12:30 LRN Newscast January 15

Record low temperatures are expected this week and the Humane Society of Louisiana stress the importance of bringing pets. Director Jeff Dorson says its important for owners to bring pets inside when the temperature dips to freezing conditions.

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Another important precaution is to keep antifreeze away from pets or where they can get to it. If you see a pet left out in the cold, Dorson suggests contact your local animal control office or police department.

Snow sleet and freezing rain has been falling across northern parishes of Louisiana. For south Louisiana light rain is expected to change over to freezing rain this afternoon into tomorrow morning. LRN meteorologist Bill Jacquemin says the bigger concern for south Louisiana is cold temperatures…

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A federal judge has given the Louisiana Legislature a January 30th deadline to draw a six-district Congressional map, with two majority minority districts. Senate President Pro Tem and Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow says House Democrats are proposing a second majority minority district that covers a significant portion of the Baton Rouge area, the Felicianas, Avoyelles Parish, the Mississippi River Delta parishes and northeast Louisiana…

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Lawmakers will begin redrawing the map in the special session that starts at 4 PM today.

The seventh ranked LSU women’s basketball team’s 16-game winning streak ended yesterday with a 67-62 defeat to unranked Auburn. Coach Kim Mulkey says Auburn’s defense was disruptive…

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11:30 LRN Newscast January 15

Parishes along I-20 are under a winter storm warning as snow, sleet, and freezing rain has already fallen in northwest Louisiana. National Weather Service Shreveport Meteorologist Ryan Knapp says freezing rain is also possible for central Louisiana today…

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Highs for north Louisiana will be in the mid to upper 20s today and in the Mid-40s for south Louisiana today.

Below freezing temperatures are expected through Wednesday morning. Humane Society of Louisiana urges pet owners not to leave pets outside especially overnight. Director Jeff Dorson says if it’s too cold for you to be outside, its probably too cold for your furry friends.

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State law requires pet owners to bring pets inside when temperatures fall below fifty degrees. This means it will be illegal to leave a pet out in the cold this week.

The Louisiana Legislature begins a special session at 4 PM today and the main priority is for lawmakers to redraw the Congressional boundaries with two majority minority districts, instead of one. Senate President Pro Tem and Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow believes they can get it done before the session ends on January 23rd…

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A federal judge has given the Louisiana Legislature a January 30th deadline to draw a six-district Congressional map, with two majority minority districts.

Louisiana will also discuss redrawing the state supreme court map, which has been the same for decades. LA-Politics-dot-com publisher Jeremy Alford says are trying to add a second Black district to that map as well and also debate increasing the map from seven to nine districts…

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11:40 LRN Sportscast

The LSU Lady Tigers defeated the Texas A&M Aggies 87 to 70 last night. The game was highlighted by Angel Reese’s 20 points and 18 rebounds against Texas A&M’s no.1 nationally ranked point allowed defense. Reese also had 7 assists on the night and says that she is willing to sacrifice her personal statistics for the team’s gain.

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LSU will travel to take on Auburn on Sunday where tipoff will be at 2 pm on ESPN.

The Pelicans are on a roll as they have won 6 of their last 7 games after a 141 to 105 win against the Warriors on Wednesday. New Orleans will take on the Nuggets tonight at 9:00 pm on ESPN in an effort to build their lead for the Southwest Division crown. Currently the Pelicans are a half a game ahead at 23 and 15.

In Louisiana basketball news, LA Tech returned to its defensive identity as the Bulldogs defeated Middle Tennessee 60 to 52 last night. LA Tech improved to 1 and 1 in Conference USA play by holding Middle Tennessee to only 38.9 percent shooting from the field and forcing 18 turnovers on the night. The Bulldogs will take on Liberty at 2 pm on Sunday and the game will be broadcast on ESPN 2. ULM was also in action yesterday, but the Warhawks fell to Southern Miss 71 to 58 after going back and forth with the Golden Eagles during the first half in which 8 point leads were exchanged.

The NFL playoffs will start tomorrow as Dak Prescott, the former Haughton high school star, is looking to lead the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl since 1996. In order to reach that goal, the Cowboys will need to defeat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday and the game will kickoff at 3:30pm on FOX. Dereck Stingley Jr will take the field in his first playoff game when the Browns play the Texans on Saturday at 3:30 pm on NBC. The Steelers will also have a former Tiger on defense, as Patrick Peterson will play against the Bills in their Wild Card matchup.


9:30 LRN Newscast January 12

Governor Jeff Landry believes Louisiana should have closed primary elections and he’s asking lawmakers to debate it in the special session Brooke Thorington has more.

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Two students were shot last night outside a Bogalusa High School Basketball game. One fatally. Police there say the deadly shooting happened around 8:45 at the game against Covington High. Both students, under the age of 18, were taken to Our Lady of The Angels Hospital, where one later died. according to the Bogalusa Police Department. The shooting remains under investigation this morning.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is reminding residents of home heating safety following a fatal house fire in Washington Parish. Spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says common heating-related causes of fires are preventable. She suggests plugging space heaters into wall outlets…

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And if using open flames like candles, or fireplaces to stay warm, put them out before going to sleep and never leave them unattended.

A statewide search is underway for this year’s Longest Married Couple in Louisiana award. Louisiana Family Forum President Gene Mills says he wants to showcase couples who’ve been married 70 years or more.

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Ira and Margery Milan of New Orleans won the title in 2023 as they’ve been married for 81 years. To nominate yourself, or a loved one, visit the Family Forum’s website to submit your story. The deadline for nominations is February 7th.

10:30 LRN Newscast January 11

Nick Saban shocked the sports world on Wednesday by announcing his retirement at the age of 72. Saban won seven national championships, six at Alabama and his first was at LSU in 2003. Baton Rouge native Michael Clayton was a star receiver on that team and there’s a reason why Saban won 292 games…

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Border security is a top priority among Republicans. US House Speaker Mike Johnson spoke with President Biden Wednesday about more funding to hire additional Border Patrol agents to reduce the number of crossings. Johnson and Republicans are insisting on tougher border policies.

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Congress must pass spending bills by the 19th to avoid a government shutdown.

National Weather Service Shreveport Meteorologist Gary Chatelain says there’s the potential for severe weather in the northwest region of the state tomorrow.

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He says an artic blast will also send temperatures into freezing conditions around Sunday night into next week.

Sports betting has been legal in Louisiana for just over 2 years and nearly 90 percent of sports betting is done on a mobile device. Louisiana Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns says West Louisiana Truck stop bordering Texas see visitors coming in just to make their wager, especially during the NFL regular season.

Cut 11 (11) “…back into Texas.” 

In the 2-year period, around Five Billion Dollars in Bets have been placed in the Bayou State.

9:30 LRN Newscast January 11

US House Speaker Mike Johnson and President Biden discussed tougher security at the southern border Wednesday. Johnson says they want a return to policies that were in place during the Trump administration.

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Republican says more than 15 million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. in the last three years, including 312 suspects who are on the terrorist watch list.

Since sports betting has been legal in the Bayou State, Louisiana Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns says around five billion dollars in bets have been placed but not all sports are created equal…

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John says 85%  to 86% of sports betting in Louisiana is done on a Mobile device

LSU hires one of the better defensive line coaches in college football. Brooke Thorington has the story…

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33 year old Kenneth Moody of Arkansas was sentenced to a year and a half in federal prison after threatening to commit a mass shooting at Natchez High School in Mississippi in 2022. Authorities say Moody confessed to planning the mass shooting for months and he was armed with loaded weapons. Moody was charged with one count of interstate communication of a threat as the result of a threatening phone call.

9:30 LRN Newscast January 10

A poll of 650 likely voters shows fifty-six percent are not interested in changing the way primary elections are held in the Bayou State. Governor Landry wants lawmakers to also debate whether to change from the current primary to a closed-party primary. Pollster John Couvillon believes it’s an issue of party purity.

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Term limited BESE president Holly Boffy, says she’s disappointed Governor Jeff Landry immediately issued an executive order to overturn the graduation appeal process for seniors who fail the LEAP exam. She encourage Louisianans to reach out to their legislators and ask them to consider legislation for an appeal process and to sign a petition at excellgrad-dot-org…

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Mardi Gras carnival season has an economic impact of nearly 900 million dollars on New Orleans economy, according to a study from Tulane professor, Toni Weiss. Weiss says thousands of individuals in hospitality and other industries benefit from the nearly month and a half long celebration of carnival.

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The city’s return on investment is two dollars and sixty-four cents for every dollar spent.

Greater Lafourche Port Commission Executive Director Chett Chiasson says a 187 foot wind turbine will be located at the Port Fourchon Coastal Wetlands Park. He says though it will produce some energy for a facility adjacent to the port, the turbine will provide valuable information for future larger-scale development…

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5:30 LRN Newscast January 9

Governor Jeff Landry issued an executive order to call for a redistricting special session on his first day in office. Lawmakers will also debate a move to a closed primary election. Senate President Cameron Henry says that may hurt some newly elected U-S Representatives and Senators when it comes to seniority…

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Also Among Governor Landry’s first actions in office was overturning the appeals process for high school seniors who fail the LEAP exam. Council for a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin…

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Erwin says if the governor hadn’t issued the executive order, he believes incoming BESE members would have overturned the appeal process that was at the center of controversy…

A Louisiana survey reveals homeowner and car insurance is ranked number one as the biggest issue for Louisianans in the Bayou State. Crime ranked third following education and healthcare. Pollster John Couvillon says it’s not shocking that crime is also an issue for Louisiana residents.

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Taxes and spending ranked fourth, inflation ranked fifth, and social issues like abortion ranked sixth. During the regular session, Couvillon says Governor Jeff Landry and the new legislature will have to solve issues that are important to residents across the state.

The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education elected its 2024-2027 board officers during a special called meeting on Jan. 9. Of the three officers elected, two of them represent Northeast Louisiana districts 5 and 4.

1:30 LRN Newscast January 9

Governor Jeff Landry issued an executive order for a redistricting special session. Senate President Cameron Henry…

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Henry says the special session will also give legislators the ability to debate on closed primary elections and can vote on it at a later time…

On his first day in office, Governor Jeff Landry overturned the appeal process for high school seniors who fail the LEAP exam. Council for a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin…

Cut 11 (12) “…the future.”

Louisiana is the only state in the country that does not have an appeals process.The first BESE Board meeting for 2024 is scheduled for January 17th.

A poll by JMC Analytics finds the biggest issue in the Bayou State is high rates of homeowner and car insurance. Pollster John Couvillon says The poll of 650 likely voters shows 26 percent are concerned with insurance rates and crime was the third top concern.

Cut 7 (06) “…couple years.” 

Taxes and spending ranked fourth, inflation ranked fifth, and social issues like abortion ranked sixth.

34-year-old Catrica Hardy was arrested after a four year old was found dead in a closet at a home in Greenville, Mississippi. Authorities say around 4:30 Monday, the parent of the toddler called about a welfare check after not seeing the child for weeks. Hardy, is facing manslaughter and child deprivation of necessities with substantial harm charges, authorities said.

9:30 LRN Network January 9

Governor Jeff Landry has issued the call for a redistricting special session. It will begin Monday and legislators will have until January 23rd at 6 PM to finish their work. Senate President Cameron Henry says legislators will redraw the Congressional and Supreme Court map and debating a move to a closed primary elections…

Cut 3 (09) “…get done.”

Moving from open primary elections to closed primaries would be a major change in how we elect our officials.

Louisiana legislators elected Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow as President Pro Tem on Monday.  Barrow thanked members of the Senate for having faith in her leadership and she referred to her husband, James, who died in 2020.

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Lambda Legal is suing the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners on behalf of five families in the state. Attorney Omar Gonzalez-Pagan says the state’s ban on gender-affirming healthcare for minors is unconstitutional…

Cut 13 (11) “…who they are.” 

The law, that went into in Louisiana on January 1st, Gonzalez-Pagan says sets a precedent that could reach far beyond the transgender community.

Flu and COVID cases are on the rise across the nation and the Bayou State has among the highest levels. Ochsner Medical Director Dr. Sandra Kemmerly urges Louisianans to practice respiratory etiquette by washing their hands frequently and…

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