3:30 LRN Newscast Sept 27

The National Weather Service and the State Fire Marshal are asking residents of southeastern Louisiana to refrain from outdoor burning, due to dry & breezy conditions…:

CUT 02(31)      “…Golsby.”

A Sabine Parish couple get federal prison time for possessing and selling meth. Tryton Thomas received over 21 years and Elena Rivers got 10. Both were busted a year ago after a drug sting and a search of their home in Many.


Deputies in Tangipahoa Parish make an arrest in a home invasion earlier this month that left a Hammond father dead, and his 12-year-old daughter in critical condition. Officers say Omarion Hookfin is now charged with murder, attempted murder, armed robbery and kidnapping. He allegedly killed 33-year-old Donte Perry and shot Perry’s daughter five times.

Here’s a sobering statistic: 2 out of every 5 Louisianans are obese. That’s according to non-profit Trust for America’s Health. Group CEO Nadine Garcia says implementing obesity prevention programs would not only improve one’s quality of life but also reduce health costs…:

CUT 05(10)      “…programs.”

Garcia says the “Making Healthy School Meals for All Students” program needs to return, but a majority of students rejected those meals nationwide.

2:30 LRN Newscast Sept 27

A lead in the case of a missing Houston area grade school teacher. 48-year-old Michelle Reynolds has been missing since last Thursday. Her vehicle was found recently in New Orleans. Brazoria County Sheriff’s Sgt. Danny Lares says they don’t know what Reynold’s was doing at the time of her disappearance…:

CUT 09  (07)        “…New Orleans.”

Reynolds’ family is reportedly in New Orleans searching for her.

Red Flag burn warnings are posted for southeastern Louisiana due to – of all things – drought. State Fire Marshal’s spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says avoid any open burning, which can cause wildfires. She says a person died just yesterday in an out-of-control trash fire…:

CUT 06  (05)        “…unfortunately died.”

Four have died in that manner so far this year.


The nation’s obesity epidemic continues to grow, and Louisiana is among 19 states with an adult obesity rate greater than 35 percent…:

CUT 01(32)      “…Thorington.”

A million-dollar winning Powerball ticket was bought at a gas station in Geismar. The Louisiana Lottery says the ticket was purchased at RaceTrac #249 on Highway 73. The ticket holder has not yet come forward to claim their winnings.

4:30 LRN Newscast Sept 26

A Houma woman faces attempted murder charges, after tossing her child off a bridge last Friday afternoon. Houma Police Lt. Travis Theriot says 30-year-old Asha Randolph went into Bayou Terrebonne to retrieve the child, after she did the deed. He says her motive has not been established…:

CUT 10(10)      “…off of a bridge.”

The child survived and will recover completely.

Hurricane-weary Louisiana casts a sympathetic eye to Florida, as Hurricane Ian looks to make landfall Tuesday or early Wednesday along the eastern Gulf Coast. NOAA forecaster Ben Schott says all we should experience is some breezes over most of the state, however…:

CUT 08(11)      “…be that large.”

Our weather forecast is for lots of sunshine and cooler temperatures.


A federal judge will not block Louisiana’s plan to move about two-dozen troubled juvenile offenders from Bridge City Center for Youth in Jefferson Parish to the State Penitentiary at Angola. Judge Shelly Dick agreed the state has to do something about the violence inside the juvenile center. Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino says the judge took the temporary nature of the state’s plan into account in her decision…:

CUT 05(08)      “…better alternatives.”

A Ponchatoula police officer is arrested in Livingston Parish for allegedly groping an underage child at a weekend wedding in Springfield. 24-year-old Officer Frank Tallia is charged with sexual battery. Ponchatoula Police confirm he was still in the Livingston Parish jail as of this morning, but says he has not yet been suspended from his job. They say they are still gathering information.

3:30 LRN Newscast Sept 26

Hurricane Ian is in the Caribbean; approaching Cuba and could be hitting Florida’s eastern Gulf Coast by Tuesday. Ben Schott, a forecaster with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), says Ian’s eye should land right where the peninsula meets the panhandle…:

CUT 07(08)      “…this system.”

For us, things may get a bit breezy…but otherwise the weather for the week looks good.

Entergy Louisiana has been approved by the state Public Service Commission to purchase power from four Louisiana solar “farms” that are in the planning and construction stages. Entergy President Phillip May says the PSC also approved Entergy’s “Geaux Green” option; creating a new green energy tariff…:

CUT 13(09)      “…growth in the state.”


A federal judge will not halt Louisiana’s plan to move juvenile offenders from a detention center in Jefferson Parish to the state penitentiary at Angola…:

CUT 01(32)      “…Palermo.”

Jeanerette state Representative Stewart Bishop issues a press release stating he has entered a rehab program to deal with alcoholism. Bishop says he’ll be in treatment for about a month, a looks forward to returning to the legislature once he is well.

2:30 LRN Newscast Sept 26

Shreveport Police are investigating the shooting of a man as he drove down Interstate 20 at around dinner time last night.  The 61-year-old victim says he was headed east on I-20 and at around the Monkhouse Road exit, he heard shots then suffered wounds to his left hand and right arm. He’d had no encounters in traffic prior to the incident. Shreveport Crimestoppers will gladly accept tips.

Forecasters say Hurricane Ian is forecast to hit somewhere in Florida as early as Wednesday night as a major hurricane. How night it impact Louisiana…?

CUT 02(30)      “…Golsby.”


Houma police say a woman who threw her infant son off a bridge Friday is now being held on attempted murder charges. Lt. Travis Theriot says 30-year Asha Randolph threw her 18-month-old child off the bridge into Bayou Terrebonne…:

CUT 09(07)      “…him in.”

The child was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover fully.

A federal judge will not block Louisiana’s plan to move about two-dozen troubled juvenile offenders from Bridge City Center for Youth in Jefferson Parish to the State Penitentiary at Angola, despite objections from  civil rights attorneys and activists. Loyola University law professor Dan Ciolino says Angola may not be the best option, but something needs to be done about violent youths…:

CUT 04(06)      “…at Angola.”

The Edwards administration has said the transfer to of juvenile inmates to Angola is only temporary.

4:30 LRN Newscast Sept 23

A hurricane could be in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday, but Louisiana is not in the cross hairs…:

CUT 01(30)      “…Palermo.”

That storm, should it grow to named storm strength will be called “Ian.” Tropical Storm Hermine formed today in the Eastern Atlantic. Though we’re in the latter weeks of hurricane season, we need to remain vigilant for possible storms.


State Police are taking part in the National Seat Check Saturday safety event, for parents of kids still small enough to need a child seat or booster. Sgt. James Anderson says each LSP troop area will have one Saturday – from 9 ‘til noon – in Covington, Crowley, Shreveport, Monroe, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Houma, Metairie and Baton Rouge. Finding one near you is as easy as opening Facebook…:

CUT 14(06)      “…all over the state.”

By the way, if your child seat isn’t in compliance, you will NOT be in any trouble. They’ll just help you get it all in line for your kids’ safety.

National Hunting & Fishing Day is back tomorrow, too. State Wildlife & Fisheries spokesman Trey Iles says they’ll offer training for kids in how to fish…:

CUT 05(04)      “…to anyone.”

Events are happening in Haughton, Monroe, Woodworth, and Baton Rouge.

3:30 LRN Newscast Sept 23

Tropical Depression Number Nine in the Caribbean Sea is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm and eventually enter the Gulf of Mexico…but as of now, its projected path doesn’t threaten Louisiana. Conditions will likely move the storm more towards Florida’s lower Gulf Coast. LRN meteorologist John Wetherbee says the National Hurricane Center is predicting this system will develop into a major hurricane…:

CUT 08(08)      “…rapid intensification.”

Remember that the system’s projected course can definitely change, to come more to the west…so keep an eye on it. If it reaches named storm status, it will either be called Hermine or Ian.

State Police are holding child safety seat education and inspection events statewide tomorrow. To find one near you, check for Buckle Up Louisiana on Facebook. Trooper James Anderson says experts will inspect your child rig for safety and compliance, but if you’re not set right you won’t be in trouble..:

CUT 13  (09)        “…while supplies last.”


The reward for the killer of LSU student Allie Rice a week ago in Baton Rouge continues to grow. Between cash offered by the restaurant where Allie worked and cash from Crimestoppers and others…the reward for helping catch the killer is now up to $50-thousand. Baton Rouge Police still have no progress they can report.

In a first of its kind of collaboration at LA Tech, aviation students will have access to training from United Airlines…:

CUT 02(30)      “…Thorington.”

2:30 LRN Newscast Sept 23

A hurricane could be in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday, but Louisiana does not seem to be in its crosshairs…:

CUT 01(30)      “…Palermo.”

More trouble for New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, as one of her non-profits is under investigation by the city’s Inspector General. The group Forward Together New Orleans is having its books inspected top account for how millions in donated funds have been spent. Council members have lamented a lack of transparency from Cantrell’s venture.


One of the state’s most popular outdoor events is back.  Paused for two years during the pandemic, Louisiana’s National Hunting and Fishing Day returns tomorrow to four locations around the state. Department of Wildlife and Fisheries spokesman Trey Iles says each location will have free food and live animal demonstrations. There’s also an emphasis on introducing kids to fishing…:

CUT 05(04)      “…to anyone.”

Events are in Haughton, Monroe, Woodworth, and Baton Rouge.

State Police are taking part in the National Seat Check Saturday safety event, for parents of kids still small enough to need a child seat or booster. LSP Sgt. James Anderson says an event is scheduled for each of the state Police troops statewide, and people will be on hand to see if your vehicle’s current equipment is safe…:

CUT 12  (10)        “…appropriate restraint.”

5:30 LRN Newscast Sept 22

Baton Rouge Police addressed questions from the media concerning the status of the Allie Rice case, the 21-year-old LSU student who was gunned down last Friday. BRPD was questioned about an eyewitness who claims no one would not take his report. Lt. Kevin Heinz responded to the question when asked if BRPD is taking the case seriously…:

CUT 30(12)      “…in touch with us.”

Combined rewards for Allie’s killer are up to $37,500.

SWEPCO is constructing its first solar farm to supply customers in North Caddo Parish with renewable energy. PSC Commissioner Foster Campbell praised the utility provider’s efforts to help lower energy costs for some 12-thousand homes with the plant…:

CUT 12(09)      “…all around the state.”

The SWEPCO solar facility will be built just outside of Hosston


The state’s homeowner insurer of last resort, Louisiana Citizens, is asking for a 63-percent rate increase…but a coalition of realtors says if it’s approved it will price some homeowners right out of their homes…:

CUT 01(28)      “…Golsby”

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell refuses to reimburse the city for over $40-k in travel upgrades for trips to Washington D.C. and to France. Some city council members are discussing a plan to, basically, dock her that money from her payroll when they make the city budget for next year. A recall petition against Cantrell continues to gain signatures.

4:30 LRN Newscast Sept 22

Baton Rouge Police addressed questions from the media concerning the status of the Allie Rice case, the 21-year-old LSU student who was gunned down last Friday. Lt. Kevin Heinz was asked about reports of an eyewitness who called BRPD about the shooting and that police failed to call him back in a timely manner…:

CUT 28(11)      “…that we know of.”

New Orleans Realtors are asking the state Insurance Commissioner to put the brakes on a 63-percent rate hike for 100-thousand Louisiana homeowners that have insurance with Louisiana Citizens, the state’s insurer of last resort. Realtor Cody Caudill is part of a coalition trying to stabilize the housing market…:

CUT 06(08)      “…the market.”

They’re asking to hold off on the rate hike for 18 months.


Solar power is coming to Caddo Parish, by way of a solar farm being built near Hosston, just off I-49. Public Service Commission member Foster Campbell says installing more renewable energy sources not only benefits the state environmentally, but also entices more companies and families to relocate to the Bayou State…:

CUT 14(08)      “…this project.”

The facility is being built by SWEPCO.

West Nile has infected enough Louisianans to ranks us 4th highest in the U.S. for case counts. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says blame our State Bird, the mosquito, which carries the sometimes deadly virus. He says protecting yourself and your home will make a difference…:

CUT 11(07)      “…your house.”

5 have died this year from Neuro-Invasive West Nile.