LRN PM Newscall August 25

The Cajun spice “Slap Ya Mama” has been told by the NFL they can’t have virtual on-field ads during game telecasts anymore citing the fact it may send the wrong message. Michelle Southern has that…:

CUT 1 (34) “reporting”


The Iberia Parish Coroner says the Iberia Parish man who died while he was in handcuffs was not killed by police. Michelle Southern has that…:

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


The Lafayette Police Department says a man is dead after he allegedly broke into a home. Spokeswoman Nicole Benoit says they were called by the shooter himself around 11 last night…:

CUT 3 (06) “of the residence”

Benoit says when officers arrived, they located the shooter who made the 9-1-1 call and said he saw an unknown person entering his home from across the street…:

CUT 4 (09) “two shots at him”

Benoit says the alleged burglar then exited the home and then the homeowner fired two more shots…:(Benoit says anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact authorities.)

CUT 5 (12) “at this time”


The popular Louisiana spice “Slap Ya Mama” has been told by the NFL they can’t have virtual on-field ads during game telecasts anymore citing the fact it may send the wrong message. Cox Media sent a message to the Cajun spice company and said the matter was over domestic violence issues the NFL is facing. Jack Walker’s mother owns “Slap Ya Mama”…:

CUT 6 (13)  “and enjoying life”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a release that ALL virtual ads on the field will not be allowed during game telecasts saying some of the products and messages aren’t consistent with league standards. Walker says this would have been the third year they’ve run the same ad with Cox during Saints games…:

CUT 7 (09) “pull that spot”

Walker says they have never had a problem with anyone associating the name of their brand with any type of domestic violence…:

CUT 8 (06) “in the south”


The Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s office says they’ve arrested a 21-year-old Jennings man on many charges for allegedly breaking in to a family member’s home and assaulting her in front of her two young kids. Spokesman Chris Ivey says the victim identified the suspect as 21-year-old Sebastion Hanks…:

CUT 9 (08)  “her two children)”

Ivey says Hanks allegedly kicked in the door of the victim and began beating her up in the presence of her children who were home at the time. He says Hanks was booked into the Jefferson Davis Parish jail..:

CUT 10 (10) “of a witness”

Ivey says Hanks was related to the victim…:

CUT 11 (09) “between the two


A new panel called the Transportation Funding Task Force plans to meet next month and discuss ways the state can put more towards a better road and bridge system in Louisiana. Ken Perret is the president of the Louisiana Good Roads Association and he says this group will come up with ideas that can be voted on by the state legislature next year

CUT 12 (10) “short term”

Perret hopes state leaders will be willing to do something, because the public outcry about road conditions keeps getting louder

CUT 13 (07) “additional funding”

There’s a reported 12-billion dollar backlog of road and bridge needs. Motorists currently pay 38-cents per gallon of gasoline in taxes, with most of that money going towards road improvements. But Perret says the state needs another revenue source

cut 14 (11) “in their vehicle”