3:30 LRN Newscast Dec 21

Moderna says preliminary data indicates their COVID vaccine booster can increase antibody levels and should decrease severe infection from Omicron. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 01(31)      “…Thorington.”

Amid worries that Omicron is the harbinger of a 5th wave of COVID infections, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell says Mardi Gras parades are still a go; although some parade routes may be altered to minimize risk of spread. Mardi Gras Day is March 1st, 2022.


Today is the first day of winter – the Winter Solstice – and the Climate Prediction Center predicts a warmer and drier than normal winter. State Climatologist Barry Keim says La Nina climate conditions will bring the Bayou State above-average temperatures and dry conditions through February. He says that pretty much starts this holiday weekend…:

CUT 13(08)      “…on Christmas Day.”

State Police say a deadly two-vehicle crash Monday afternoon in Ouachita Parish, that left a teen dead and a passenger in his car seriously injured, could have been avoided. Trooper Michael Reichardt…:

CUT 03(10)      “Mack dump truck”

That truck driver was not hurt, but Temple was killed. Reichardt says distracted driving is the likely cause, but a blood tox sample was taken from Temple to determine if he was impaired; a standard part of any crash investigation.

2:30 LRN Newscast Dec 21

A two-vehicle crash in Ouachita Parish leaves a teen driver dead and his passenger in serious condition. State Police says 17-year-old Logan Temple blew a stop sign and was broadsided by a big dump truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The dump truck driver was not hurt. Trooper Michael Reichardt says this is the worst time of year for families to lose loved in car accidents & he offers some advice…:

CUT 05  (06)        “…drink and drive.”

Reichardt says a toxicology sample was obtained from Temple and is being submitted for analysis. The crash remains under investigation.

Early data from Moderna says their vaccine can provide better protection from the Omicron variant of COVID, by way of producing more antibodies. LSU infectious disease specialist Dr. Fred Lopez says more of us need to treat the third shot as part of the vaccination; not just a booster…:

CUT 08(11)      “…advantage of them.”


New Orleans Mardi Gras parades will go on next year, according to Mayor LaToya Cantrell. More from Dave Brannen…:

CUT 02(34)      “…Brannen.”

More troubles for Lafayette Judge Michelle Odinet – now on forced leave without pay following a viral video of a woman purported to be her using racial slurs. The D.A. in Orleans Parish has ordered a review of every case handled by Odinet when she worked there in the 1990’s. D.A. Jason Williams says the video calls her impartiality into question.

4:30 LRN Newscast Dec 20

Five lives lost in two separate-but-related accidents on I-49 in St. Landry Parish last Friday night. The first was caused by a Georgia driver who got on the interstate going the wrong way. State Police Trooper Tom Gossen…:

CUT 09  (11)        “in the left lane.”

Lundy was killed, as was the 20-year-old driver of the other vehicle and two teen passengers; all three siblings. A while later, a vehicle slammed into a State Police cruiser that was directing traffic around the first accident. That driver, from Texas, was also killed.

Shreveport Police seek the man who knocked on the door of a home on the southwest side of town Sunday afternoon, asked for a man who lived there, then shot that man dead and ran away. The victim is 29-year-old Reginald Jones Jr. Police say the crime was not random. They’ll gladly accept tips on the crime.


Autistic motorists can now get a driver’s license that quickly and easily identifies them as such. Matt Boudreaux is with the state OMV. He says the legislature approved the designation last spring…:

CUT 03  (10)        “…on their license.”

The word “autistic” will appear right under the driver’s photo. The change can be done in a pretty short time, with a visit to the OMV.

Who isn’t talking about that brilliant Saints win over the Buccaneers last night in Tampa Bay? Tom Brady was sacked 4 times in the Black & Gold’s win over the Super Bowl champs. The final score was 9 – 0, with the Saints racking up only 212 yards total offense. Quarterback Taysom Hill threw for just 154 yards. He says what the defense did against a Brady-led offense is impressive…:

CUT 13(12)      “…incredibly.”

The Saints are now 7 – 7 on their season.

3:30 LRN Newscast Dec 20

Five people are dead after two related crashes on I-19 in St. Landry Parish Friday night Trooper The first involved a wrong way driver from Georgia plowing head-on into another vehicle; killing both drivers and two passengers. State Police Trooper Tom Gossen says they’re investigating how the man entered the interstate in the wrong direction, and how long was he going that way..:

CUT 11  (08)        “…to determine.”

In the second crash, an elderly man ran into a State Police vehicle that was controlling traffic around the first accident. That driver, who was from Texas, was also killed.

State Police are investigating the death of a Bogalusa man while in police custody. 28-year-old Eric Nelson was arrested on outstanding warrants after being in a single-car crash. At some point, Nelson resisted, fled officers, was caught then tasered and taken to a hospital. He died on the way. The investigation is ongoing.


Police in Scott – in Lafayette Parish – arrest a man they say tried to abduct a 4-year-old today from a local business. The child’s grandmother says the two were doing some holiday shopping, when she noticed 34-year-old Michael Placeck talking with her grandchild. When she looked a way for a moment, Placeck reportedly grabbed the child and ran. He let the child go in the parking lot and fled, but cops caught up with him in short order.

You might think putting a puppy or kitten under the tree will be a memorable Christmas gift, but it might not go over as well as you hoped. Brooke Thorington explains…:

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2:30 LRN Newscast Dec 20

Five people are dead and two critically injured in St Landry Parish, after two related crashes on I-49 late Friday night. The story from Dave Brannen…:

CUT 2   (34)      “…Brannen.”

Actor Josh Duhamel will reign over New Orleans’ Carnival as Bacchus LIII (53). The Krewe made the official announcement Sunday. Duhamel is known for roles in the Transformers films, the series “Las Vegas” and being married to pop star Fergie. The Krewe of Bacchus parade will be Sunday night, February 27th.


Louisiana motorists who are on the autism spectrum can now get a driver’s license that quickly and easily identifies them as such. Louisiana OMV’s Matt Boudreaux says all you need to get one is certain documents…:

CUT 05(09)      “…indicator added.”

The word “autistic” will appear in bold text under your driver’s license photo.

The Saints pulled a small miracle in their shut-out of the defending NFL champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday. The Black & Gold blanked the Bucs 9-0. Tom Brady was sacked 4 times, with Saints defensive end Cam Jordan making his 100th career sack…:

CUT 12(11)      “…this game.”

Saints are now 7-7 on the Season.

4:30 LRN Newscast Dec 17

The state Supreme Court orders enforced suspension without pay for a Lafayette City Court judge allegedly heard saying racial slurs on a viral video. Judge Michelle Odinet says she had taken a sedative and has no memory of saying any of the things heard. Legal analyst and attorney Franz Borghardt says it’s never good to have a jurist with a perceived biased against a person or community…:

CUT 05(10)      “…Supreme Court to decide.”

An interim judge will hear Judge Odinet’s docket.

Saints head Coach Sean Payton has COVID and will miss Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay. Saints D.C. Dave Allen will take center seat. Allen says he and the coaching staff will roll with the changes…:

CUT 14(05)      “…going to manage the game.”

The Saints are 11-point underdogs. Kickoff is 7:20 Sunday night.


Saturday is the last day to use priority mail so your packages will arrive on time for Christmas. Brooke Thorington has some tips…:

CUT 02(33)      “…Thorington.”

A Kinder man gets two life sentences, after his conviction for killing an Iowa couple in 2020. 37-year-old Scott Kidd will get no parole for murdering 73-year-old Joan O’Brien and 81-year-old Zoren O’Brien.

3:30 LRN Newscast Dec 17

A Lafayette city court judge, who’s made national headlines for a video of her allegedly using a racial slur, is ordered to take a suspension without pay while an investigation goes on. Judge Michelle Odinet’s docket will be heard by an interim appointee. For her part, she says she had taken a sedative and has no memory of the event. Legal analyst and attorney Franz Borghardt…:

CUT 04(11)      “…making racial slurs.”

Borghardt says even the perception of bias – racial or other – is a bad thing for any judge.

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton will miss Sunday’s game against the defending NFL champion Tampa Bay Bucs, after testing positive for COVID. DC Dave Allen will fill Payton’s shoes. He says so far it’s only Payton out, but they’ll make more changes if needs be..:

CUT 13(11)      “…have to adjust.”

The Buccaneers are 11 point favorites.


A Christmas present for all Shreveport city workers; they get a 13-percent across-the-board pay raise. Mayor Adrian Perkins and City Council members to make the announcement earlier today. The full council must approve the plan, which they are expected to do.

State Wildlife & Fisheries agents and Ouachita Parish deputies have found the body of a man who drowned Thursday in a boating accident on the Ouachita River. The remains of 59-year-old Scotty Stone were located near the town of Marion.

Only 3000 people attended the New Orleans Bowl last year, but event organizers hope to have about ten times as many in the Superdome Saturday. Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation President Jay Cicero says, in its 21-year history, the New Orleans Bowl has become a staple during the bowl season and brings tourists to the city…

CUT 08(09)      “…down the line.”

The game features nationally ranked UL-Lafayette versus Marshall.

2:30 LRN Newscast Dec 17

The Louisiana Supreme Court orders Lafayette Judge Michelle Odinet off the bench without pay, while she’s investigated for racial slurs on a video that’s made national headlines. Brooke Thorington has more…:

Cut 01  (31)      “…Thorington.”

Governor John Bel Edwards says he backs the creating a second majority-minority U.S. House district in Louisiana. Mr. Edwards says blacks make up a third of the state’s population, and having two minority districts would reflect one-third of the state’s six districts. Redistricting is coming up in February.


COVID puts Saints Head Coach Sean Payton out of the game for a second time. He’ll miss Sunday’s game and Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen will be making the calls for the game against defending Super Bowl Champions Tampa Bay.  Allen says they got the word Friday morning that Payton tested positive…:

CUT 12(15)      “…the game.”

Payton tested positive for COVID back in March of 2020.

Saturday is the last day to mail a package via Priority Mail if you want it to arrive by Christmas. USPS spokesman David Walton offers tips to get it there on time…like making sure you get the right zip code…:

CUT 11(10)      “…shipped off to.”

You can look up the correct zip, by address, at USPS.com

1:30 LRN Newscast Dec 17

The state Supreme Court has ordered Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet off the bench without pay. Odinet was captured on video reportedly using racial slurs while watching security video of a man trying to break into her home. The story has made national headlines. Odinet is suspended while the investigation of her acts plays out. Legal analyst Franz Borghardt says it is indeed rare for the state’s high court to take such an action…:

CUT 03  (15)        “…racial slurs.”

Saturday is the last day to mail a package via Priority Mail if you want it to arrive by Christmas. USPS spokesman David Walton advises using clear block printing on labels; not cursive, so handler can be assured of getting it there on time…:

CUT 10(05)      “…little difficult.”


After only three-thousand fans attended the New Orleans Bowl last year, bowl officials are hoping for about ten times that number Saturday night, as U-L Lafayette faces Marshall. Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation President Jay Cicero says they are expecting a competitive game between the Thundering Herd and a nationally ranked Ragin Cajuns team…:

CUT 07(07)      “…offensive weapons.”

This is ULL’s 6th appearance in the 21-year history of the New Orleans Bowl.

You knew this was coming: New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell is now mandating that kids ages 5-11 have COVID vaccine shots to be in NOLA public schools. The requirement goes into full effect February 1st. Kids must have at least one shot by January 3rd.  Parents unsure or unhappy with the vaccine will have an opt-out.

An autopsy of former New Orleans Saint Glenn Foster shows he did not die of natural causes, but was strangled. Foster was, at the time, in police custody in Alabama. Now the question emerges, who killed him and when?

09:30 lrn newscast december 17

The City Court Judge from Lafayette who was caught on tape using racial slurs in a video posted to social media is being called on to step down from her post by Governor John Bel Edwards. Judge Michele Odinet’s lawyer, Dane Ciolino, says his client is hoping she can be forgiven…:
CUT 11 (06) “this conduct”
Ciolino says Odinet is petitioning the state Supreme Court and the Judiciary Commission asking taht she be placed on an indefinite unpaid leave for now.

In a recent news conference, US Senator John Kennedy addressed the alarming rise in the crime rate in Louisiana. He says it’ll be up to voters to replace leaders who are soft on crime, because “what you allow is what will continue”…:
Cut 16 (14) “… a rise in crime. Duh!”

Tomorrow is a big shopping day, or the “Super-Saturday” before Christmas. Retail experts predict over 148-million consumers will be shopping, whether in stores or online. National Retail Federation spokesperson Katherine Cullen says tomorrow is a big day for last minute shoppers, but some people just find Super Saturday invigorating…:
Cut 9 (09) “what they’re looking for”
Cullen says the average shopper will spend nearly $900 on holiday gifts.

The Saints have got a big game Sunday as they travel to Tampa to face Tom Brady and The Buccaneers. But Safety Malcom Jenkins says they can’t just focus on Brady as former LSU star running back Leonard Fournette is also a force to be reckoned with on the Bucs team…:
CUt 19 (12) “their offense”
The game kicks off at 7:20pm.