12:30 LRN Newcast July 12

There will not be a veto override session as a majority of state senators voted to cancel the session, which was scheduled to begin on Saturday. Jonesboro Representative Jack McFarland pushed for a veto session. He’s disappointed with the Governor’s vetoes over the Education Savings Accounts bill that set up a way to provide more school options for disabled and special education students

CUT 13(08)      “…quality education.”

Twenty-five of the state’s 38 senators voted against an override session, which was the majority vote needed to cancel.

Marking one year since the death of former four-term Governor Edwin Edwards, his widow Trina Edwards was a guest on Jim Engster’s Talk Louisiana and explained what attracted her to one of the state’s most colorful politicians…:

CUT 06(10)      “…all the time.”

Trina’s new beau is former state lawmaker John Alario.


Incumbent U.S. Senator John Kennedy is leading his three Democrat challengers by leaps and bounds in fundraising. He’s raised nearly $29-million; adding another #5.6-million between March and July 1st. Opponents Gary Chambers, Syrita Stieb and Luke Mixon have raised just over $2-million between them. UL-Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley says they are definitely “swimming uphill”…:

CUT 10(10)      “…these individuals.”

Stockley says Kennedy is has little chance of losing this fall.

…and now today’s markets with Farm Bureau’s Neil Melancon…

11:30 LRN Newscast July 12

The state legislature has selected NOT to convene a veto override session that would have begun on the 16th. 25 of 39 Senators voted “no”; nixing the session. Many House & Senate members feel that bills vetoed this year by Governor Edwards can be reintroduced next year, which will be his last year in office.

Louisiana-based meal delivery service WAITR will change its name AND business model. Brooke Thorington reports that’s coming very soon…:

CUT 01  (33)        “…Brooke Thorington.”


With qualifying for fall federal mid-term elections starting next week, incumbent Senator John Kennedy easily leads in fundraising. Kennedy reports raising another $5.6-million ion the 2nd Quarter, and has almost $15-million cash on hand for his campaign. His declared challengers have raised only slightly more than $2-million combined. U.L.-Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley says this comes as no surprise…:

CUT 09  (14)        “…seeing that expectation.”

Stockley says a lot can happen between now and November, but he says Kennedy has a distinct advantage.

The U.L.-Monroe College of Pharmacy will begin testing and researching hemp and cannabis for quality, purity and further health applications. West Monroe state Representative Mike Echols says the estimated $1-million-plus in revenue from that would be just for testing existing product…:

CUT 15(09)      “…unlimited potential.”

4:30 LRN Newscast July 11

State Police is investigating two separate car crashes that killed five people Sunday on the Northshore of Lake Ponchartrain. LSP Sergeant Dustin Dwight says two died in a head-on crash in Lacombe on U.S. 190, when a woman attempted to pass traffic unsuccessfully…:

CUT 11(09)      “…were unrestrained.”

In the other crash, three people perished when their vehicle failed to stop at an intersection near Franklinton and slammed into a tree. Dwight says speeding and alcohol were factors in both crashes.

We’re seeing gas prices come down. Today’s statewide average is $4.19-a-gallon; down 33-cents from a month ago. GasBuddy.com’s Patrick DeHaan says it’s because crude oil prices are retreating amid fears of a recession…:

CUT 14(11)      “…as well.”


To provide access to abortion services in the southeast a California physician proposes the idea of a floating clinic in the Gulf of Mexico to skirt state bans. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 01(33)      “…Brooke Thorington.”

New Orleans cops are investigating two deaths. A man was found shot multiple times in the French Quarter; on Iberville Street, just a block off busy Bourbon Street…and a man was found dead in the back seat of a car that was pulled out of a local canal, after it crashed Sunday.

3:30 LRN Newscast July 11

Since reaching a record high in mid-June, gasoline prices have fallen over 30-cents in the last month. Jeff Palermo has the story…:

CUT 02(32)      “…Jeff Palermo.”

Lafayette-based food delivery service WAITR announces they’ll rebrand as ASAP, and begin delivering not only restaurant orders, but also goods from all sorts of businesses. The move is to counter competitors like Uber Eats and DoorDash, who’ve also expanded their delivery base. WAITR says the rebranding is already underway.


Economic development in northwest Louisiana. Teal Jones Group has begun construction of a $110-million lumber production plant in Plain Dealing in Bossier Parish. When finished, it’ll produce a variety of wood products. About 125 direct new jobs are expected, plus about 370 indirect jobs; all at salaries starting the high-40’s. The project should be up and running by fall of 2023.

A California OB/GYN – worried about women’s reproductive rights after Louisiana’s abortion trigger law went into effect – proposes an abortion cruise ship parked in the Gulf. Dr. Meg Autry says donors would foot the bill to buy and refit the ship. It would operate in federal waters, out of reach from state laws that ban abortions. She says women living in poverty in the southeast will be impacted the most by the ban…:

CUT 04(07)      “…individuals.”

She says, right now, it’s just in the planning and fund-raising stage.

2:30 LRN Newscast July 11

To provide access to abortion services in the southeast a California physician proposes a floating clinic in the Gulf of Mexico to skirt state bans. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 01(33)      “…Brooke Thorington.”

Meanwhile, WBRZ TV in Baton Rouge reports lawyers for a Shreveport abortion clinic have filed a request for a Baton Rouge judge to block the state’s abortion ban. A New Orleans judge punted to matter to a Baton Rouge court last week. No word on a hearing date as yet.


The deadline for lawmakers to vote on having – or NOT having – a special veto override session is midnight tonight. As of now it seems unlikely to happen. A veto session happens automatically, unless a simple majority of members in both chambers vote “no” by mail-in ballot. House Speaker Pro Tem Tanner Magee, of Houma, says convening a session just requires members to vote “yes” or not vote at all…:

CUT 07(14)      “…trying to say.”

Magee says any bills that were vetoed by the Governor this year can be reintroduced next year.

Many of us are happy to see gasoline prices dropping below $4-a-gallon again. GasBuddy.com fuels analyst Patrick DeHaan says after setting record high prices in mid-June, we are now seeing one of the steepest declines in gas prices ever…:

CUT 13(10)      “…in 2008.”

1:30 LRN Newscast July 11

State Police are investigating two separate car crashes that killed five people Sunday on the Northshore. A head-on crash killed two people in Lacombe yesterday morning and three people died in a single-vehicle crash in Franklinton. LSP Sergeant Dustin Dwight says speed and impairment were factors in both wrecks. In the latter, Dwight says three people ranging from ages 22 to 35 were killed, when the vehicle came up on a three way intersection on LA 16 and failed to stop…

CUT 10(09)      “…all those occupants.”

In the Lacombe crash, two vehicles collided head-on in a failed attempt to pass traffic on US 190.

To help reduce travel costs for women seeking abortion services in the southeast a California OB/GYN is proposing a floating clinic in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Meg Autry, who’s also a professor at University of California San Francisco, says there’s been an assault in the US on bodily autonomy and access to care…:

CUT 03(06)      “…communities.”


We are starting to see gas prices below four-dollars a gallon again. Gas-buddy-com’s Patrick DeHaan says the statewide average has fallen 33-cents in the last month to $4.19 a gallon that is the fourth lowest statewide average in the country…:

CUT 12(11)      “…$3.92.”

DeHaan says a drop in oil prices in response to a potential recession has resulted in lower prices at the pump.

The man convicted of killing LSU basketball star Wayde Sims back in 2018 was found dead in his East Baton Rouge Parish jail cell Sunday. 21-year-old Dyteon Simpson apparently took an overdose of fentanyl. He was just sentenced to life in prison last week.

Construction begins on a $110-million sawmill in Plain Dealing, in Bossier Parish. It’s expected to mean around 500 new jobs with salaries starting in the high 40’s.

12:30 LRN Newscast July 11th

The ban on abortions in Louisiana is in effect after a New Orleans judge lifted the restraining order but decided to let a Baton Rouge judge hear the complaint that the new trigger laws are too vague. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 01(36)      “…Brooke Thorington.”

Attorneys for a Shreveport abortion clinic have filed a petition asking a Baton Rouge court to block the state’s abortion law from being enforced.

The deadline for lawmakers to vote on having – or NOT having – a special veto override session is midnight tonight. As of now it seems unlikely to happen. Houma Representative and House Speaker Pro Tem Tanner Magee says getting the “yes” votes to convene isn’t as large a task as mustering the  supermajority votes needed in both chambers for a successful override…:

CUT 06(13)      “…one republican short.”

Magee says then Senate has several GOP members unavailable for a veto session as well. He says any bills vetoed can be brought back next year.

The 2022 World Horseshoe Pitching Tournament Championship begins today at the Monroe Civic Center. President of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Gary Roberts says the winner will take home about $3000 in prize money and some trophies, but first they need to beat some distinguished competition…:

CUT 14(13)      “…that 26.”

The tourney ends July 23rd.

5:30 LRN Newcast July 8

After being left in a hot vehicle covered with blanket outside of a Slidell Walmart a 16-day old child is remarkably alive. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 01(30)      “…Brooke Thorington.”

The Mayor of the Livingston Parish town of French Settlement has been arrested. Mayor Haley Unbehagen is charged with domestic abuse, aggravated assault & child endangerment, stemming from an incident that happened over a year ago. Livingston Sheriff Jason Ard says the investigation is ongoing.


Members of the state legislature have until Monday to return their votes on a possible veto override session. State law makes one automatic, unless a majority vote NOT to. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat thinks odds are high there will NOT be a veto session, and any bills the GOP majority lost on this year can always be reintroduced in the 2023 Legislature. He says that may be a better idea…:

CUT 11(11)      “…running for re-election.”

On a hot summer day, what is better than fresh watermelon and where better to get some than Washington Parish? Melon farmer Perry Tally says it’s the soil in Washington Parish that makes it so tasty. He says – believe it or not – wet weather is not conducive for producing a good crop, but this year the weather has been extremely cooperative…:

CUT 15(12)      “…bit early.”

3:30 LRN Newscast July 8

There’s now publicly released dashcam footage of State Police Superintendent Colonel Lamar Davis driving 90-miles-an-hour on the I-10 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. Davis was in an unmarked SUV and when the trooper pulls him over and recognizes him he lets him go with a warning. LSP spokesman Captain Nick Manale confirms the video, but has little else to officially say…:

CUT 13(09)      “…at this time.”

In a written statement to WBRZ-tv in Baton Rouge, Colonel Davis apologized and said there’s no excuse for his driving that day.

A New Orleans judge has tossed out a restraining order request to block the state from enforcing its abortion ban trigger law. The judge ruled the case must be in heard in Baton Rouge, where it originated with plaintiffs. Attorney General Jeff Landry called going to a New Orleans court “venue shopping.” No word on when the TRO request will come up in a Baton Rouge court. Until then, abortion clinics must close.


The state Department of Transportation is preparing for more electric vehicles on Louisiana roads and the infrastructure they’ll require. DOTD will develop and submit an EV Infrastructure deployment plan by the end of the month; detailing how they will use $74 million in federal funding. Secretary Shawn Wilson says there is private sector interest in helping make that happen…:

CUT 08(11)      “…of the future.”

Watermelons are a staple for the summer and when it comes to the beloved fruit in Louisiana, it’s just synonymous with Washington Parish. When asked what makes a Washington Parish watermelon so tasty, farmer Perry Tally gives credit to the soil…:

CUT 14(12)      “…quality melon.”

Tally says believe it or not wet weather is not conducive for producing a good crop, but this year the weather has been extremely cooperative.

2:30 LRN Newscast July 8

Thanks to a Slidell Walmart employee, a newborn baby was saved from possibly dying inside a hot car. SPD spokesman Dan Seuzeneau says that employee spotted 37-year-old Ashley Kennedy in the store and obviously VERY drunk and called cops. They found her 16-day-old baby in the car with HOT air blowing from the AC. The child was taken to a hospital and will survive. Seuzeneau credits that Walmart worker with helping save the child…:

CUT 05(09)      “…story today.”

Kennedy was arrested on numerous charges, including child endangerment – THIRD offense.

The state’s trigger abortion ban is back in effect, after a judge in New Orleans ordered the legal battle over it be sent back to a Baton Rouge court. It’s unclear when it may be heard in the Capital City. Meanwhile abortion clinics must close their doors.


Will they or won’t they? State lawmakers have until Monday to return mail-in votes on whether to have a veto override session. They happen automatically unless majorities in House & Senate vote “no.” Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat thinks there’s a good chance they’ll decline. He says the success of a veto session is not a sure thing, and many members may not feel it’s necessary to inject more work into their summer…:

CUT 10(14)      “…absolutely certain.”

Governor Edwards vetoed 28 bills passed this session, but Pinsonat says they can always be revisited next year.

Dashcam footage was released today showing State Police Superintendent Col Lamar Davis driving at least 90-miles-an-hour along the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge last week. Davis was driving an unmarked SUV. LSP spokesman Capt. Nick Manacle’s statement…?

CUT 12(12)      “…a citation.”

LSP has issued a written statement from Colonel Davis in which apologizes.