charles says the Red River is expected to crest at close to 38 feet next Monday in Alexandria. She says this will put the river in a moderate flood category…

CUT 4 (08)  “considerable flooding”

She says flooding will mainly impact areas northeast of the river and some homes in the Pineville area could be affected. Valverde says this flooding event will take a while to dissipate…

CUT 5 (05)  “of August”


Here on this first day of the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season, the Colorado State University forecast team continues to predict activity will be well-below average. Report lead author Dr. Phil Klotzbach says they call for eight named storms, three hurricanes and one major hurricane…:

CUT 6 (09)  “this year”

Klotzbach says their summary is based on the likely development of a strong El Nino event as well as continued unfavorable hurricane formation conditions in the tropical Atlantic. However he says this doesn’t mean there will be no impacts…:

CUT 7 (07) “that year”

The report also includes the probability of major hurricanes making landfall on US soil. He says for the Gulf Coast from the Florida panhandle to south Texas, there’s about a 15 percent chance for a strike which is about half of the long term average of 30%…:

CUT 8 (09)  “for you”


A recent Gallup Poll shows Louisiana has the third highest obesity rate in the country. The Bayou State’s obesity rate stands at 33-percent, compared to the national average of nearly 28-percent. Pennington Biomedical Research Center Assistant Professor, Dr. Amanda Staiano (STY-ano), says the combination of tasty food and sedentary pastimes contribute to the state’s obesity rate…

CUT 9 (06)  “the pounds off”

The survey lists Baton Rouge as the most obese city in the nation with an obesity rate of nearly 36-percent. Staiano says obesity is a complex issue because it involves the foods we eat and the activity we get, not to mention genetics. She says when healthy options are encouraged, it really makes a difference…

cut 10 (07) “really help people” 

Staiano says Louisiana spends almost $3 billion each year on direct medical costs related to obesity. She says that there is a link between obesity and financial hardship. Staiano adds that if healthier options can be made available to these families, it could help lighten state’s obesity problem…

cut 11 (08)  “poorer neighborhoods”


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says, starting today, anyone who buys a saltwater fishing license could win various prizes including a 22 foot bay boat and trailer. LDWF Assistant Secretary of Fisheries Randy Pausina says License to Win is a way they are working to gather a very accurate database with angler contact information.

cut 12 (11)  “entered to win”

Pausina says they will hold monthly drawings and all fisherman have to do is buy the saltwater fishing license, provide an accurate email address or phone number…:

cut 13 (07)  “drawing”

Pausina says the prizes include YETI ice chests, Shimano gear and gift cards from Whole Foods, Academy Sports and Outdoors and Texaco. One lucky angler will take home the grand prize of the boat, trailer and motor. He says this is a way the anglers can participate in science…:

cut 14 (11) “the best data”


LRN AM Newscall for Monday June 1

Today is the start of the 2015 Hurricane Season and even though forecasters are calling for a below average season, state officials urge you to get prepared. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


A House Committee hears a Senate-bill today that  will help the legislature reach a revenue-neutral budget. It’s called the SAVE tax credit, and it provides colleges with a tax credit for raising fees on students. Michelle Southern reports..:

Cut 2 (27) “reporting”


Another republican presidential primary poll has Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal receiving just one percent of the vote. Jeff Palermo has more…

Cut 3 (30) “reporting”


Today is the start of the 2015 Hurricane Season and even though forecasters are calling for a below average season, state officials are urging you to get prepared for a storm now. Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness spokesman Mike Steele says their message every year is “Get a Game Plan”…:

cut 4  (09)  “develop”

A list of hurricane supplies, evacuation information and other critical information can be found on the website. Steele says in addition to hurricane preparedness items, you should also think about things like prescription medication paperwork, insurance papers and other important documents…:

Cut 5  (10)  “to evacuate”

Steele says we’ve been fortunate to have had a low level of tropical activity in recent years, but we can not let our guard down. He says they don’t want people to be complacent just because NOAA is predicting a below normal hurricane season…

Cut 6 (06)  “for Louisiana”


State lawmakers are looking at increasing title fees by another 50-dollars when a person purchases a new or used vehicle. Senate Transportation Chairman Robert Adley supports the effort. Adley says the additional revenue will go towards State Police operations, so they can stop taking money away from a fund designed to pay for road and bridge work…

CUT 7 (07)  “trust fund”

Currently, residents pay a title fee of $18.50. Adley says it hasn’t been adjusted since the 1980s and a fee increase can keep State Police from receiving money out of the Transportation Trust Fund, which pays for road repairs

Cut 8  (10)  “that works” 

The proposed title fee increase has been amended to a bill already passed by the House that’s awaiting a vote in the Senate. Adley believes the rest of the legislature will go along with this proposal…

Cut 9 (04)  “right thing to do”


The trial to determine whether Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson is competent to make important decisions regarding his franchises begins today in New Orleans. Benson’s heirs are asking that the 87-year-old be declared mentally unfit to manage his affairs. Legal analyst Tim Meche says the court will use reports from doctors who evaluated Benson..:

Cut 10 (08) “testify”

Benson previously announced he was going to leave ownership of the teams to his wife instead of his daughter and grandchildren. His lawyer maintains that decision was in the best interest of the sports franchises. Meche says this is a very unusual situation…:

cut 11 (05) “of case”

Last week a judge ruled that the proceedings are closed to the public, because a person’s medical records should not be known to the world. Meche believes that’s a stretch…:

cut 12 (10)   “over reaching”


The House Ways and Means Committee hears a Senate-bill today that is needed for the legislature to reach a revenue-neutral budget. The measure is called the SAVE tax credit, and it will provide colleges with a tax credit for raising fees on students. Many democrats oppose the measure as the head of the party, Senator Karen Peterson, says all the bill does is help make it look like they are not raising taxes.:

Cut 13 (09)  “playing games”

Governor Bobby Jindal has promised he would veto any measures that weren’t “revenue neutral” which is forcing lawmakers to come up with creative ways to get bills signed. Peterson implies that all this proposal does is help the governor’s personal ambitions…:

Cut 14 (11) “and unnecessary”

A separate bill is moving through the legislature that would allow colleges to raise their own tuition and fees. Jindal calls the SAVE tax credit a way to keep education cost-effective in Louisiana…:

Cut 15  (07)  “affordable”

Jindal says the SAVE tax credit is a way to dedicate funding to higher education…:

Cut 16  (07)  “higher education”


The New Orleans Pelicans named 60-year-old coaching veteran Alvin Gentry as their new head coach over the weekend. This will be Gentry’s fifth time as a head coach in the NBA. Jake Madison, who writes for the website Bourbon Street Shots says the hiring of Gentry is a smart move by general manager Dell Demps

Cut 17 (19) ” Golden State Warriors” 

Gentry will not assume his role as head coach of the Pelicans, until after the NBA Finals. He’ll spend the next couple of weeks trying to help Golden State win a championship. Madison says Gentry will bring an up tempo style of basketball to the Crescent City

Cut 18 (16) “next season”‘

Madison says this job had to be attractive to Gentry, because he’ll be able to coach one of the best young stars in the game, Anthony Davis

Cut 19 (19)  “all of it”


PM Newscall, May 29th, 2015

Former Saints safety Darren Sharper pleads guilty to drug and rape charges Friday in New Orleans federal court. Michelle Southern reports…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


The US Army agrees to pay for the disposal of the 15-million pounds of M6 propellant improperly stored at Camp Minden in Webster Parish. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


The US Army agrees to pick up the tab on the burning of the 15-million pounds of M6 propellant improperly stored at Camp Minden in Webster Parish. The Louisiana National Guard received a letter from the Department of Justice saying the Army will pay the $28 million to dispose of the materials. Minden Representative Gene Reynolds says this means the project can finally get up and going…

CUT 3 (09)  “out of there”

There had been a dispute about the oversight costs of the cleanup effort. Reynolds says the Army will negotiate for those costs. He says once the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed on the contract, he expects work to begin on the site almost immediately…

CUT 4 (10)  “filtering system”

The M6 will be disposed through a closed burn on the Camp Minden grounds. Although no specific timeline has been set for the destruction of the propellant, Reynolds is glad that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel…

CUT 5 (12)  “it’s all gone”


Saturday and Sunday is the 2015 Louisiana Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. Hurricane Season starts Monday and Department of Revenue spokeswoman Kizzy Payton says this weekend Louisiana residents can purchase preparedness items without having to pay the 4 percent state sales tax…:

CUT 6 (05)  “emergency supplies”

Payton says eligible items include self powered light sources and radios, gas or diesel fuel tanks, most all types of batteries including those for cell phones, storm shutter devices and more…:

CUT 7 (08) “citizens purchase”

The exemption applies to the first $1500 dollars of the purchase price of each item. Payton says they strongly encourage people to take advantage of this and get prepared now…:

CUT 8 (09)  “family safe”


Former Saints safety Darren Sharper pleads guilty to drug and rape charges Friday in New Orleans federal court. The 39-year-old Sharper pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to distribute drugs with the intent to commit rape. Legal analyst Chick Foret says Sharper’s “global” plea deal limits his sentence to 9 years, which Judge Jane Milazzo can choose to accept or reject…

CUT 9 (10)  “August 20th”

Sharper is scheduled for sentencing on August 20th. Foret says the hearing was pretty standard. He says the government read into the record the factual basis of Sharper’s case and also talked about the co-defendants in this case, Erik Nunez and Brandon Licciardi…

cut 10 (07) “even others” 

Under his “global” plea deal, Sharper will plead guilty in state court to two counts of forcible rape and one count of simple rape. Foret says Sharper’s deal with prosecutors in four states looks to be unfolding in his favor…

cut 11 (11)  “coming together”


In a bizarre incident, Baton Rouge Police report a man wielding an ax went after a police officer. Spokesman Cpl. L’Jean McKneely says officers responded to a call about 41-year-old Deandre Trahan walking around and attempting to burglarize homes. He says after an officer located Trahan and called for backup. McKneely says when the officer stepped out of his car, Trahan attacked him while holding the ax…

cut 12 (11)  “police unit”

McKneely says Trahan overpowered the officer and fled in the police unit. He says they used GPS to locate the cruiser in West Baton Rouge Parish. McKneely says spike strips were deployed to disable the car…

cut 13 (10)  “damage to property”

He says Trahan was tased several times, transported to a local hospital for treatment, and booked for armed robbery and criminal damage to property. Additional charges could follow.  The officer received moderate injuries in the incident and has been released from the hospital. McKneely says the investigation is ongoing and they are trying to determine what motivated Trahan…

cut 14 (07) “of narcotic”



AM Newscall, May 29th, 2015

The statewide Click It or Ticket campaign continues this weekend. Jeff Palermo reports law enforcement hopes it will prevent further traffic fatalities…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


Legislation that will allow for the dispensing of medical marijuana in Louisiana has the full support of Governor Bobby Jindal. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 2 (27) “reporting”


Areas along the Red River are bracing for an expected crest of 33 feet which the National Weather Service says is coming by June 5th to the Shreveport area. Michelle Southern reports…:

Cut 3 (31) “reporting”


In Louisiana Radio Network’s continuing gubernatorial Q&A, we asked the four major candidates their stance on Common Core. Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says it’s completely necessary for Louisiana students to be measured against students in other states…:

cut 4  (10)  “real results”

Amite Representative John Bel Edwards says we should not be adopting national educational standards in Louisiana until they’ve been thoroughly vetted…:

Cut 5  (10)  “age and grade”

US Senator David Vitter says he strongly supports getting Louisiana out of Common Core and PARCC tests. He says we still need testing and to be able to compare our students with students around the country…:

Cut 6 (10)  “other things”

Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle says he opposes Common Core after meeting with teachers and parents and others who are needed to make it work, but don’t believe it it…:

CUT 7 (10)  “on high standards”


State police say the Click it or Ticket campaign continues this weekend after five unrestrained motorists were killed last weekend in highway crashes. State police spokesperson Dustin Dwight says more than 400 tickets were issued for seat belt violations over the weekend, unfortunately that wasn’t enough to prevent fatalities.

Cut 8  (09)  “totally preventable” 

Click it or Ticket is designed to emphasize proper seat belt use, the dangers of impaired driving and the importance of making good driving decisions. Dwight says buckling up should always be a priority.

Cut 9 (10)  “safety system”

The campaign will continue until the end of the month. Dwight says state troopers will be out in greater force looking for seat belt violations.

Cut 10 (05) “as well”


A recent poll shows Governor Bobby Jindal is less popular than President Barack Obama in Louisiana. But Jindal says that’s because he’s made some tough choices, which includes cutting state government spending and implementing important reforms like the statewide school voucher program…

cut 11 (07) “tough choices”

And the governor, who has presidential aspirations, is struggling in recent republican presidential primary polls. But Jindal says he’s not concerned…

cut 12 (08)   “you know”

Jindal says he’ll announce after the legislative session on whether he’ll run for President. The governor says if he does run, he’ll let the voters know that he’s not afraid to make big changes

Cut 13 (07)  “country forward”


Areas along the Red River are bracing for an expected crest of 33 feet which the National Weather Service says is coming by June 5th to the Shreveport area. The Bossier Parish Sheriff’s office says residents could see flood conditions similar to 2009. Lt. Bill Davis says people living in low lying areas need to keep an eye on the rising water…:

Cut 14 (10) “necessary precautions”

Davis says this is also a time when neighbors should check on neighbors especially if you know someone who has special needs or a medical condition. He says they are making plans to inform residents, especially those south of Highway 527 who will likely be displaced by the high waters, to make necessary plans…:

Cut 15  (08)  “do so now”

Sandbags are available for residents and more are being made. Davis says they don’t encourage people to stay in their homes despite flood conditions, but if you choose to stay then stockpile water and plenty of canned foods…:

Cut 16  (07)  “be aware”


Alden Cartwright will start on the mound for the Tigers this afternoon as they take on Lehigh to open up the Baton Rouge regional. Cartwright will make his first start of the season, but Coach Paul Mainieri says the sophomore from Baton Rouge will only pitch two innings

Cut 17 (20) ” go that way” 

Last time out, LSU was held to one run in a loss to Florida in the SEC Tournament. Shortstop Alex Bregman expects the bats will come back to life today…

Cut 18 (13) “good job”‘


UL Lafayette will take on Rice this afternoon in the opening contest of the Houston Regional. Coach Tony Robichaux says either Evan Guillory or Wyatt Marks will start on the hill. Gunner Leger has been the Cajuns best starting pitching this season, but Robichaux will wait to use him later in the weekend, so they can preserve his arm

Cut 19 (14)  “his safety”

One of the Cajuns top hitters is Kyle Clement. The junior from Jeanerette says they are excited to take on one of the best baseball programs in the nation…

Cut 20 (08)  “be a good game”



PM Newscall, May 28th, 2015

The National Weather Service predicts that the Red River could reach its highest level in 25 years. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (30) “reporting”


An effort to raise revenue to pay for key highway construction projects failed to get the necessary two thirds vote in the House of Representatives. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 2 (27) “reporting”


The National Weather Service predicts that the Red River could reach its highest level in 25 years. As of Wednesday, the river stood at 29.2 feet. NWS predicts it will crest at 33 feet, the highest since a 34.5 foot crest in 1990. Meteorologist Mario Valverde says the Red River is not at flood stage, but that’s going to change soon…

CUT 3 (05)  “for 25 years”

Valverde says the Red River is expected to crest in the Shreveport area sometime around June 5th. He says the river should crest in the Alexandria area a couple of days later. Valverde doesn’t expect any flooding from the Red River to impact any cities, but says some agricultural lands could be inundated…

CUT 4 (06)  “severe impacts”

NWS says the imminent flooding is the result of recent rainfall in northwest Louisiana and central Texas. It’s predicted that it will be the first part of July before waters to recede back to normal levels. Valverde says the flooding will cause some inconvenience…

CUT 5 (06)  “period of time”


The state House has rejected legislation that would increase the state’s sales tax by one-cent for road and bridge improvements. Plaquemine Representative Karen St. Germain’s bill overwhelmingly failed to get a two-thirds vote of elected members it needed to pass. St. Germain says HB 778 would help with the backlog in road and bridge projects facing the state…

CUT 6 (10)  “pay as we go”

The state is currently facing a backlog of $12 billion in road and bridge needs. St. Germain says the bill could generate over $7 billion over the next decade to fund specific highway projects. She says the neglect of Louisiana’s roadways has gone on long enough…

CUT 7 (06) “a hand basket”

The House vote was 52-42. The measure needed 70 votes to pass. St. Germain says improving state roadways would enhance the lives of all Louisianians…

CUT 8 (05)  “to get there”


The LSU baseball team will host Lehigh tomorrow afternoon to open up NCAA Regional play. The Mountain Hawks are the Patriot League Tournament champs, but they bring a 25-and-29 losing record into Baton Rouge. Pitcher Zac Person says they are not taking Lehigh lightly

CUT 9 (10)  “we’ll be okay”

Shortstop Alex Bregman says the players look forward to postseason baseball in Alex Box Stadium….

cut 10 (08) “this year” 

LSU is 48-and-10 on the season, and they’ve been ranked number one for a good part of the season. Coach Paul Mainieri doesn’t want his team putting any added pressure on themselves now that its the postseason

cut 11 (10)  “all year”


Cops in the LaFourche Parish town of Golden Meadow say they’ve arrested a woman accused of stealing over $12,000 from a non-profit children’s baseball league. Chief Reggie Pitre (PEE’-tree) says they received a complaint from the league’s board of directors about 35-year-old Renee Serigny (sehr-in-YAY’) after noticing inappropriate activity on their bank accounts…:

cut 12 (11)  “both accounts”

Serigny was booked with two counts of felony theft and was released from the parish jail after posting a $4,000 bond. Pitre says he questioned the woman himself about the incident…:

cut 13 (08)  “medical setting”

Pitre says that money was supposed to go towards their Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken league’s account for things like supplies and uniforms from registration fees…:

cut 14 (08) “daily use”



AM Newscall, May 28th, 2015

Nicholls State University has signed an educational partnership with Galliano-based offshore giant Edison Chouest that will let their employees and family members earn a degree from the school. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (26) “reporting”


Louisiana has its first female head football coach in history and she’ll be coaching a deaf squad. Michelle Southern reports…:

Cut 2 (29) “reporting”


A political pundit says Governor Bobby Jindal violated the state constitution for his attack on Presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul. Jeff Palermo has more…

Cut 3 (30) “reporting”


In an effort to increase its international profile and boost enrollment numbers, Nicholls State University has signed an educational partnership with Galliano-based offshore giant Edison Chouest that will allow their employees and family members earn a degree from the school. University President Bruce Murphy says the deal will waive out-of-state and international fees for students connected to Chouest…

cut 4  (08)  “online, as well”

He says the agreement not only covers on-campus courses, but online course opportunities as well. Murphy says it was a natural for the school to team up with Edison Chouest…

Cut 5  (09)  “that company”

Chouest has approximately 14,000 employees in over a dozen countries worldwide. Murphy says this agreement will bring more international diversity to the Thibodaux campus…

Cut 6 (10)  “educational opportunities”


Louisiana has its first female head football coach in history and she’ll be coaching a deaf squad. Susan Gremillion will be taking over the team at the Louisiana School for the Deaf from her husband Darren. She says she’s extremely excited about the upcoming season and feels LSD is the best kept secret in the state…:

CUT 7 (10)  “at a hearing school”

The War Eagles are an eight-man football team and they went 7-2 last year. Gremillion, who was previously the squad’s special teams coordinator, says being the head coach is not about gender it’s about doing what you love…:

Cut 8  (07)  “to learn” 

Gremillion says being the first woman head football coach sounds nice but she wants to be the first woman to coach a deaf national championship team…:

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Two bills that are key components to a Common Core compromise made it off the House Floor Wednesday. The votes were nearly unanimous and Governor Bobby Jindal is also backing the proposals. Lake Charles Representative Brett Geymann, a staunch opponent of Common Core, is glad all sides of this controversial issue came together…:

Cut 10 (11) “this agreement”

One of the bills lets the public and others review the English and math standards, which could result in changes to Common Core curriculum that the next governor would have to approve. The other proposal seeks to control the state’s participation in tests associated with Common Core. Geymann says he’s comfortable with what they came up with…:

cut 11 (04) “come to an agreement”

The legislation will next head to the Senate, which is expected to go along with the bills. Geymann says he’s appreciative of the hard work that went into coming up with this legislation…:

cut 12 (06)   “public process”


Political blogger CB Forgotston says Governor Bobby Jindal violated the state constitution with a press release through the governor’s office that criticizes Presidential candidate Rand Paul. Jindal’s statement, which is on letterhead used by the governor’s office, says Senator Paul is unsuited to be Commander-in-Chief. Forgotston says the state constitution makes it clear that you can’t do that…

Cut 13 (09)  “political candidate”

Jindal criticized the senator from Kentucky for saying that hawks in the Republican Party helped create ISIS. A Jindal spokesperson, Mike Reed, says the suggestion the Governor of Louisiana can not or should not comment on matters of national security is without merit. But Forgotston says Reed is dodging the issue…

Cut 14 (11) “taxpayers dime”

Forgotston says he’s filed a complaint with Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street…

(When contacted, Street said he can’t comment on on a possible investigation.)

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The LSU softball team will take on SEC rival Auburn this afternoon in Oklahoma City in the opening round of the Women’s College World Series. It’s the fourth ever WCWS appearance for LSU. Head Coach Beth Torina says since the fall her team has been on a mission to get to this point

Cut 16  (16)  “sitting in today”

The Tigers bring a 50-and-12 record into Oklahoma City. They have seven hitters hitting .324 or higher and they have four pitchers who have combined for a team ERA of 1.76. Torina says the depth on her team has served them well…

Cut 17 (16)  “to win”

LSU’s last WCWS appearance was in 2012. But the Tigers scored only four total runs and they were eliminated after three games. Torina says this year’s squad has a different mindset…

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LRN PM Newscall Wednesday May 27

NOAA announces the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast calls for 6-11 tropical storms, 3-6 hurricanes and 0-2 major hurricanes. Jeff Palermo reports…:

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Louisiana’s unemployment rate remains above the national rate. Eric Gill has the story…

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A bill that would prohibit hospitals from billing rape victims for their medical exams is one step closer to final passage. New Orleans Representative Helena Moreno’s legislation cleared the Senate in a unanimous vote. New Orleans Senator JP Morrell says this bill goes beyond merely paying for victim’s medical exams…

CUT 3 (08)  “Reparation Board”

Moreno’s measure would would permit health care providers to submit a claim to the victim’s insurance company for payment, but the victim would not be required to pay any share of the costs. The bill now goes back to the House to consider Senate amendments to the legislation. Monroe Senator Bob Kostelka says this bill is important to preserve the dignity of rape victims…

CUT 4 (12)  “go out anymore”


A bill prohibiting what is known as revenge porn is close to legislative passage. Kenner Representative Julie Stokes’ measure has cleared the House and now has unanimous approval from the Senate. Baton Rouge Senator Sharon Weston Broome says the measure would make it a crime to share a nude image of someone on the internet without their permission…

CUT 5 (07)  “emotional harm”

Violators of the proposed measure could face up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The bill now heads back to the House to approve Senate amendments. Broome says this legislation will send a strong message…

CUT 6 (08)  “future instances”


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane forecast will see between 6-11 tropical storms, 3-6 hurricanes and either zero-two major strength hurricanes. Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, NOAA Administrator and Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, says these numbers are below average…:

CUT 7 (07) “1998″

Sullivan emphasizes that a below average hurricane season does not mean that mother nature won’t throw a curve ball so it’s still important to be prepared for anything. She says driving the impact this year is the El Nino which has developed in the Pacific Ocean and has the effect of suppressing hurricane activity in the Atlantic…:

CUT 8 (10)  “of storms”

Hurricane season officially runs June 1 through Nov. 30, but the first Tropical Storm this year, Ana, already formed earlier this month and came ashore in North Carolina. Sullivan says their scientists also predict that sea surface temperatures in the key portions of the Atlantic will be normal…:

CUT 9 (06)  “drive storms as well”


Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Robert Barham says Sgt. Scott Bullitt, who was shot last week in Ouachita Parish while on duty, remains hospitalized in serious condition in a Shreveport hospital. He says neurosurgeons performed surgery on Bullitt Saturday…

cut 10 (11) “his spine” 2X

Barham says doctors were able to successfully remove the bullet and bone fragments from the agent’s spine; however, Sgt. Bullitt currently does not have use of his legs. Barham says Sgt. Bullitt has a long rehabilitation process ahead of him…

cut 11 (09)  “hopeful of that”

Doctors have yet to be determined if the agent has suffered any permanent spinal damage. The suspected shooter, Luke Hust, has been charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder in the incident. Barham says Hust has confessed to the shooting…

cut 12 (10)  “motivated him”


Legislation that allows medical marijuana to be dispensed in Louisiana moves a step closer to final legislative passage. The Senate-approved bill, received approval from a House committee today. The Louisiana Sheriff’s Association were in opposition last year, but executive director, Michael Ranatza, says tight controls have been put on the bill, so they’ve dropped their opposition…

cut 13 (11)  “medical setting”

If medical marijuana legislation is approved, it can be prescribed for spastic quadriplegics, those suffering from glaucoma, individuals going through chemotherapy, or epilepsy. Ranatza says he took the heart a message he received a proponent to the legislation who recently passed away…

cut 14 (08) “have it”

Ranataza made it clear to the committee that the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association does not support the medical marijuana legislation, but they no longer oppose it as they’ve done in previous years…

(The legislation now heads to the House floor.) 

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AM Newscall, May 27th, 2015

Parks Senator Fred Mills will present his medical marijuana bill before the House Health and Welfare Committee today. Jeff Palermo reports…

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Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Angelle announces he’ll be touring north Louisiana beginning this week. Michelle Southern reports…:

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A football player for LSU is booked with felony domestic abuse for allegedly choking his fiance in the presence of children. Michelle Southern reports…:

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Parks Senator Fred Mills will present his medical marijuana bill before the House Health and Welfare Committee today. The measure cleared the full Senate on a 22-13 vote. He says medical marijuana has been legal in Louisiana since a law was passed back in 1991…

cut 4  (07)  “medical marijuana”

The bill would allow for the cultivation and dispensing of medical marijuana. A similar bill by Mills failed to pass committee last year. Mills says he’s worked with the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association to make the bill more acceptable to lawmakers. He says some changes included putting the Department of Agriculture in charge of growing medical marijuana and limiting the number of dispensing pharmacies in the state to ten…

Cut 5  (07)  “oil form”

The measure would also make medical marijuana available only in an oil form, not in its raw form where people would smoke it. Governor Bobby Jindal says he doesn’t see any glaring concerns with Mills’ bill…

Cut 6 (08)  “medical purpose”


Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Angelle announces he’ll be touring north Louisiana beginning this week. According to a release, the tour will travel through 27 parishes meeting with local officials, business owners, educators and other residents. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says this is brilliant strategy…:

CUT 7 (10)  “tremendously”

Recent polls have shown the Public Service Commissioner Angelle trailing the other three major candidates Democratic Representative John Bel Edwards, Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne and the leader, US Senator David Vitter. Stockley says north Louisiana has always been a hot spot for Vitter…:

Cut 8  (08)  “Vitter’s base” 

Today Angelle will be in Madison and Tensas parishes hosting a meet-and-greet with over 150 sportsmen. In the release, Angelle says north Louisiana is crucial to the success of our state and voters there are looking for a governor who appreciates the vital role they play in our economy. Stockley says this tour indicates that he’s serious about this campaign…:

Cut 9 (04)  “this race”


Former US Senator Mary Landrieu has found a new job. She’s been hired by the Washington DC lobbying firm Van Ness Feldman as a Senior Policy Advisor. Political analyst Clancy Dubos says it’s not a surprise for former Senators and US Representatives to accept these kind of jobs…

Cut 10 (10) “Capitol Hill”

The company says Landrieu will advise clients on various public policy and regulatory issues with an emphasis on energy, natural resources and infrastructure matters. Dubos says Landrieu’s career as a politician will help her out in her new occupation….

cut 11 (06) “administrative level”

Dubos says it’s likely Landrieu’s days in public office are over and this announcement signals a career change…

cut 12 (10)   “different career track”


A football player for LSU is booked with felony domestic abuse for allegedly choking his fiance in the presence of children. East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s office Spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks says the victim claims she and 22-year-old Jevonte Domond got into a huge argument when the incident took place…:

Cut 13 (10)  “consciousnesses”

Hicks says Domond was arrested for felony domestic abuse battery by strangulation with minor children present. She says the woman claimed she was strangled by Domond to the point of almost completely blacking out…:(Hicks says the woman’s injuries were consistent with her story and there was also a witness who corroborated the claim.)

Cut 14 (09) “her story”

Domond is a junior who transferred to LSU last summer and played in one game. He is a 6-foot-6 offensive tackle and weighs 310 pounds. A spokesman from the team says he has been suspended. Hicks says the suspect told detectives there was a dispute that started earlier in the day when the woman pulled a knife on him on threatened him…:

Cut 15  (07)  “to the incident”


The Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation and the Allstate Sugar Bowl have put in a bid to host the College Football Playoff National Championship game in 2019 or 2020. New Orleans is already competing to host the Super Bowls in those same years. Jay Cicero, Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation President says it would be their hope to get both big games in the same year…:

Cut 16  (06)  “situation”

It’s being reported as many as 9 cities are bidding to host the big game between 2018-2020. Cicero says they’ve put together a great presentation and they know there will be many other potential host sites hoping to get the games…:

Cut 17 (09)  “is fierce”

New Orleans can’t bid on 2018 because The Big Easy is already going to host the National Semifinal game that year. Cicero says there will be site visits over the summer and the decision will be made mid-October. He says one of their main concerns is brand new stadiums, but a lot of those cities can’t offer all New Orleans has to offer…:

Cut 18 (12) “and manage it”‘