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Once the state’s only habitable barrier island, Grand Isle in Jefferson Parish took the full brunt of Hurricane Ida’s landfall. Now damage reports coming in are dire. More from Brooke Thorington…:

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President Biden will tour areas damaged by Ida this week. He’ll arrive Friday to see for himself what the storm has done and to check on recovery efforts. More details on Biden’s visit will be released as they become available.


Power is slowly being restored in the city of New Orleans. Entergy President and CEO Deanna Rodriguez says over 11-thousand have had their electricity restored, and that number is increasing…:

CUT 07  (11)        “…Fire Department”

Still, about 44-percent of the state’s utility customers remain without power.

Congressman Garret Graves says southeast Louisiana took a brutal hit from Hurricane Ida. Graves’ district extends down into Thibodaux and lower Terrebonne Parish, and he says the destruction is frightening…:

CUT 12  (14)        “…and trees”

Fuel shortages continue to a problem for folks running generators and awaiting the juice to come on.

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Governor John Bel Edwards did a flyover tour of areas hit hardest by Hurricane Ida today. He stopped to address media questions at most of his stops. One of those was St. Charles Parish, where Mr. Edwards says it could be a month or more before power there is completely restored…:

CUT 11  (10)        “being restored:

The Governor says he spent over two hours being briefed by Entergy Monday night.

As so many residents of southeast Louisiana remain without power, the weatherman says expect heat advisories for the next several days. High temperatures tomorrow are expected to be near 95. State Climatologist Barry Keim says blame all this late summer humidity…:

CUT 14  (11)        “…and Friday”

Though Hurricane Ida’s storm surge floods have largely receded, eyes are watching local rivers expected to crest in the next few days. For instance the Tangipahoa River should be well above flood stage when it crests at Robert tonight. Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller…:

CUT 12  (10)        “… people flooded”

The 40 or so people who decided to ride out Hurricane Ida in Grand Isle have all been accounted for; safe and sound. The town took on winds of 140 or more miles per hour. Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng says she has been in communication with Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle…:

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About 85% of the coastal resort town sustained damage from Ida.

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Governor John Bel Edwards says he saw catastrophic damage during his flyover of hurricane-stricken southeast Louisiana. In St. John-the-Baptist Parish, the governor was joined for a press briefing by Sheriff Mike Tregre who shared this message for potential looters…:

CUT 10  (10)        “… by yourself”

Tregre says 9-1-1 service is spotty and many residents may see fit to take the law into their own hands if someone tries to rob or burglarize them.

Hurricane Ida is long gone, but her flooding remains a problem in Tangipahoa Parish, where the Tangipahoa River is expected to crest well above flood stage. Parish President Robby Miller says some homes near the river are already taking on water..:

CUT 13  (12)        “… more people”


If you experienced damage from Hurricane Ida, you may be eligible for FEMA assistance…:

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Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng is asking those who’ve evacuated to stay away for a while longer. There is no water pressure and no electricity in most of the parish. Sheng says these are difficult times…:

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Governor John Bel Edwards is touring Hurricane Ida damage today. Jeff Palermo has more from the Governor’s stops…:

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Law enforcement once again reminds motorists that a non-functioning traffic light automatically becomes a four-way STOP. Each vehicle must stop & check for other traffic before proceed through. You may not follow the guy in front to you. Those observed flouting the four-way stop will be ticketed.


If you suffered damage from Hurricane Ida, FEMA says reach out to your insurance carrier first, before applying for federal aid. FEMA cannot legally cover anything already covered by your property insurer. FEMA spokesman John Mills…:

CUT 03  (12)        “…or not”

Mills says the federal agency may be able to help with expense NOT covered by insurance.

Many is southeast Louisiana remain without power today, with heat advisories in effect through the end of this week. State Climatologist Barry Keim says – if that’s you – avoiding doing yard debris cleanup until the late afternoon early evening hour and avoiding the sun will help prevent heat stroke…:

CUT 15  (09)        “smart about it”

4:30 PM LRN Newscast AUG 30

“Catastrophic” is the word local officials are using as initial damage assessments from Hurricane Ida’s landfall Sunday come in. More from Jeff Palermo…:

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So far, the death toll from Hurricane Ida is thankfully small. In New Orleans, a man reportedly drowned when he tried to drive through flash flood waters. In Ascension Parish a 60-year-old man died when a tree fell on his home. Other fatalities could turn up as first responders continue rescue and aid.

New Orleans residents who have evacuated the city have been asked to remain where they are if they can. Mayor Latoya Cantrell says Entergy is working on the power and AT&T is trying to restore mobile phone service. Cantrell has called on businesses with generators to be good neighbors…:

CUT 05            (12) “…no doubt about it”

It could three weeks or more before power is restored in the Crescent City.

Ochsner hospitals in the path of Hurricane Ida had to evacuate over 60 patients to other facilities as the Category 4 storm bore down on them Sunday. Many facilities suffered roof damage from the over-100 mile per hour winds. Ochsner Health President Warner Thomas says the evacuations and maintaining a standard of care are the result of being prepared for such dangerous situations…:

CUT 14            (15)      “ready to go”

3:30 PM LRN Newscast AUG 30

Hurricane Ida has left the city of New Orleans battered and crippled. Mayor Latoya Cantrell says, despite that, a worst-case scenario was avoided because the cities levees held and pumps performed as expected. Cantrell says today is a day of assessment to determine what the actual impact of the storm is as city agencies make the rounds…:

CUT 03             (09)      “…left out (2x)”

Cantrell says one person is reported dead; a motorist who reportedly drove into flash flood waters.

In the Capital region on Louisiana, a second person is listed as a victim of Hurricane Ida. A 60-year-old Prairieville man was reportedly killed when a tree fell on his home. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Coastal parishes took some of the worst damage from Hurricane Ida’s landfall Sunday. Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Captain Brennan Matherne says Galiano, Lockport and other towns were badly hit, but the local levee systems held…:

CUT 07             (12)      “in Lafourche”

In Tangipahoa Parish, efforts are underway to clear roadways of storm debris and downed power lines so first responders can get on with rescue and victim assistance. Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller says residents need to be equally mindful of hazards…:

CUT 15             (13)      “….energized”

2:30 PM LRN Newscast AUG 30-21

As Hurricane Ida left New Orleans damaged and without power Mayor LaToya Cantrell says the community and first responders held the line. Erik Piccoli has the story…:

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In nearby Slidell, on the Northshore of Lake Ponchartrain, a resident videoed a DOLPHIN swimming in a swollen body of water within their neighborhood. Officials say it’s likely the dolphin came into town amid flood waters from storm surge.

Ochsner reports many of their facilities experienced roof damage as a result of Hurricane Ida’s strong winds. Ochsner Health President Warner Thomas says patients at Ochsner facilities in Raceland and Houma had to be transported elsewhere; a total of 65 of them. He says despite Ida’s destruction, they’ve continued to provide quality care…:

CUT 13             (13)      “…emergent”

Jefferson Parish officials say it will be at least 21 days to get power back on for 90-percent of those affected by Ida. A major transmission tower feeding electricity across the river, from Jefferson to Orleans, was knocked down and into the river last night. Jefferson Councilman Scott Walker says the coastal town of Grand Isle took the brunt of Ida’s landfall. He says before the town’s wind gauge broke, winds were recorded at 130 miles an hour…:

CUT 11             (13)      “…this morning”

1:30 PM LRN Newscast AUG 30-21

Hurricane Ida’s damage is nothing short of catastrophic, as initial damage assessments come in. Jeff Palermo has more…:

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Lt. Governor Billy Nunngesser says it’s ironic the storm arrived on the anniversary of Katrina in 2005, but he has faith Louisianans will once again show their resilience…:

CUT 05                  (10)        “and Cameron”

Jefferson Parish officials say it’ll take at least 3 full weeks to get 90-percent of power restored. A major transmission tower was knocked over and into the Mississippi River last night. Jefferson Councilman Scott Walker says he’s been in frequent contact with Entergy…:

CUT 09                  (11)        “…a process”

Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller says they are trying to respond to all the 9-1-1 calls coming in, but first responders must be safe from downed trees and power lines. Miller says some calls are from folks stranded in high water from Lake Ponchartrain storm surge…:

CUT 16                  (12)        “clear us”

He says the parish is almost completely without power.

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Now a Category One storm, forecasters warn conditions are ripe for Louisiana to receive a MAJOR Category FOUR hurricane. More from Matt Doyle…:
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Evacuations ordered ahead of Ida. New Orleans calls for voluntary evacuation inside the levee system and mandatory bugout in areas outside the levees. The town of Grand Isle calls for a voluntary evacuation and Jefferson Parish says mandatory evac in areas outside levee protection.

Governor John Bel Edwards declares a state of emergency for Louisiana in advance of Hurricane Ida’s arrival Sunday. Mike Steele with GOHSEP says you’ll need to get all your storm preparations done tonight or tomorrow…:
CUT 06 (12) “…to make”

Ida is now expected to make landfall sometime Sunday afternoon or evening.
Worried about losing power during the storm? Entergy Louisiana VP John Hawkins, Jr advises downloading their app or visiting their website to get notifications and updates on restoration in your area…:
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He says you’ll also find frequent updates on Entergy’s Facebook and Twitter pages.